Mason, Dave - Baby... Please Lyrics

I think I'll lose an hour or two
With you beside the water
Don't lose time in bringing me
That good thing that you ought to

Baby... please
You've got me scraping my knees
Baby... please
Please, please, don't make me go back to the freeze

Every time that I try to connect girl
Well, it seems that your line is engaged
I'm a slave to the way that you move me
I'm a puppy dog wagging my tail

Baby... please
You've got me scraping my knees
Baby... please
Please, please, don't make me go back to the freeze

Staring out of windows like a helpless child
Pouring down the whiskey like it's goin' out of style
Trying to tell myself that everything is fine
In a big rubber room with a silver spoon still on my mind

Well, I'm pacing the floor like a tiger
Living nights that have passed into days
Looking over my shoulder
To catch anything coming my way

Baby... please
You've got me scraping my knees
Baby... please
Please, please, don't make me go back to the freeze

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Mason, Dave Baby... Please Comments
  1. Doug S

    Great song ! I have not heard this song in years, now I am going to look for " World In Changes " Remember that one ?

  2. Robert Sehring

    Hi.this was.always my.favorite Dave.Mason, song.the.guitar. is amazing.I was.lucky enough to see.him.Live,New.York.he.always Show

  3. MrHmg55

    Lyric should read "Staring out the window like a HELPLESS child." That is clearly what Dave is singing.

  4. jetclntn

    Sounds a little like Carlos Santana on this song

  5. Steam8859 All chill

    Dave Mason is the man

  6. Dan Rode

    Good cut

  7. Dag Nabbit

    i I have his music but I never saw him live. Somebody who saw him said he was the most congenial guy he ever saw on stage. Said he had a big smile and you could tell he loved his fans and every minute he was on stage.

  8. Philippe Pauwels

    I've bought my first records 3 from Dave Mason in 1974 at age of 14 it is still fresh , good and I love this music Phil

    stan van derl ugt

    In 1974 was ik 15 en kocht ik ook al Dave Mason lps

  9. Daniel Johnston

    Some songs get better with age! This is one for sure!

  10. Bill

    Saw Dave first in Central Park with Pablo Cruise outdoors. Beautiful summer night with all the tall buildings behind the stage. Guys walking around selling loose joints and loose Heinekens! A great time.

  11. Shinichi Nakatomi

    う~ん いい曲です♪

  12. Dyonisos Jaurès De Lacroix St Ouen

    ma ma ma ma masterpiece

  13. Kaethe Bratton

    ,1977,our hippy honeymoon,just this throwback echo of a happier time.

  14. stan van derl ugt


  15. chamuco190

    So good !

  16. Rodney Mitchell

    Me and my bong and my Brother B r.i.p.

  17. Rodney Mitchell

    Me and my bro and my Bong

  18. ogrebattle22763

    Good album.... not better then his first album but nevertheless a fine album just the same...

  19. Michael Moreno

    whos the 3 a-holes ?

  20. Major Mazzaroth

    One of my favs

  21. WickedTornado

    Came back after almost a year ago to listen to this again. I think I'll quit "chippin'" at this song and just go on over to Amazon and try to find it on CD and order it. Thank God for Amazon, Well, I live in a town of a million people and I rarely see a store selling old vinyl. You'd think there'd be enough old rock dogs like me that would support a store like that, but I guess not. None the less.....I'll soon be jamming this in my old truck and making sure the high school kids at their bus stop hear it blaring loudly when I stop at my mailbox and grab my mail. I always wonder when I "jam a tune for their benefit" if they all laugh or if perhaps one of them secretly really DIGS what I'm jammin'. haha. I've had more than one young kid hear my truck stereo when I'm out and about and come up and ask me what's that I'm playing. I ask 'em "do you REALLY like this stuff", and if the answer is "oh hell yeah" and they go on and tell me how much their music of today sucks and how lucky we were in our generation.....then "bingo"....I just go ahead and GIVE that disc to the kid. I've done that more than a couple of times. Most recently I gave the kid a CD of really early Steve Miller....and it wasn't a hit of his, either that attracted the kid's musical ear. It was a tune off of "Sailor".  I drove away knowing in my heart that I saved yet another poor kid from the trappings of today's horrific musical prison that most of them are destined to live in the rest of their lives. Instead, I opened up a whole new world for him. True story.     joel in tucson

  22. Shagata Ganai

    Man, the feels that for some reason only this damn album brings out. There was a LOT of LSD in my town when this album was big. Gotta put that in the book...


    +Shagata Ganai   What town was that, bro?

    Shagata Ganai

    Little town south of Boston

    Derek Marshall

    When this came out was it popular?


    Takes me back to simpler days. Wish I could step back and forget today. Love it.

    Brett Bass

    DENIS CLARK... Damn Skippy Bro, I'm with you!

  24. MrHmg55

    I thought about this song for the first time in many years tonight, all because someone posted something about "pacing like a tiger" on Facebook. That was enough to trigger "pacing the floor like a tiger" in my mind. I had no idea what the song was or even who sang it, but I put the line into Google and ... well ... here I am listening. Great old song!

  25. WickedTornado

    I'd forgotten how damn good this song was. Been a long long time since I heard it, and truthfully, just a moment ago....I closed my eyes as I sat here and went wayyyy back to these days. I'm 60 and I was in my 20's then. More than anything....I miss the feel in the air of those days and more than that....I sure miss my buds. Oh what I'd give for just one more night with all my dear friends from back then.

    Suzie Thayer

    @WickedTornado I was thinking the same thing!!


    Ahhh MIke, brother I feel your pain. For real. If I had a magic wand, I'd wave it around high over my head and grant your wish to get sent back to those days. I'd probably go with you, b,


    Man....that was weird. I was typing away, and soon as I hit "b" all and all...and I had to bail out. Anyhow Mike.....I swear, I'm not worthy of your kind words, but sincere thank you's just the same. Yeah....I'd give much to have a few days back in those days reliving things with my buds....but as painful as the truth of that is....I learned long ago that you really cannot ever totally go back. You can revisit....but not go all the way back. So that means, that you and those of the same footsteps long ago are supposed to take some of that light from back then and sprinkle it around this day and age. You're lonely, but understand that a lot of your old buds and gal-pals that are no longer with us, and who would give ANYTHING to be here now....are rooting for you and us to shine some of our well-earned -hard-earned light into this time of immense insanity around us. You can't quit. You must keep putting one foot in front of the other. When our time is done and we did our jobs well, we will have a rejoice like we never felt on Earth.

    Donna St. Joseph

    Me, too. This song is one of the best. Then and now.

  26. Jay Cummings

    Good stuff here! Reminds me of a girl I knew!

  27. jyujyuro


    Joanne Brink

    great job

  28. joy shima


  29. WickedTornado

    I'm 58....and grew up listening to this stuff over underground radio. Why oh why must I be punished so Lord....there's noplace nowhere that'll play this anymore.

    Flat Feelings

    underground radio? never heard of it


    Ever heard a ZZTOP song called "I heard it on The "X" ?  The "X" was an "underground" radio station, which was just across the border of Texas to it's south. Being out of the wasn't subject to the strict rule and regs of the FCC...which limits the amount of electrical power a given station can utilize to power it's station's output. The more wattage....the further out a station can broadcast. In the case of the "X" was reportedly in excess of 50,000 watts....or a virtual "blow-torch" as radio aficionados would laughingly but very respectfully call it. That Mexican station could reach wayyyy up into the USA, even I could pick it up at night at my home in southern Arizona! The problem with these offshore-out-of-the-country "blow-torches" was that their power was so strong it would "walk" or trample over other legal USA stations. A disc-jockey in a legal / lesser-powered station would try to talk over the air in Texas for example, and get totally interrupted by the music or talk from blow-torches from miles away. Often these huge-wattage stations played the most eclectic and cutting edge rock music that was available....stuff that wimpy so-called "rock" stations that were legal would NEVER play. It was Heaven on Earth to many of us who could receive these type of illegal stations, and hear the most bitchen rock music you could ever hope for. Sighhhhh....those were some days, man. Glad I experienced them....sad that they're long gone.

  30. bruceduece1

    I bought Mason's, "It's Like You Never Left" at a Navy PX the day it came out without hearing a single note beforehand. I recall my reaction the first time I heard the intro to "Baby Please," the first cut, to this day. After almost 40 years, I have yet to be moved so emotionally by music. Within seconds his guitar took flight, and I was swept along with it, like a passenger on a spaceship piloted by a daredevil.


    +Bruckdeuce:  Damn fine post, Brucedeuce. Yeah....those were the days, man.

  31. bruceduece1

    I'm surprised you answered so quickly! Ah, the magic of YouTube! I enjoyed reading your comments. The idea that even the most casual sex can contain some element of love found its way into much of the music of that time. I recently wrote Jack Tempchin, writer of "Peaceful Easy Feeling," explaining my thoughts on that. That's a cowboy version of the same sentiment. All in all, it was a romantic time, filled with curiosity and love. Will it ever return?

  32. Gus classic rock channel

    Thank you and also on "Every Woman" acoustic version and some others like "She's a Friend" and Dave played lead guitar on Nash's several songs among them "Immigration Man" and "Military Madness" but I loved the way you described Dave's greatness in songwriting, throughout a spiritual quest, now that you mention that, lots of his songs come to mind, yes spiritual and sexy at the same time LOL nice, Thx

    Dan R

    I made a Fleetwood Mac, Rod Stewart (the show where the sound system went out for Rod Stewart) concert at Anaheim Stadium in about 1975. Saw a couple of good shows at Anaheim Stadium

    T Hobbs

    Dan R , Anaheim Stadium, yes! I was right in front of the stage for the Stones, I could count Mick Jagger’s ribs! Peter Tosh was the lead-in. Those were definitely the days,omg.

  33. bruceduece1

    You're correct. Nash also backed Mason up on "Headkeeper," one of Dave's greatest songs. Mason's greatness lied in his spiritual quest, a subject that he explored repeatedly in his music. His message, in my mind, was that the closest thing to experiencing God on earth came about through the physical expression of love. In other words, he was spiritual and sexy!

  34. bruceduece1

    Maybe you're right, but I wonder about the reference to "the silver spoon." Drugs were an integral part of a rock performers life back then. I would not be surprised if he was referencing drugs. On a side note, there has been an attempt to reinvent the rockstar image. Truth is, most were drug users, sexually immoral by modern standards, and decidedly anti nationalist. Their attitude reflected the time, as does the revisionism of today. Those who were there remember.

  35. TheOperaman33


  36. bruceduece1

    DM was always considered a great talent by critics. As a guitarist, songwriter, and vocalist, he had few equals. Consequently, he was arguably the greatest troubadour of his generation. His problem was that his music was often listened to quietly and alone. It was never the stuff of hits. For all his great music, he didn't score a top 20 hit until "We Just Disagree," ironically a departure from his usual style. He'll remain a footnote, albeit a very large one.

  37. Larry A

    I was introduced to DM solo career in early 70's...Alone Together was played to death in my dorm room. My highest summer was 1973 and I hung out at pretty fun bars. One jukebox had a Dave Mason song I'd never heard on it...Baby Please. I put my quarter in and for several months thereafter must've put in several hundred of them. He always will be underestimated by the general public, but to those of us here and those who know...we get it, don't we?

  38. Gus classic rock channel

    @RIOTCHERD A SUPER band indeed Mike Mike Finnigan or Finnegan? on Hammond organ and keyboards and backing vocals, I guess bassist Johnson's still with him though, yeah and the list keeps going , Krueger, Doc, Yeager , etc, what a show, (watch them like five six times way back then LOL) then CSN stole Finnegan away from him, very underrated though, Thx and later


    @quebee02 Dave later covered "Watchtower" in tribute to the late Jimi. On the 1974 LP "Dave Mason" It may well be the best verrsion yet, very butt-kicking energy-wise and emotionally.


    @longlostgus Hey, cool. And what a powerhouse band he had... Jim krueger, guitar, the big dude "Doc" Yeager on drums, Mike Finnegan, keyboards, Bob Glaub or "Little Jimmy Johmson", also of the Steve Miller Band, on bass. They were State of the Art cats.

  41. Gus classic rock channel

    Thank you I loved the Midnight Special presentation was lucky enough to see it live but never have seen it again since then.
    Saw him live too way back in the 70's and 80's once even Fleetwood Mac (the full cast) open the show for him, just great Cheers and thanks for the memories : P


    @longlostgus Thanks from me also. He played this tune on one of the "In Concert", "Rock Concert" or "Midnight Special" TV shows, not sure which. But thay was in '73 and Dave was ON FIRE ! Playing a Fender Telecaster. Have attended many of his shows since. LONG LIVE WINTERLAND. Sad, not.

  43. PlymouthVT

    First time I saw Dave was at Performing Arts Center in NYC 1971. Stoned out of my mind on mushmakon pot and great tickets. Man they fucking rocked all night. Really good band. Still memorable after all these years.He warmed up Santana. Sanantana was very good endless durms but Dave was better. Just a tight groovin' British band. The brits owned it back in the early 70's.


    +PlymouthVT: Instead of "mushmakon"......I'll bet you're trying to say "Michoacán" ....pron. "mish-oh-a-conn"....aka a type of weed....usually known as a very good strain of weed. It's a state way down in southern Mexico. I'm in southern Arizona.....we've been hip to Michoacán forever down here. If it was for-real Michoacán.....and not just the typical, run-of-the-mill Mex ditch brought a lot more money than the ol' ditch weed. A much better high, for sure. I'm 65....quit cigs and weed on the same day 15 yrs. ago on my birthday (weed was really making my memory go "adios"). Sure miss those days....the late 60's / early-mid 1970's. They were a bunch 'a fun. But cannot believe I made it out alive. For real. Thank you Lord. For real.

  44. jyujyuro


  45. Gus classic rock channel

    After all is said and done I like more Dave's music then that of Winwood (personal opinion of course) I understand Dave didn't like that much the Jazz style Traffic was getting into and in the end he became a great guitarist (acoustic too big time) and vocalist playing as you might know with the likes of Hendrix, Harrison, McCartney, Crosby & Nash, Delaney & Bonnie & Friends, even a small stint with the Mac, apart from a long list of his own albums then straight into rock's hall of fame

  46. orapronobus dominusvobiscum

    Love his music and voice...great guitar player too...THANKS!

  47. Gus classic rock channel

    The background vocal is not David Crosby (sorry) is Graham Nash 100% sure
    but is ok dont want no word wars LOL
    anyway this lead guitar here is just pure and solid rock
    thank you for the upload and lots of stars 4 the vid
    gus : ) ♪

  48. Shane Paterson

    @ricadrew mason has played with hendrix aswell

  49. blackandtanful


  50. Julie Monaghan

    So I went over to my BFF'S the other night.. We both grew up in LA.. She put this on~ Lord!! MEMORIES!!

  51. cheezer57

    He also plays Acoustic with Hendrix' on All along the watchtower, but i guess most people knew that.

  52. quebee02

    Mason fan note: He's the second guitarist on Jimi Hendrix's "All Along The Watchtower" and a founding member of Traffic.

  53. Mike Dave

    @ricadrew Actually, it is Graham Nash

  54. Gus classic rock channel

    to ricadrew:
    Sorry to rain on your parade here but is GRAHAM NASH doing the harmonies here, not David Crosby.

    Crosby and Nash do harmonies on other Dave Mason songs like, "You can loose it", "She's a friend" from Split coconut album and on another song called "Give me a reason" from "Dave Mason" Album, but here as I mentioned is Graham Nash doing the high key harmonies not David Crosby if I recall well, hey is just info ok?
    Nice upload love Dave Mason

  55. bovjer



  56. Wayne Eusanio

    Thanks for posting the lesser known tunes.

  57. System Of Combat NJ

    Yea, just on this song. And another song on this album Stevie Wonder plays harmonica, pretty cool stuff!

  58. bovjer

    for real? big fan of david crosby !

  59. System Of Combat NJ

    And oh yea, how many people know that David Crosby is a background vocal?

  60. System Of Combat NJ

    Wow, memories, thanks for posting this!

  61. bovjer

    thanks! great song

  62. Steven John

    Yes he was a heroin addict at one time just like everyone else from that era. They all may not have been adicts but they were users. Clapton (addict) J.Lennon (user) G. Harrison (user) The Stones, Hendrix you name 'em "H" was just the in thing at the time. Many got carried away and couldn't handle it. Mason is a great artist. I thought he should have stayed with Traffic but he felt he was being overshadowed, (which he was) He had a great solo career.

  63. bovjer

    Is it a fact that Dave Mason was an heroin addict? Thats what i figure, reading the lyric.
    On my part, that line is the best part of the song "in a big rubber room with a silver spoon still on my mind"