Masego - I Do Everything! Lyrics

Do you play the keys? I can play that
Do you play the sax? I can play that too
Do you play the marimba? I can play that
Do you play the cymbals? I can play that too
Do you play the tuba? I can play that
Do you play the trombone? I can play that too
Do you play the trumpet? Nah Brasstracks
But if we talkin' harpsichord I play that too cause

Everything's every damn thing I do everything yeah
Everything's every damn thing I do everything yeah
I do this I do that they gon dance and they gon clap
I do this I do that they gon dance and they gon clap
Just because everything's every damn thing I do everything yeah

(Hol' up)
23 with a money tree

6th grade met a girl got curved kinda hurt but I learned she loved that sax
Begged mom and I learned got good, real good, first chair and I got her back
Self taught radio every day till the day that girl stopped lovin me
So I say why you stop she said Jamie Foxx funny man and I played those keys
So I played those keys
Snuck into church and I slayed those keys
Kicked outta class cause they hatin' on me
Never let a man put a grade on me
I just want her heart
I don't care about that grade or thing I just need that girl near me
So I learned and I learned I swear I'm the best ever
I swear I'mma let it I'mma get whatever I want girl I say that

Everything's everything damn thing I do everything yeah
23 with a money tree
Where'd the bass go? Hit me

Everything's every damn thing I do everything yeah
Everything's every damn thing I do everything yeah
Everything's every damn thing I do everything yeah
Everything's every damn thing I do everything yeah
I do this I do that they gon dance and they gon clap
I do this I do that they gon dance and they gon clap
Just because everything's every damn thing I do everything yeah

Yeah that's right. I did the beat. I did the singing. I did the sax. I did the drums, the high-hats. I did the triangle. I done told y'all I do it all. Everything. I'm the best ever. Who cares what your favorite is? I is now. I did it
Ooh. Stop the song if you want. If you a real fan you gon let me run it back. Cause it's my birthday. Cause I'm 23. Cause I do what I want. I don't want this on radio

Do you play the drums? I can play that
Do you play the violin? I can play that too
What about harmonica? I can play that
What's good with the maracas? I can play that too
How bout the xylophone? I can play that
How bout electric guitar? I can play that too
How bout the sousa sousaphone? I can play that
Didgeridoo and triangle? I can play that too

Everything's every damn thing I do everything yeah
Everything's every damn thing I do everything yeah
I do this I do that they gon dance and they gon clap
I do this I do that they gon dance and they gon clap
Just because everything's every damn thing I do everything yeah

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Masego I Do Everything! Comments
  1. James Mabs

    this song, my goodness...can i have the lyrics!

  2. Trudy Rozani

    How do you make music an Aphrodisiac? Ask Sego

  3. Candyce Walters

    Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On repeat 4 EVA!!!!!!

  4. Timi W

    I do errrrthang❤🙏

  5. Timi W


  6. tt21292

    How he make everything sexable

  7. The-Tallest-TowerTv Ngwane

    The hook on this track is ridiculous fam
    fanele nami ngisheye leshandis

  8. Portable Frog

    I'm dead 2:53-3:15 😂😂😂

  9. Raymond Palmer

    best song i have heard !

  10. abubaker1452

    Anyone here after mancity comment on Instagram 😂

  11. LaTonya Adams


  12. jsc2991

    When you actually hear good music..repeat on 1000. This guy is the truth

  13. Shellyboo 3000


  14. MzBrOdUs18

    im in love lol

  15. Brian Butler

    That's my song right there💪

  16. Cynthia Baldwin

    This dude is the black Orpheus💯💯💜

  17. Laren Karen

    Queen tings was my hook. I’m forever a fan.

  18. Sandie Wynn

    I’ll keep saying’re pure genius! ❤️

  19. Tylisha Tracy

    Every time the beat drops, here comes the goosebumps.............YAASSS!

  20. nosmailliwekaj

    This dude and fkj are probably the greatest musicians I have ever heard, I found them purely by accident. 10/10 my absolute favorite music as of now

  21. Profit Always

    I showed this song to my dad.

    He’s my son now.

    Jenez Powell

    How my son grows to be an old soul like you

    Dimonte Johnson


  22. Lavish Morrow

    This man is an walking erection 😍😘❤🎉

  23. Ms1001k

    Who plays the harpsichord? lol

  24. Billy Travis

    My theme song

  25. 1ginachell

    My then 16 year old son had 'Tadow' on repeat for months, 3 years ago. I'm 54 and have been a a Masego fan since.

    Stacie Jackson

    If I was in my 20s, I'd make sure he noticed me. :) LOL

  26. Yakuv Tedela

    You are absolutely one of my greatest now

  27. Taylor Lee

    1:47 I jus want her heart😭❤️

  28. Cyril Isaiah Duterte

    Jacob Collier: that's cute

  29. Monique Smith

    I'm old school I want you on CD

  30. Tracy LaMar

    Soooooo Cold! ❤️

  31. Colette acw

    How could you dislike this song 🔥🔥

  32. Stephanie Montgomery

    Made me think of Prince... their sounds are very different but I could imagine the two of them locked in a studio...omg mind blown

  33. Nodnarb The King

    We can't hate on the people who gave thumbs down.. they are only deaf and are heart broken cause they can't hear the magic

  34. Janelle Grimes

    Masego Dope as ever!!! 😍😘😘😘

  35. Rain Smith

    Team 🎻

  36. Josh Flores-Arias

    Tiny desk brought me here. Who else?

    Ntsikelelo Mbalie

    Me too 💛😊 but I like the live version more

    Donovan Gumbo

    late to the party mate! Welcome

    Lerato Chaka

    Josh Flores-Arias me too

  37. lulubluemoon


  38. ixPrince xx

    Chill asf 🔥🔥

  39. Destiny Lewis

    I will play that

  40. Victor Maia

    Essa música tem a mesma batida (SOLVERIS - paraíso sujo)

    andre gaston

    Im 55yrs young...Wat uv is genius keep up the work on younger brother you be around for many years to come...... stay humble and true to what you love to do and that's create good music

    Robert Skelly

    El instrumental original es de Masego ..veia abaixo

  41. Harvey Khoza

    masego when you coming back to s.a?

  42. The Fortnite God

    23 year old masego makes the best music

  43. The Fortnite God

    masego dun killed the game

  44. Starr Love


  45. nalleli rivera

    This song is mdfckn eeeeverything

  46. Shameless Sham

    I love this SONG!

  47. desmondsmith25

    Stay original don't let em change your swag bro. Love your music

  48. tukaha teina

    This nigga is underrated

  49. Alfonso Urbano

    Seen this guy live at lightning in a bottle and MANNN LEMME TELL U!! The guy is a str8 bossss. The vibe was incredible and his energy was fire. One of the best live performances I've seen

  50. Na'Imah Johnson


  51. Ms. Kumi

    Straight Groove!

  52. Honey Hayes


  53. Terrance Pugh

    A one-man band wow

  54. Honey Onyx

    I went to school with this dude


    You are soooo lucky :)
    How was he?

    Honey Onyx

    Shamunga funny as hell

    Trudy Rozani

    @Honey Onyx In that case he still is 😂😂😂😂

  55. forthluv

    🔥🔥🔥🌊🌊🌊🙌🙌🙌👑 👑

  56. Kevin Murimi

    He spazzes around the 1:25 minute on this one

  57. KO Doom

    *I've been looking everywhere for this non-instrumental version for almost a whole year* Oh my gosh.

    Rohit Kumar

    KO Doom whats the instrumental version called?

    KO Doom

    @Rohit Kumar The same title. That's why it was so difficult to find this version with words.

    Rohit Kumar

    @KO Doom Dope, thanks man!

    Doula Lynsey Haynes

    @Rohit Kumar I do everything (more for cruisin)

  58. NTOKOZO Happiness


  59. YaBoyAz

    Me: Masego what instruments do you play?

    Masego: *Yes*

    João Antunes


    Christopher Reilly

    Me: FKJ, what instruments you play?

    FKJ: YES

  60. Brittini Gulley

    This song is so dope!

  61. Ashley Paige


  62. Sana Abdul Latif


  63. Kyla Rose

    Cause I don’t want this on the radio LOL

  64. Bruna Murta

    The 18 thumbs down are from my neighbors lol



    Sandie Wynn



    this needs more likes lol

  65. the dude

    thank god tadow led me to this great musician

  66. Frances Parsons

    The 18 people who don't like this we will find you lol. This is forever Dope! 😆

    Danasweeklypicks #

    Frances Parsons They cant play anything obviously

  67. Sunshine


  68. Mark Smith

    wow...this is slept on so hard

  69. Deasia Manning

    Love this song 16 people didnt like but 1.1k did shows who the haters are

  70. HiLiter Yello

    Never stop!! This music is a touch of perfection amongst the mainstream mediocrity

  71. nicole garcia

    I Just love this song 💕💕💕 great work, piece of art🥂

  72. The clickbait KING

    everything everything everything oh yeah

  73. Loreyna saint surin

    Now I’m a fan

  74. Shakeal Jones

    Inspirational!! 🤙🏿

  75. Eduardo García

    Gracias por los 5 minutos más increíbles que he escuchado

  76. Iolanda Monteiro

    I love you 😘❤❤

  77. Bobby Tuong

    Whoa. This song gave me chills. Amazing. Simply amazing

    Stacie Jackson

    For real!

  78. Jacques Kessee II

    Bruh this shit slaps

  79. Matt Klassy

    Keep flying below that radar my G! Ill support by word of mouth! Keep em coming, god bless, stay up!

  80. Ashman MaT

    My man said " I DO U WAT I AND I DONT WANT THIS ON RADIO" just shows how exclusive he is. His Done lit.

  81. Ashman MaT

    She said Jimmie Foxx so I played those keys

  82. Aaron California

    Oh LAWD this is dope!

  83. Rose Graves

    Why have I never fucking heard this 🔥 fire , you’re right tho now you are my favorite.

  84. swood0110

    Dont ever go main stream😘😘😍😍

    Sean Hardy

    too late lol

    Deja Lyles

    EXACTLY. Pop Culture ruins pure musicians!

  85. The1Smurphy

    You created a new genre. You are incredibly talented and have listened to most of your work. Keep it up and youll be cakin all the way to the end 💯

  86. Monfred Mezalien

    I do everything 😎like you

  87. Mr. RoninJay

    Lmfao 😂😂😂😂😂so savage man 👆@2:57

  88. kyle

    Legendary quality

  89. Fat Lack

    Yesssssuh!!!! My man!!!!!

  90. Nathaniel Seng


  91. Super Tribe

    Litty fr... I just wonder why this ain't mainstream... Ever... like what's promoted by media... that's one perspective... here's another.. Dope Music fr


    Because people want to only listen to mumble rap. Or music about sex drugs etc. I love hip hop but none of this new nonsense everyones hyped over. THIS SHIT WILL POP OFF SOON. Its a matter of time


    Isaias Chin A Loi imo songs like that die out fast in my heart

    Ateş Küresi

    The1Smurphy try little dicky

  92. FeatGameBoy

    Nice music

  93. Kristupas Bracas

    Kurwa gud song

    Esko GCTfunk

    Wery gud

    Cletus T. Johnson