Massive Attack - Live With Me Lyrics

Woo, hoo

It don't matter when you turn
Gonna survive
You live and learn
I've been thinkin' about you, baby
By the light of dawn

A midnight blue, day and night
I've been missing you
I've been thinkin' about you, baby
Almost makes me crazy
Come and live with me

Either way, win or lose
When you're born into trouble
You live the blues
I've been thinkin' about you, baby
See it almost makes me crazy

Times, nothing's right, if you ain't here
I'll give all that I have just to keep you near
I wrote you a letter, I tried to make it clear
That you just don't believe that I'm sincere
I've been thinking about you, baby
Woo, hoo, hoo

Plans and schemes
Hopes and fears
Dreams that deny for all these years
I, I've been thinkin' about you, baby
Living with me, wow

I've been thinkin' about you, baby
Makes me wanna
Hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo
Yeah, yeah, yeah

Times, nothing's right, if you ain't here
I'll give all that I have just to keep you near
I wrote you a letter, darling tried to make it clear
But you just don't believe that I'm sincere

I've been thinkin' about you, baby
I want you to live with me, wow
I've been thinkin' about you, baby
I want you to live with me

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Massive Attack Live With Me Comments
  1. Travis Martin

    Alguien de Peru?

  2. Thunder_Mouse_2014

    Here we have a reenactment of the majority of my 30's recast with a beautiful woman and set to an amazing song...

  3. Laurence Fegan

    Something tells me that the girl isn't acting @3:32 to 4:26 (hope I'm wrong)?

  4. Stephen Gale

    Boozing became unfashionable after Ollie Reed fell off his perch and died . Don’t do it kids - Love from wessexshire 🏴😇❤️

  5. Lost Alien X

    Willkommen in meiner Welt

  6. alpha moon

    That hurts

  7. Наталья Николаева

    I am crying,this video is very impressive.

  8. Jf Hubert

    Remonter les escaliers c est le plus difficile.... to go up this is the most difficult

    alpha moon

    Oui en effet
    C'est la pente qui donne des vertiges

  9. Mark Ko

    Если это всё бутылки от водяры и она это залупасила за вечер. Я ей скандирую/аплодирую стоя. Ни один Русский на это не способен, учитывая, что мы в поглощение бухла рекордсмены.

  10. 720reddog

    This could be an actual biography for my life...

  11. MBurak 4ydemir

    Şimdiye kadar çıkmış en iyi klip bu galiba

  12. Fırat Güneş

    i like to use this video as a diary. writing some stuff when i feel down, alone, and fail. and i see stuff i wrote before. and watching someone like me. this is the song makes me think this life. there is no excuses to any bad thing you experience. you can kiss ass someone with power, you can try hard to get a girl. or just ask once for a date. you get no, you dont kiss ass someone with power and fail. and then you can show a smile and leave. i think the women in the video is exactly like this. not a annoying person who tries anything to get something. Just ask for something you want and say ok either way. and yeah think about that rest of your life. but just say ok and bye.

  13. Елена Демидович

    Не один клип не передаёт так одиночество и отчаяние, как этот🙄

  14. andy johnson

    Everyone has their own method of coping.


    alcoholism is not coping, it's temporary obliteration/oblivion. I do get what you're saying, but no.

    andy johnson

    @lekkki1 it's what some people do to cope

  15. Cèpes70

    Quoi dire , la souffrance est terrible

  16. Paul Singh Selhi


  17. Анна Родионова

    АААААААА! Сердце кричит- Это ГЕНИАЛЬНО! Спасибо!

  18. Abhinav Jain

    What an absolutely amazing video to an amazing song..!!

  19. Kanada Lite

    My father was an alcoholic and it was a reason of his death in 2008. So sad. I want to support an everybody who trying to fight with this killer named Alcohol...

  20. Jorge Ayala

    Alcohol, drugs, junk food, porn, procrastination, anything adictive can take you deep down. Loneliness is a killer.

  21. By Koko

    When a Man Loves a Woman

  22. Stigmata Martyr

    Probably my favorite MA song. ♥️

  23. CountryFried CityBoy

    We Just Lost 1 This Way...
    R.I.P. Randy Yntema 😪

  24. George ツ

    so powerful

  25. Manuela Schulte

    At the end... we're all alone... 😔
    I don't even mean death. I think many of us are alone when there are major problems in life.... Or depression... Everything comes together and you can't see any light anymore. You mean you find relief. But the only thing one finds when choosing this way is another hell. Depression and alcohol so often interconnected. One seek relief and ends in a vicious circle. And then you're so damn alone!!!

  26. Jean-Christophe HEILMANN

    I STILL HAVEN'T SUCCEEDED... WICH RIMES WITH SUCCES... Thinking About You ALL... AND EACH ONE... 10 Months And 45 Years, After My Birth And After smoking their first cigarette, I Might Suffer... But Titi Cat Is With me... And For Him... I Can. STOP it ALL. He Doesn't """""like""""" cigarettes smoking... I WILL STOP their POISON. For My MUMMY AND MY LATE DADDY. For me, Too. Because I Suffer. About alcohools and cigarettes... 'TILL THE 23 RD OF NOVEMBER... EVERYTHING WILL BE RE-STARTED... OIL PAINTINGS, DRAWINGS, AND 3D LEARNING. FOR YOU ALL. FOR MY FAMILIES... AND EVEN FOR MY UNCONSCIOUS FAMILY. Just... Why Do We Dream... Why Do We Make Nightmares ??? Sometimes, We Remember, Often, We Don't... IF THEY ARE NOT... I'M LAUNCHING A PAVE INTO THE DEEP OCEAN... IF THEY AREN'T INDEPENDANT ??? THE UNCONSCIOUS, THE ANIMA, THEIR ANIMUS, THE SHADOW... Etc... Each Archetype Whom We Are BORN WITH. So, So... PLEASE... JUST TAKE CARE ABOUT YOU, YOURS, YOUR FAMILY(IES), AND YOUR FRIENDS. FOR THESE AND THOSE WHO TRUST IN YOU... YOUR CHILDREN... THEY ARE YOUR MOSTTTTTTT BEAUTIFUL CREATIONS. TAKE CARE, PLEASE. THANK YOU VERY MUCH. TO YOU.

  27. Алекс Файн

    this song helped me to stop drinking alcohol, 15 moths i am clean


    Still clean?

    Алекс Файн

    @BlunderCity yes 😁


    @Алекс Файн
    Good stuff! Keep it up!


    Stay strong. We don't live in an easy world. You have my support from many thousands of miles away.


    Awesome work! Still going strong I guess?

  28. Marcin Kowalski

    So relevant. So true.

  29. finnigan

    Look at what that good old legal drug does. Great song tho.

  30. James Pawson

    I don't get it... she's obviously not a real alkie-- she's got clean clothes, make up and hair done nice, can walk straight when sober, can afford all that booze... just a working girl having a lonely Friday night, big whoop, that's the way of our times. Well, I am Canadian, maybe things are different where I am. We'd consider her an upstanding citizen. (Oh, maybe that's because booze is like 3 times the price here.)


    high function

    insert name here

    @matty you're right Matty, there are a lot of functioning Alcholics who hold down jobs but get plastered every night. This felt like it was filmed in London which also adds to the starkness. No one gives a shit about you in London so its easy to slide into depression and alcoholism here. its a grim and lonely place.


    @insert name here i'm one myself. in fact, i was drunk for most of my day at work today. came home for lunch and drank some more. no one notices. the most brutal part: i do a decent to great job, even compliments from my clients for being so "friendly."
    people like OP think alchies are slobs but people like myself can blend in no problem. at least with the stereotypical types, they can have people reach out to them and get help. i've been this way for about 4 years and i won't be getting help any time soon.

  31. G. Pocci

    epic !!

  32. welkflingers

    8 years sober bitches!

    insert name here

    good job Sir! I am truly happy for you but even more so for the people that love you. Never go back!

  33. Юра Харитонов

    Дорос до этой группы

  34. Stefan Constantin Dumitrache

    I feel like this comment section is full of heartbroken people.

    Joao Pedro Mechelli

    9 years and I still come back to this vídeo.

  35. serverlan 7

    That was me in my early 30s. Drinking my self to oblivion every night. A dead end job and no perceived future, it was a way of ignoring the hard truths in life. In the end, the hangovers finally stopped me drinking and now i can go for weeks without a drink. I still enjoy the occasional weekend six pack of beer but thats about it.

  36. против животного - гуманизм !

    Настоящая алкашка. Просто загляденье

  37. Eve Johnson

    This reminds me of my best friend who passed. She statyed having seizures brought on by alcoholism and one day she fell, hit her head and never got up. I miss her so much.

  38. Henry Windsor Rurikovich

    Live with me and touch the deep of ocean 💓

  39. Nojikuzus

    Drinking alone, never a good result =(

  40. Jim RH

    This is so sad... my current mood

  41. Karl Hopkins

    Commented on this maybe 10 years ago. Still stays close to me!

  42. eviebeebs


  43. Olga Makarova

    I hear that melody in The Thirteenth Floor 1999 movie at 00:41:36 when Douglas Hall calls miss Fuller. Why? What is the connection?


    Пить меньше надо.

    Olga Makarova

    @SirSubliminal Колокольчик. В фильме у бармена за стойкой 2 лампы в форме колокольчика, голубые. Клип начинается с него же. Это не все, было еще что-то.

    Olga Makarova

    @SirSubliminal В клипе в 00:37 реклама сверху STERT - стёрт? Кто помнит, что было стёрто?


    @Olga Makarova Оля, ничего не было стёрто. Это кусок рекламы бельгийского пива Stella Artois.

  44. Lumpek L

    What's interesting, she was really drunk making this vid.

  45. Robert Whitford

    So many tears,,,

  46. red Jim

    I only see you every time I watch this video... I pray it's over...

  47. Yuli Muly

    This song gives me a nostalgic feeling. Soberty is freedom and self-love. ❤️

  48. Jean-Christophe HEILMANN

    For You. 2019, Dear Darling, 1 RST OF November. And FOR OUR LATE DADDY... I'll STOP DRINKING. AND SMOKING. they try to KILL US. THANK YOU VERY MUCH, MASSIV ATTACK.

    A Vern

    Jean-Christophe HEILMANN How are you doing with sobriety? Please try Alcoholics Anonymous. A sponsor and support group will save your life.

    Jean-Christophe HEILMANN

    Don't Worry For me, Dear @A Vern... Next Week-End, I Will Sign their states poisons... Even tobaccos... By Oil Painting... Don't Worry, i Won't Drink Oil Paintings... But VERY THANK YOU For Your Advices... FromThe 23Rd Of November... Everything Will Be STOPPED. NOW AND FOREVER. PLEASE, TAKE CARE... AND FOR Everyone Else, Your Words Bring To me... So, So, PLEASE, TAKE CARE ABOUT YOU, YOURS, AND EVERY ONE WHO SEEMS POSITIVE... Moreover IF HE OR SHE IS A HOMELESS. TAKE CARE FOR YOU. THANK YOU VERY MUCH A VERN, i Will Remember YOU When i'll try to go to a commercial center... -:) HAVE HAPPY AND POSITIVE CHRISTMAS AND ENDING DECADE'S PARTIES...

    Jean-Christophe HEILMANN

    Just Eat More And Drink More Water... In 72 Hours Everything CAN BE DESTROYED about their state's poisons. No More Dependance... JUST... LIVE YOUR LIFE. AS YOU ALWAYS DREAMT ABOUT HER. THANK YOU VERY MUCH DEAR A VERN... TAKE CARE, PLEASE... JCH AND CO'. AND PLEASE... DREAM A LOT...

    Jean-Christophe HEILMANN

    THANK YOU VERY MUCH DEAR A VERN... Don't Worry... i Know, these and tobaccos are states POISONS... This Link Is For You... PLEASE, TAKE CARE AND SEE YOU, MAKE BETTER THAN YOUR DREAMS... -:)

  49. Sophie Pagot

    Cacher son mal être, faire bonne figure, et plonger encore et encore. Un sentiment que je connais bien. Alcool ou autre, plonger est toujours dramatique. Et personne pour le remarquer... 😥

  50. mego chan

    It don't matter, when you turn
    Gonna survive, live and learn
    I've been thinking about you baby
    By the light of dawn, and in my blues
    Day and night, I been missing you

    I've been thinking about you baby
    Almost makes me crazy
    Come and live with me

    Either way, win or lose
    When you're born into trouble you live the blues

    I've been thinking about you baby

    See it almost makes me crazy child
    Nothing's right if you ain't here
    I'd give all that I have just to, keep you near
    I wrote you a letter and tried to make it clear
    That you just don't believe that, I'm sincere

    I've been thinking about you baby...

    Plans and schemes, hopes and fears
    Dreams I've denied for all these years

    I've been thinking about you babe, living with me, well...
    I've been thinking about you baby, makes me wanna...child

    Nothing's right, if you ain't here
    I give all that I have just to keep you near
    I wrote you a letter darlin', trying to make it clear
    How much you just don't believe that I'm sincere
    Thinking about you baby, I want you near me

  51. Приветствие Игорь

    Я думал, что опустился на самое дно, как вдруг снизу постучали

  52. rowan mark

    i no longer fall over i just cry on my own

  53. rowan mark

    my god my baby

  54. T adoré


  55. Recep Ivedic

    бухая в сиську

  56. Andrey Tozzi

    I love alcoholic women.

    insert name here

    there is something very much wrong with you! I mean you seriously have issues and i suspect thats just the tip of the iceberg with your mental health.

    Andrey Tozzi

    @insert name here No I'm just a melancholic who loves art and darker things. I mean drug addicts, crack whores etc., they are fucked up and everyone should stay away from them, but highly function alcoholic women are just adorable, especially those introverted ones who drink home alone. They are of course not great for having family/kids with them, but for long term romantic flings, they are best, at least for me.

  57. cs d

    The burden of consciousness is unbearable for the alcoholic.

  58. Seher Bulut

    Önemli değil
    Nereye döndüğün

    Hayatta kalacaksın

    Yaşıyor ve öğreniyorsun.

  59. Piotr Standarddeviation

    drive on the night..

  60. Piotr Standarddeviation

    i love it

  61. cibriosis

    of copurse there is not true peace..that is why you need somene to keep you dry..some trong person who can beat the living shit out of you when you feel like doing it

  62. cibriosis

    somehow I am at peace with that


    Stop spamming

  63. cibriosis

    you want will die and then nothing

  64. cibriosis

    I try and stay dry every week and one day i will stay dry weekends

  65. cibriosis

    I'm no motivational speaker..i tell it like it is.. addiction is hard and you overcome yourself...or you make yourself..

  66. cibriosis

    Alcoholism is a thing you have to one can one can be there when you need him achieve yourselve through sheer and utter determination...i am not there yet...i am however getting to the mindset but slowly...i will get there...i know i can because i think smart of certain things..yet it is not a definitve just a reduction

  67. Eric moreno

    Escutei muita essa música, e toda vez que escuto vou para o fundo do poço

  68. Stephen Key

    Heartbreaking and prob relatable to most ppl


    why most people? you gay?

    Stephen Key

    @mastergwaha well.... She didn't make out with another woman and as for MY OWN sexuality.... Irrelevant.... I don't think u thought this one through much mastergwaha... Fail


    @Stephen Key fail? no, but you right, i did use most people incorrectly, you not just gay but retarded too

  69. This Fox Tail

    Feel like getting pished.

  70. yusuf yüksel


  71. serhat Çiçek

    Yusuf Yakub Hoca Hazredlerinden gelenler...

  72. Gursehaj Singh Mehta

    That starting tune,where is it from ,it feels like a James bond type tune

  73. Diesel Estate

    That fall down those spiral stairs is, Epic. Worth watching just for that. I never thought about spiral staircases allowing a fall to go on and on. Now I have to find a long set and throw someone down it - strictly for educational filming purposes, you know 😈

  74. Sam Jep

    What a tune... And vid..

  75. Estelle Ste-Croix

    Love this!!!

  76. Jason M.

    When you're born into trouble, you live the blues...


    aint it true jayce

    hoe4 yall

    Blue is such a strong color it devastate all other colors in our life

  77. Kenneth M. Sullivan

    “Beer before liquor, never been sicker; liquor before beer, you're in the clear”

  78. Al Lamaye

    And she never will....

  79. James W

    one of my all time favourite groups; I never tire of listening to them......

  80. Rideoak

    Massive Video!

  81. Humbert Fernandez

    Powerful. I was moved to tears because this was me over thirty years ago...

  82. Scott Gallant

    Open a bottle and into the downward spiral ye go.

  83. joey pirrt


  84. Happy Bear

    What a fantastic actress.

  85. Hlist

    Клип прекрасен, но он даёт надежду. У пьющего алкоголика никакой надежды нет.

  86. Abdon Montenegrocaculachuspa

    I will never drink alcohol.

  87. ooozeGonnaSubscribe

    That howl in the beginning do the song. Chills every time!

  88. Joanne Iles

    Lost my fella to the booze. Miss him every day despite the nightmare....for all those staying sober keep going, dont ever lose hope, 🙏

  89. Kohlenstoffisotop12

    I'd rather live alone.
    I think it would be very nice to live alone.
    And you should keep in mind that alone does not mean lonely.

  90. Auke van Dekken

    Ja je zelf helemaal op gezopen om de kids en de mensen om je heen die jou pijn deden.

  91. fleckmatic arrangements

    The rushed walk home is all too relatable... Quick, quick.. get behind your closed the door

  92. Totof Music

    Nîce to see your this live
    Spécial liss

  93. SiYoon Kim

    Yes I'm born into trouble and living in the blues..... im so sad

  94. Jane Mulvey

    Cinematically I love this as well. I think an extended scene of one person has potential to be so elegant.

    Steven Champion

    ...we're all alone together


    Elegant? How is this elegant?
    I sometimes wish I would have less people around me.

    Jane Mulvey

    Kohlenstoffisotop12 cinematically it is very well done.


    @Jane Mulvey Yeah I know, I watched too.

  95. ValeriaWilde87

    We miss you,Terry.... <3