Mason, Dave - Can't Stop Worrying, Can't Stop Loving Lyrics

Who am I talking to it's just myself
I talk to the wall when I talk with someone else
Only a few that I met really knew
Why so many good things had so much abuse

I can't stop from worrying
About the things we do
I can't stop loving
Without it nothing would seem true

I've got my dreams about the way it's gonna be
I'd share it all with someone real not make-believe
It sometimes gets hard to see the wood from the tree
But when things are right then no questions will I need


The scenery's changed but my feelings remain
Laughter and pain and love is still the same
Something worth having doesn't come too easily
A man needs the challenge or a man couldn't be


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Mason, Dave Can't Stop Worrying, Can't Stop Loving Comments
  1. James Van Dyk

    Certainly one of the most important recordings of all time.

  2. Ralph Smith

    Who am I listening to.?.

    Well, it's just myself...