Massive Attack - Flat Of The Blade Lyrics

I'm not good in a crowd,
I got skills I can't speak of

Things I've seen will chase me
To the grave

I'm not good in a crowd,
I got skills I can't speak of
Over there

Things that I've seen
Will chase me to the grave

Led with your hands tied
Fetters and flies

You stumble the dunes
Complain to the moon

Backs to the wheel
There's granite to shove

Take it
They give it
So rivet for rivet
I will pilfer my family a bulletproof love

How does it feel
The weight of the steel?

The weight of the steel
The flat of the blade

How does it feel
To kneel at defeat?

To kneel at defeat
At the choices you make

I'm not good in a crowd,
I got skills I can't speak of

Things I've seen will chase me
To the grave

Backs to the wheel
There's granite to shove

Take it
They give it
And rivet for rivet
I will build for my family a bulletproof love

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Massive Attack Flat Of The Blade Comments
  1. writtencasey b

    Dig the "hum hum"s

  2. ZTI

    Yes,new album!NOW!

  3. ZTI

    Great song!I like that sounds!

  4. Delp Perez

    It sounds a lot to Bowie's "black star"


    came out 6 years before black star

  5. Chris Mason

    More darkness please

  6. ZTI

    Super sounds i like that athmosfere!

  7. Omar Gz

    Massive attack sounds.

  8. Απολλων

    last concert in Turkey was amazing

  9. Miss Winter

    I'm unnerved by what's just beneath the surface of this video. ⚡

  10. Dagmar Polackova

    Stunning song again. OMG 🔝✔️®🇨🇿

  11. Christo Roppolo

    So free. Peace Christo 👽

  12. Tina P.

    Guy Harvey with Massive Attack omg ! Genius..

  13. Claudemir Tergot

    Gosto muito de Massive , mas essa ficou chata para caralho !

  14. A Friend

    I got a damp and darkly colorful sensation from the sound..

  15. Stanislav Kostić

    Is this a new video for the song or was it published long ago, and now uploaded?

  16. Breck Mackellar

    V good.

  17. Ross Mackenzie

    I've had wine I might regret it... The first 5 seconds....there's an underground experiment going on. I'm anxious but I love it already.

    You know the mojo? It was always you.

  18. dima villa


  19. vormov

    I'm not good in a crowd.

  20. Karl Kreyg

    Massive Attack со мной уже 20 лет!
    Спасибо, что продолжаете делать музыку.

  21. Soffi la TurkoizZze

    Humm’ 💙 Excellent & Excellent !!!!

  22. awortep

    The intro reminds me of Thom Yorke's Cymbal Rush.

  23. Carlos Teixeira

    Massive Attack is a way of living. It transcended music a long time ago.

  24. oblezni

    Ебать какой Алик АДИК былять

  25. oblezni

    Алик Нокиа всё по нашенски

  26. El Gato !!

    Une des meilleures de l'album !

  27. Madonna Czarna Madonna

    Mostly i feel irritated when i hear music like that but is so different with massive attack because you can see those real emotiona in their music like you would be there in musci video by yourself and do those stuffs and dance in this manthra

  28. eduardo mora

    A 60 Regetoneros no les gusta esto

  29. Helawolf

    Wonderful to see one the better tracks get a video.

  30. Kevin Le

    So fucking sick.

  31. Mauve Dreamer

    Massive Attack and Radiohead together mind blowing

    bobs and vagene

    Mauve Dreamer and NIN


    I’ve made a Massive Attack and Radiohead playlist. Intense brilliance.

  32. Is Bricni Betch

    No lo puedo ni creer.

  33. Julio Óscar O M

    Love the song, incredibly performed at Mad Cool festival... Oh Wait

  34. Callum Hattingh

    Ok Massive Attack = Fantastic, BUT... the lighting in the video... single cold harsh bottom light source, why? Simulating a phone? I don’t know, but was a little detracting.

  35. gycel86

    Unexpectedly weak video to super song.

  36. Drum Kombat

    This was just what i needed, thanks,

  37. NullMistress

    Massive ❥

  38. Primitive In The Extreme


  39. Hud Maughan

    Fan For Life!

  40. JAY ARE

    Sick wit it.... Fucken love you guys...

  41. David Hudson

    Love all there stuff so underrated

  42. BigBRadek

    why the remix of this is called "bulletproof Love" ?

  43. Iván Ospina

    It isn't that hard to keep on, is it?...(coughs) it, Portishead?.......(coughs)

  44. CRDR1


  45. Seren Clive

    Kneel at the feet of the choices i have made <3

  46. Jack Pitzer

    This kinda has a similar vibe to Black Star by Bowie

  47. Elena Psiquis

    very good sound. simple, minimalist and totally old school

  48. Lawrence Chatman

    I miss the Blue Lines vibes...

  49. Joey69G

    There are 37 people who have a serious 'taste in music' deficiency going on, pitiful fuckers that they are.

  50. ferbobian

    Hmm.....a little too "experimental" for my tastes. I miss their Blue Lines/Protection/Mezzanine days. :/

    Lawrence Chatman

    ferbobian Same for me. I still LOVE Blue Lines and wished they would return to that sound.

    Travis Brown

    I prefer this. A Mezzanine-style return would be even better, but not Blue Lines at all

    Astrid Sullivan

    Yeesss! Protection is probably my favorite song from them, ever since I saw Hackers

    C345 OFR

    Agreed. Mezzanine was the peak. More than that, it's my favourite album of all time.

  51. ZION MIX

    Massive Attack sempre superando.
    Depois da Ritual Spirit com Azekel - essa veio pra guiar viagens e pensamentos com forca.

  52. Alejandro Rodriguez


  53. Roman Krasnytskyi


  54. Sam Hill

    If you've never walked around Bristol listening to Massive Attack, Tricky and Portishead then you haven't lived.

  55. Space Cowboy

    ¡Oh si!, aquí de nuevo papá!

  56. Rodolfo Gramaccini

    MASSIVE ATTACK..... always
    PURE DOPE.....💫💫💫❣️❣️❣️💎💎

  57. noquote

    dio la casualidad de que he estado escuchando muchísimo heligoland y sale esto ahoraaa

  58. TheSanjarka


  59. Simge Dolgun

    love you guys

  60. Emirhan Karayalçın

    Against to the system 👊🏻

  61. Андрей Колесник

    Круто!!! Впрочем, как и всегда

  62. thefaro8

    This music never die... Music to the future

  63. Parz1fal

    I got skills I can't speak of! Things I've seen will chase me to the grave!

  64. Kevin Donnelly

    I've got skills I can't speak of

  65. kretino valentino

    I miss Bristol


    kretino valentino Bristol definitely has some good points.

  66. Nikola U.


  67. Ahmet Kahya

    Massive Attack is not just a music group it's a society. They take attention to the darkness of this world. If you have seen them live, you know what i mean.


    I just saw them live in France, and I just know what you mean, + they are magnetic


    I'm not saying Rob's Bansky... but have u ever seen Bansky and Rob in the same room together? Lol

    Kristina R

    Even if you dont.
    It so obvious. 😃

  68. Francisco Oliveira

    Omg massive attack you guys rule!!! Come back to Portugal!!!

  69. Tattooed Lady

    Is that The guy from Elbow? Massive attack, awesome as usual 😍

  70. gnarmarv2

    WAY overdue!

  71. YAZID Hela

    levels of darkness.

    Rodolfo Gramaccini

    YAZID Hela dope music, beautiful post & beautiful your PICTURE.
    Italiano 🌹🌹🌹


    Yeah guy garvey of elbow does the vocals

  73. Rafael Coletta

    Return Massive! Come to Brazil!

    R. Gomez

    Rafael Coletta Why do Brazilians always comment the same thing??

    Rafael Coletta

    Because we love massive attack

  74. alex de large

    Thanks to exist💛

  75. Agnieszka M

    Just two weeks ago I saw you guys live and it was incredible. Now my hunger for new music increased...

  76. mauricio sanchez

    Pretty sure the singer is Guy Garvey, from Elbow. Love it!!!!

    Chris F

    mauricio sanchez yeah it is 👊🏻


    Yup. It’s from their 2010 album “Heligoland”.

    El Stötzo

    @ Mauricio: My Thoughts exactly! Yay, we are Geniuses :D

  77. Nana Ti

    We need a new album, like NOW

    bobs and vagene

    Nana Ti nah, but seriously, where the fuck is it?

  78. neato

    Absolutely love this song and Massive Attack. Honestly so glad that I could see one of their videos within hours of its release and it be one of their best songs (in my opinion). Thank you Massive Attack for your incredible and thought provoking music.

  79. Silvia ́s husband

    Because feeling "weird", with massive attack as soundtrack, its just an epic moment...peace.

  80. mellany dislocated

    deep luv

  81. Franky Bye

    the musical base is wonderful

  82. Franky Bye

    Yes! ❤️🖤❤️

  83. Sameh Hamdan

    2:15 🖤


    When are the new EPs coming ? They were promised long back


    Happy friends day from massive attack <3

  86. Veronica R. D

    2010 👌 ok?, sublime ¡😘

  87. Akhnaten

    this song was only released now? wow


    nope! it's from heligoland


    I mean, released onto Youtube. I've heard Heligoland before... one of my favourite albums of all time

  88. N.A.S. 23

    They haven't changed one bit, their brilliance is still here years later


    N.A.S. 23 Well this track is eight years old... it’s off Heligoland.

    N.A.S. 23

    outcastkatsuki oh shit really, my bad . I haven’t heard all their songs yet

  89. Gabs Hunkapoo

    This song produce me a deep feeling, it's so good!

  90. beirut

    Love you 4ever

  91. N.A.S. 23

    Here at 91 views


    Very nice

  93. Emmo Hernández

    Omg, yes!

  94. Marcelo Chacón

    massive attack rules