Masked Intruder - Weirdo Lyrics

You say that I'm a freak, a geek, a weirdo
A positively creepy dude
I guess I can only protest that you left you the best fact:
I'm totally in love with you

You say that I'm a nitwit,
A lousy, lowdown dipshit
If that's the way you feel, it must be true

If I'm no good at all, then
How could have I have fallen
For an angel of the earth like you?

You say that I'm a freak, a geek, a weirdo
A lost cause, a loser, a lout
But the fact still remains, that you are perfect in every way
I'm hoping we can work this out
Yeah, that doesn't change that you're perfect in every way
I'm hoping we can work this out

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Masked Intruder Weirdo Comments

    Sounds like weezer

  2. Anal Face

    His reaction seeing the word "FUCK YOU" was the best reaction I ever seen 😂😂😂

  3. Brendan Gleason

    drummer from Lost Love

    Olivier Thériault

    Finally! Someone got it right!

    Brendan Gleason

    +Olivier Thériault the video you did for Sacrecoeur is rad man. keep it up.

    Olivier Thériault

    Did you see the ones I did for "Take Care"" and "Scotch 'N' Soda", both from Lost Love?

  4. spamielson

    it's me mother fuckers


    a freak, a geek, a weirdo

    Nick Reiger

    +spamielson dope

  5. J.Horror


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  7. Mabel Sit

    omg vinny is adorable.

    Live Nation Clubs and Theaters

    +Mabel Sit Ha ha yes he is!

  8. UwU OwO

    this is me haha

  9. Chris Rakish

    and he should have been reading King Dork instead of The Catcher in the Rye.

  10. Chris Rakish

    The second girl around is stunning, for the record.

  11. NWHPjpplayer1


    Chris Rakish

    I doubt it's him because Green has some thick ass lips.

    Dominick Del Vecchio

    its not . I know these dudes and they had nothing to do with making this video. Its totally a fan made video

    Olivier Thériault

    yeah... except that they asked me to do it. The only reason it's not the "official" music video is cause they wanted shots from them in the video, but I had too much footage to add some of them too. And also cause I didnt get money from it.

    Olivier Thériault



    I've seen them all without their masks on in ventura. I arrived early to the show and saw them setting up. I compared their tattoos and was able to figure out who they all were. I can assure you that this is NOT green.