Masego - Tadow Lyrics

Ahhh, ahhh
Ay, ay, ay, oh, ahh
Ay, ay, ay, ahh, ahh
Ay, ay, ay, oh, ahh
Ay, ay, ay, oh, ahh
Ay, ay, ay, ahh, ahh

Ooh, I saw her and she hit me like (Tadow)
Saw that thing so beautiful (Tadow)
She just hit my heart, ooh (Tadow)
Full force and she got me like (Tadow)

I be like (Tadow)
Baby (Tadow)
Why you so fine? (Tadow, tadow)
Gotta make you mine (Tadow, tadow)
So hard to find (Tadow, tadow)

Baby like oh
How'd you do the thing?
The way that you do it and she ain't even show
She be walking round so confident, so heaven-sent
I think she was meant to knock 'em dead like (Tadow, tadow)

Like (Tadow, tadow)
Girl you so fine (Tadow)
Ohhh (Tadow, tadow)
Girl you acting like oh (Tadow, tadow)
Baby so fine (Tadow, tadow)
Mrs. Lady (Tadow, tadow)
Girl you knock 'em dead (Tadow, tadow)
Ohh yeahh

She was so sublime
Super fine
She was never lying
Strutting in her heels
Or her slides either way
Eyes on her every single day, week, year
Everyone wondering how she does it with no fear
All that confidence wasn't heaven-sent
Does it come within?
Does it come run out?
I don't know
She'll just have 'em runnin'
Out and in man they want to sin
Talking deadly sin
With Mrs. lady I don't understand
Why she hit 'em like (Tadow) (Tadow)

Yeah, like (Tadow, tadow)
Girl you knock 'em dead (Tadow, tadow)
Ohhh (Tadow)
How you do it like you do it (Tadow, tadow)
Yeah yeah (Tadow, tadow)
Baby you knock 'em dead (Tadow, tadow)
I love you so baby (Tadow, tadow)
Yeah, yeah, ohh


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Masego Tadow Comments
  1. Allan Braz

    wonderful sound. Congratulations. lacked scratches with record player. LOL

  2. Mr. Almighty

    Wow!!!! This is funky soul music.. That bass line is off the chain... The youth has not fell us after all... Lmao.... Two Fingers....

  3. Servant OfChrist

    touches my soul each & every time.

  4. Raqi

    I aspire to understand music at this level

  5. Courtney Crave

    Damn..... This was sooooo good.

  6. Satrio Aryodewo

    Juan Mata and Iman Shumpert make some magical music together

  7. Yes No

    The cameraman @ 3:17 😂

  8. rizki ngeek

    I know boob

  9. erik drayton

    Love this

  10. SLIIZY




  12. adrian washington

    Put soooooooo many people this at the old tattoo shop. Great vibe

  13. Gloria Villalba

    Just deep and awesome

  14. Russell Eison

    Gives me the chills

  15. Master Lee

    скажу как есть этовыглядит мало того что не естествннно еще и жестоко (критику в свой адрес не воспринимаю)

  16. WH Beats

    imagina no finalzinho do video: i cara aperto o rec nao?

  17. Lukas Acevedo

    this song is a very nice bro

  18. Timothy Williams

    Yo i have the perfect verses for the beginning of the track to when you come in really hope n to collaborate with you

  19. Mireya Beltran

    love the souuuund💛 enjoyable!🙌😄😍🤗💯

  20. John Langan

    Crazy talented gents!

  21. Leandro seg

    Se e loco show Man 😎👊🏽

  22. Joey Navarro

    Fuk all y’all who disliked the video

  23. Ashish Kumar

    doing great bro]

  24. Stew we Uso

    21 Savage be lookin smooth

  25. Carri G

    It’s no fucking way he is saying tadow 😂

  26. moonc4lf

    Can't get enough of this man

  27. N. TENFLY

    Talent and looping

  28. Genealogy Widower

    45 n a half thousand people were to drunk to hit the like button.

  29. Liam Cronin

    this is something else other worldly i mean i dont know what i fucking mean its immense its insane its real is cool its every adjective in the English language

  30. Alyssa Byrd

    This is super smooth

  31. the exile


  32. Forestal_ Girl

    Kim Taehyung This is for You 🎷🎹🎶🎧💜❤

  33. Forestal_ Girl

    OMG, Que es Esto? QUE Hermoso 😍 Son como Angeles de la Musica,mucho talento 🎧🎷🎹🎶🎷🎷 Maravilloso. Seguro a Kim Taehyung le Fascinaria 💜

  34. Margarita Rustrián

    Sonidos que recuerdan que la vida es sensual y seductora. 💚

  35. Дмитрий Абдулов

    Pretty Good stuf! :)

  36. TheVirtualLab

    issa vibe

  37. Oliver Klein

    Good they have a recording of this. Otherwise I wouldn't believe this is human made :D <3

  38. Jaden Espinosa

    The most beautiful and longest masterpiece of my life! We need more music like this. The ones today are so trash! 👎

  39. entre humo y rimas

    que elegante saludos dede peru me gustaria usarla para sacar un tema ta bueno

  40. König Klütz

    in where i grow up tadow mean its really deliver its meaning :v

  41. HDFaithfuul

    rest in peace beanie 6:22

  42. The Col 7

    I love herring this well smoking weed

  43. Cnupoc

    one shot baby! Wooooo !

  44. Aneesa Chanelle

    I remember watching this when it had about 30K views wow

  45. lol monika


  46. mint mint

    Ong Seongwu brought me here.

  47. Pankie Pankie

    I love 💕 this music

  48. はじめまして

    nice music!!!

  49. Christopher Biles

    I've watched this video 20+ times and just realized he uses his passport to make the soft tap/clap in the beginning.

  50. Shelby Jae

    Try vibing to this with mol 😍👌🏻😩😩❤️

  51. Adam F

    This is what I am talking about! This is sweet!

  52. Nicholas B

    this feels good

  53. NichDW

    Boy was nasty on them keys though

  54. peepee poopoo

    i dont think anyone has ever used a passport to make music

  55. Jack Carter

    amazing tune still listen to this day

  56. Byel Jhordan

    Galera da uma olhada nessa TV "50" polegadas super baratinha, entra ai e da uma olhada, desde já agradeço ❤🎉

  57. white dwarf

    mic stand was pregnant that night

  58. Extra Terrestre

    So relax

  59. Ibrahim Ahmed

    This is on a different level. The vibe. The atmosphere. Getting lost in that beat. Mind just wondering 😌

  60. G Atencio

    Last summer I was going through some heartbreak, my barber put on this song in the background while cutting my hair and since then, my happiness has been rekindled within myself ❤️

  61. Danny Gonzalez


  62. luna rose

    I wanna chill with someone and just vibe out to this type of music

    Mr Sparkle

    You and I both yet I have trouble finding anyone who would enjoy this with me.

  63. Edward Montezdeoca

    I’m vibing this...for real!!!!

  64. gugu mbanjwa

    The production on this song is unmatched! So beautiful😭

  65. Ethan

    Nice work man

  66. danni8806

    i aspire to feel like this all the time <3

  67. Haizeus_Goose

    Bro this shit so raw. I heard this in a hair shop last Saturday playing every since lol

  68. Lucas Zurita

    Quem dá dislike nessa obra de arte ?

    Yannis CINNA

    45 000 losers

    Lucas Zurita

    Só pode!

  69. Kenoly Mbele

    Imma fuck to this...

  70. Jovan Lopez


  71. Elisa Mucavele

    i wanna undress!!!! though i uave a fupa🙈


    To all 45k thumbs down try the track again at 1.25 speed it POPS like it didn't at normal speed.


    At 1.25 speed it becomes EDM. Good composition will always sound great at 1.25. A Ravers secret to enjoying Jazz while maintaining the BPM I need to breath 🖖.

  74. Rickey Robinson

    I CANNOT understand how 45,000 people disliked this. How? Please explain

  75. rrr grr

    Is this heaven?

  76. Archenita


  77. josiah osarodion


  78. Tim Zeng

    Sheet music please !!

  79. Manuel Barelli

    this is mellow.

  80. Ŧĥé Đăŷ



    You - best!

  82. Ramses Garcia

    does anyone know where to find such cool music like this?

  83. DJ EarlThe3rd

    The people in the background walked by at the beginning oblivious to the artistry and masterpiece being created in that room.

  84. Diego

    Turned my headphones up, and turned the world off.

  85. Jonathan Rodriguez

    Love it

  86. Jonathan Rodriguez

    Just beautiful

  87. Haydn Cooper

    Olivia Sui

  88. Omar Pasillas

    The Soul man the soul !!!!!! #2020

  89. Abdullahi Mursal

    2020 and this is pure art

  90. Croatoan

    its so good i literally can't help but move my head in a forward motion while listening

  91. Y e e t Oreo

    I love this oh my god

  92. Lekisha Adriaanse

    the 45k that disliked this video, I hope you rot in hell

  93. may

    i accidentally clicked on this and i am so glad!!! that i did i love this so much