Masked Intruder - Heart Shaped Guitar Lyrics

Girl, ever since I
First saw you I knew
You were the one for me
I just want you to know
How I feel
That's why I'm standing here

At 3 am
Out in your front yard
Singing you a love song
On a heart shaped guitar
And I hope you hear me
And I hope you care
And you put on a smile
And you come down stairs

Dude, you're freaking me out
What the fuck's wrong with you?
I don't even know you
I'm calling the cops
Why are you standing there

At 3 am
Out in my front yard
Singing stupid love songs
On a heart shaped guitar?
And I don't wanna hear it
Cause I don't even care
The police are on their way
So just stay right there

Girl / Dude
Ever since I / You're freaking me out
First saw you I knew / Seriously
You were the one for me
I / Don't even know you
Just want you to know / I'm calling the cops
How I feel / What are you doing
That's why I'm standing here / Standing here

At 3 am
Out in your (my) front yard
Singing you a (stupid) love songs
On a heart shaped guitar
And I hope you hear me
And I hope you care
The police are on their way
So just stay right there

I love you
Get real dude
I need you
You need mental help
I'll do anything
Stay away from me
I need your love

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Masked Intruder Heart Shaped Guitar Comments
  1. Maria Pinon

    Come back to ATL!!!!

  2. Bailey Saunders

    I song this to my imaginary girlfriend i think she liked it i don't know

  3. datboyboy poratraz

    A hahaha this fun song

  4. Bob Stevie

    These guys need more views everyone force random people to like this band or I’ll find you and i’ll kill if I can find you

  5. Christopher Horn

    So good. Love this band

  6. Ross Goldstein-Perdue

    I keep playing this song

  7. Punk Cover Moose

    I fucking love these dudes

  8. Ruben Flores

    Catchy as Fuck!!!

    Punk Cover Moose

    Ruben Flores dude all of their songs are so catchy!! Love them!!

  9. mario pena

    love the song, but the woman's voice is annoying

    Punk Cover Moose

    mario pena it’s the girl from mixtapes right? I like her in mixtapes. I didnt think she was bad in this

  10. Zack Cash

    I wonder if I blast this enough times when getting ready for work in the morning my roommate will stop blasting music til 3

  11. Tim Armstrong

    Saw these guys with off with their heads and the bouncing souls, they put on an awesome show!

    Unemployed John

    Tim Armstrong dang you lived the life I want to live

    Punk Cover Moose

    Tim Armstrong they have a great show!!

  12. nicole knockeart

    I was walking past these guys at warped tour 2016 and they looked interesting so I sropped,and watched they are so good live they put on a really fun show


    Omg same i was there too

    You go I go We go

    nicole knockeart they stole my watch!

    Shuriken dongle

    They were going on a crime spree ;)

  13. Krista Gibbons

    This is one of my favorite songs ever

    Kyah Kelley

    me too :)

  14. Mitch Stout

    I would like this more if the guest vocalist wasn't Maura Weaver. She sounds like she's holding back vomit every time she ends a phrase.

    Krista Gibbons

    If you think of the position she has to act out as a girl whose disgusted that a guy is on her lawn at 3am i think its a fitting voice otherwise yeah I'd totally agree

    Alex Mort

    Her voice isn't that rad in this song. I thought her voice was kinda lame, too. But, I decided to listen to her band, Mixtapes, and it was fucking sick.

    Solinari Xi

    She's one of the only female vocalists I can stand. All the others are too fine-tuned and melodic. I like the rough, primal quality Maura brings to her music.

  15. Quonos

    Saw these guys in Halifax NS. Fantastic show!

    ross Van

    Same that cop was awesome

    Joseph Bayerle

    +The Great Mouse I was there too! I was the weirdo in the black jean shorts, black and red Misfits shirt and stupid haircut. Got to meet Blue, cool guy.

    chris power

    Same here one of the coolest shows we've had in awhile for sure

  16. Eric Lotz

    Why is anyone bringing up sid vicious on this video. For one he's dead so he couldnt do shit about it anyway. Two if he was still alive, hed probably be in a vegetative state at this point from the collective amount of drugs he's done throughout his life that christopher reeves probably would have had a better shot at slapping these guys, if he were still alive.

    Bas Van Den Berg

    @Eric Lotz Sid vicious couldn't even play bass haha

  17. tack

    Dude, the "round" the middle, where they both sing at the same time? It's more than pop/punk and/or satire. It juxtaposes the fantasy with the idea that 2 ppl can experience difference feelings at the same time. But it also culminates in a "pop" ballad message of love...where they both converge on the round and agree that they are both engaged. It acknowledges both the creepiness, the commercialism (hence stereotypes/archetypes), as well as the concept that there could be a grey area where it might just actually work to bring some ppl together. I mean, Romeo was a fucking stalker and they were both abused depressed and fatal. But Shakespeare, for all the cred he gets, is really just the first sit-com producer. ;)

  18. Haven Willey

    I hope this band become the blink 182 of the century

    The 3rd Option

    Blink 182 sucks (except for their first two albums).

    Masked Intruder is actually destroying everything Blink 182 has built in the 00's era. Note how this song is a conversation between the guy and the girl.


    +WaxingName While I think these guys are good, it's much more simple than Blink and nowhere near 'destroying'. Let's be objective :)

    Not Mike Martinez

    +Haven Willey if you're looking for the modern day blink 182 check out "Noise Brigade"

    David H

    Haven Willey hahhaaa


    blink-182 is the blink-182 of the century.

  19. beaniemama crochetpaws


  20. James Harden

    Masked Intruder is awesome. Haters gonna hate #PopPunkLives  


    James Harden probably the best analysis I've seen on YouTube


    @SaintCayetano tell me more about how Riverdales are not punk rock

    Jose Varela

    Saint whatever is a fan of slipknot  and punk from the 70s and 80s so riverdales will never meet up to their punk rock expectations

  22. anthony hutchinson

    ak inyerface tour is over now, houston show was the last show. it was fucking sick man. FAT TOUR-
    Less Than Jake
    Anti Flag
    Masked Intruder
    Get Dead

    April Zell

    oh I went to that tour

  23. Noah Petersen

    They consider themselves pop punk. They never said they were hardcore punk. They're like Teenage Bottlerocket. So calm down.

    Punk Cover Moose

    Noah Petersen 🙌

  24. it's shoe

    Hey dummies, it's satirizing pop punk's fucked up ideas about women and the way it paints creepy-ass behavior as something "hopelessly romantic."

    David H

    it's shoe sure it is...

  25. MissFunkuh

    is the singer KJ Jansen from chixdiggit? 

    Jake Barker

    Nah, they're a band called the gusto.


    Are you sure? the singer sounds so different

    Jake Barker

    Yeah. Green sings in the gusto. Trust me. I've researched this shit a lot.


    +MissFunkuh Fact.Green and Blue's roles are switched in The Gusto

  26. Jeremy Gripentrog

    you do realize music like what masked intruder makes stem from 70's and 80's punk so by sayingthis is shit, on principle is like saying their successors are shit as well

  27. Ben Varley

    Will be a good band when there voices break

  28. Poop Cat

    we have a music defener here. maybe you were born in le wrong generation

  29. joedoggm

    If you don't think they are punk, fuck you. Just enjoy the music and quit being such a dirt bag.

  30. Paul LoCoco

    RIOT FEST TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. SaintCayetano

    Ugh. A friend told me this band was cool. They have all the "punk" creds of the Back Street Boys. Today's "music" is 99% pure shit. Listen to REAL punk from the '70s and '80s. THAT's how it goes.


    Fuckin hipster.

  32. Deleted Deleted

    I'd pay $150 for a heart shaped guitar just to play this song.

  33. RLecompte

    Full album on my channel!

  34. Irv Pinsky

    love this tune. clever powerpop is right in my wheelhouse

  35. Jon Spell

    Fell in love with this song from the SXSW 2013 music torrent. =)

  36. Edward Bartholomew

    Uh, hardcore is a subgenre of Punk that has gone onto produce bands like Atreyu. These guys are Power Pop Punk much like NOFX or MxPx. These guys are damned good at what they do.

  37. Nathan Yaba

    If Sid Vicious is your idea of punk rock you're doing it wrong.

  38. MJ Abrams

    I could picture it being a pseudo Romeo and Juliet video...him throwing rocks at her window and blue jamming out on his heart shaped guitar...her on the balcony calling the cops on her phone. and then a wicked police chase during the guitar solo

  39. Dr.X

    you just saw punks just one eye.. RAMONES CORE FOR LIVE !

  40. Shayni G

    That's because they suck!

  41. Shayni G

    You really think they look like a hardcore punk band? Oh my god, are you on acid. They suck and Sid Vicious would bitch slap all of them, one by one.

  42. Shayni G

    Really, heart shaped guitar. Maybe they are trying to rip off a title from a Nirvana song...if if isn't that obvious.

  43. Kevin Mckenzie

    They look like a hard-core punk band, but sing pop-pUnk... FUCKING AWESOME!!!!! :)

  44. John Kuntis

  45. MX5PWS

    I can't honestly say I know who the singer is but the bands "Devon Kay and the Solutions" and "Direct Hit!" are very similar to this.

  46. Jelle Ninove

    where did u saw em? i saw em on groezrock, they were kicking ass

  47. Bochini

    tween punk.

  48. Ed Martinez

    these guys are pretty good

  49. The Kukenbeckers

    he goes by "blue".... lol

  50. VannCorroo

    Partly. You have the main guy singing and the girl (Maura Weaver of Mixtapes) singing back at him. Look at around 40 seconds. That's a girl

  51. Lexicon Devil

    Saw them live they sound completely different

  52. Dree Free

    You know what, poo fucking dang. You can go fuck yourself. Screw that, go fuck a duck and see what hatches nobody gives a shit of what you have to say about my friends. it's just a love song. Live with it, bitch.

  53. YukiHiruzen

    Obviously the singer is purple, idiots...

  54. Ángel Padrón


  55. chris88z

    look up "The Gusto" from Madison, WI.

  56. Ángel Padrón

    If any of them have previous bands or anybody could figure out who the singer is would be awesome

  57. poo dang


  58. Slakthus13

    Haha cool song. A guy whit a Heart Shaped Guitar. Epic gay :)

  59. drhoratio

    too soft

  60. davebuchan81

    I am flirting with a girl on a Chameleon forum posting a few 'meaningful' songs to her........It's not serious......yet.........this high quality band might just get me in there, LMFAO. Rock on you mad bastards!

  61. Bliingboii

    This band is great, and Maura Weaver is gorgeous, but I wish she could actually sing... It sounds like someone holding their breath and trying to sing out of the back of their nose...

  62. Brent Cornwall

    Wanna know what happened to hardcore (I still think punk has it)? It got fucking generic as it gets. Bands like Masked Intruder, that bring originality, should be fucking cherished, not tossed away because they are pop punk.

  63. downwiththemaster

    fuck off dude! this song is funny and good! go make a hardcore band yourself!

  64. Krayt-Dragon70

    The world doesnt need another Blink182. What happened to punk and hardcore ? Punkrock 90210.

  65. Thomas Donofrio

    sooo this song is about all of us haha yeah she's badass!

  66. FunkBlaster82

    Everyone is in love with Maura Weaver. I fist-bumped her at a show after she played once and now I'm determined to marry her.

  67. Gluesniffer16

    @TheChelseaschmidt shutup

  68. Thomas Donofrio

    only if maura is in it

  69. Thomas Donofrio

    i'm in love with maura weaver after meeting her only once so i think this song is about me

  70. zebrafood

    The problem with pop-punk is that I always relate to it.

  71. MsVanessa995

    heard the song on the radio one night...the lyrics are hilarious!

  72. Squish Pinecone

    Really would love it if there was a video

  73. lagstronaut

    that's depressing. I just got into these guys the night they were in Toronto. Hope they are back soon

  74. Chelsea Hull

    If I wrote this song, I would wear a mask too.

  75. Trombone Donald

    So great, purchasing this album when i go buy the rest of TBR and Lillington albums