Mary Mary - Yesterday Lyrics

I had enough heartache and enough headache
I've had so many ups and downs
Don't know how much more I can take
See I decided that I cried my last tears yesterday
Either I'm going to trust you or I may as well walk away
'cause stressing don't make it better
Don't make it better, no way
See I decided that I cried my last tears yesterday

Yesterday, yesterday, I decided to put my trust in you (oh, oh, oh)
Yesterday, yesterday, I realized that you will bring me through (ah, ah, ah)

There ain't nothing too hard for my God, no
Any problems that I have
He's greater than them all, so
I decided that I cried my last tear yesterday

Yesterday, yesterday, I decided to put my trust in you (oh, oh, oh)
Yesterday, yesterday, I realized that you will bring me through (ah, ah, ah)

There ain't nothing too hard for my God, no
Any problems that I have
He's greater than them all, so
So I decided that I cried my last tear yesterday

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Mary Mary Yesterday Comments
  1. Queen Alika

    Loveeeee this song

  2. Andrea Phillpott

    2020 listening with a new meaning

  3. cheryl kandororo

    Yesterday is gone though was a bit tough going through the fire but as gold we have to keep on holding to our God through all the difficulties

  4. Alissia Mccoy

    Love this song

  5. Aj Nichols

    My name is PJ and this song always lift me I am sitting e the Dr office waiting to see what is going on with my kidneys do today I am putting my faith in him to heal me I am not claiming in the name of Jesus Amen

  6. Lasonya Abrams

    Yes Lord thank you for Mary Mary this song speaks to my heart😇❤😇❤

  7. LeNora DeNNis59

    I don't think nobody could ever danced this song better than these 2 beautiful ladies had. This song made me realized, HE'S really with me at all times! Regardless of what's going on, Praise HIM!

  8. JEd Griffin

    This song played at my Daddys wake in 2006 and it still rings true today. Yes Lord. Now my aunts were MURDERED back in October in 2019. I'm trying to hold back the tears as they come my way but that's a hard decision to make. Only God can make that decision for you and he will dry thine eyes. Help me Lord. Help the Wheat Family Lord. Give us the strength to endure the holiday season.

  9. Clarena Wyatt

    I cried my last tear for my disrespectful relationship

  10. Yolanda Smith

    Bring me too tears Everytime 🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯💯♥️♥️♥️♥️

  11. To blessed 2 be stressed Blessed

    Still playing this

  12. Deborah Nelson

    Thank you christ

  13. Katherine Kennedy

    I cried my last tear😭🙌

  14. Soulstar Musiclover

    This song gives me chills

  15. JTSwaggaJuice1

    I promise you I really wanted to give up yesterday. BUT GOD.... Thank you LORD.

  16. Venus Campbell

    Beautiful song it got me through some dark places in my life😞😞😭😭

  17. game boy

    "There ain't nothing to hard for my GOD any problems that I had he's greater than them all so I decided that I cryyyyyy my. Last tears. Yeah yesterdayyyyyyy" she went in yes these beautiful talented sisters can sannng. Wew

  18. Lee Mcfadden

    This help with a person that im with it is getting me through it all im going to walk away from this god has been good to me

  19. cyndeewi

    “2019”... anyone with me!!

  20. Courtney Baby

    Beautiful song!! #2K19MorningInspiration

  21. Mpho Ndlovu

    2019 anyone? 😊

  22. Eboni King

    Either you gone trust God or you mightiest well walk away. There is nothing too hard for our God. When God has removed sin and it’s desire out of your heart and soul. YOU KNOW THERE IS NOTHING HE CAN’T DO

  23. Nasire 13


  24. Michael Gooden

    Jesus will wipe all of our TEARS. (TRUST ME I KNOW Y'ALL)!!!!!!!!

  25. Mrs.April Daniels

    I trust you Lord, just to let the peace be still in my life.

  26. louisianalillys04

    This song is my favorite one They made

  27. Kenneth Washington

    Great song with a lot of feeling from the heart


    Song does something to me🙏🏿❤

  29. Queens Den

    The pain I've been through. This struggling will be over, I trust you my God.

  30. Coby Hooten

    I just got done 😭😢 crying my last tear 10 minutes ago. May God bless you 🙏🙌 😇 Mary Mary.

  31. Marjorie Robinson

    Such a beautiful uplifter song. I had cry my last tear a long time ago, Because God said he will never leave us nor forsaken us

  32. Nick sick

    I'm at thair consterd

  33. Jazmin Rodriguez

    A friend of mine from my job dedicated this song to me because I was going through a process were I was extremely heartbroken into thousand pieces by the man that I deeply loved with all my heart and was called my was a dark, long awful process but I said no more....God is restoring my heart and I became stronger, I can survive anything and I will continue to trust in God because He got me.... the love of Jesus is all I need ❤️

  34. Mack Manson


  35. lashandra walker


  36. Purtisha Wood

    You chose wrong

  37. Sharonda Scott

    Hello, I'm Sharonda man I can count on this song to get me through any situation that may come about. I'm a firm believer that God is in control of the situation,an if he said it, he'll do it. I had some hard days about 3 yrs ago. I was in prison and this song I would just get up and start singing, I even started telling other women in there listen to this song it will help you. They started wanting to hear it more. So I just want to Thank God for his Many of Blessings on Me.

  38. Joy Robinson

    my had two deaths this month first my uncle from pancreatic cancer and then my mom with liver cancer. this song is getting me through while dealing with it all

  39. Chrissy M

    I’m leaving in god hands fighted cancer next checkup may29 a chip in breast checkup I’m not scared call it last year caught another checkup 29 I’m ok ! God der! Y’all hello 👋 pray for me I’m a small person ! Cancer is gone! Just a check up!😇😇😇😇! Hope everyone understands me I’m scared !

  40. Cartoon Master

    Anyone else think it's funny that this song basically says that their not gonna cry anymore....but the music sounds like the blues lol


    Come back Mary Mary!!!! Come on TINA & Erica!!! #marymary - we need y'all. ❤💛❤💙❤💛❤💙❤

  42. Crystal Mccants

    Lord help all of those who are broken and going through it. Help us to come together and love one another

  43. Shantell Mitchell

    I can't believe Erica wrote this...I love you guys so much..

  44. Anita Perkins

    I had a talk with my my remix go Mary.

  45. Shirreca Garner

    Who in the hell thumbed down this song they got to be all devils this song speaks the truth and they sanging they ass off

  46. J R

    R.I.P to Nipsey Hussle

  47. Nicole Shannon


  48. Denna Jones

    2019 V I B E S !!

  49. Big head

    Long intro😒👎

  50. Fabio Dinoa

    I had enough heartache and enough headache
    I've had so many ups and downs
    Don't know how much more I can take
    See, I decided that I cried my last tear yesterday
    Either I'm going to trust you or I may as well walk away
    'Cause stressing don't make it better
    Don't make it better, no way
    See, I decided that I cried my last tear yesterday
    Yesterday, oh, yesterday, I decided to put my trust in you
    Oh, oh, yesterday, yesterday, I realized that you would bring me through
    There ain't nothing too hard for my god, no
    Any problems that I have
    He's greater than them all, so
    I decided that I cried my last tear yesterday

  51. Daisya Howard

    Father god i need you right now i lost my baby girl she was still born please father god make me stronger an heal the pain an everything im going thrue an still getting over stomach flu father god give me the strength an power to over come any obstacles you is a awesome god i know your power an you will😥😪😘

  52. Annggoodwin

    I cried my last tears.. This is the benediction.. I'm so loving God his will Shall be Done.

  53. Falcon Sooby

    Great [email protected] 2nd favorite is believe in God by Marlon meadows

  54. marie maranatha

    Thank you Lord Jesus!

  55. Denzel Palmer

    Ray Charles vibe

  56. jahmod cook

    Tina is annoying af

  57. Eklektik Riss

    Aretha Franklin influence is here♥️🦋

  58. Rhonda Washington

    Going through all the in another world.but God

  59. Desmond Watson

    I cried my tear when I first found out my mom died and I praised God that she is in a better place and we hope you pray for us and I like your walk around heaven song

  60. Valicia Cole

    I've been listening to this song for a couple of years now I lost my older brother and my dad an mom an listening to this song makes everything better thank you God

  61. Maria Reese

    I ask you my God an The name of Jesus to keep me humble,threw your Grace an Mercy glory be to God for LIFE 🙏 🙏

  62. kendreika ADAMS

    I love this song

  63. Dr.Michelle' Mykel' House

    Sublime inspiration,I LOVE Y'ALL WITH JESUS LOVE

  64. foxy ness

    I been through hell within my soul but I decided yesterday I cried my last tear any problems that I have God is greater!!

  65. D Smith

    Love these ladies!! Erica’s Voice is amazing, but that Doggone Tina Campbell Will Take you there!!!!!!🙌🙌💙💙

  66. autumnrainshowers

    My GOD!!

  67. Gabriella Walker

    I have decided to trust the Prince of peace , the truth the way and the life. What a mighty God we serve. Do you realize, your fingerprint, you as an individual are unique. There is only one you in the whole world . You can not be copied or duplicated. God made you and He created you. He is the only one who decides where your life begins and when it ends.

  68. chriscdog12

    My relationship is failing big time.. I'm with someone who taught me alot an at the same time destroyed me
    Made me into Someone I never thought I wud ever see or be. I'm too stressed I'm only 26.anyways the moral of the story is I'll rather give it up an focus on me an trust the lord. God has definitely SHowed me u deserve better an eliminate toxic PPL from your life. I'm very sad 😦😦 I love this song

  69. chriscdog12

    Omg I love this song

  70. Tyshelle Gray

    I might have walk alway because people is give me hard time on earth I what to walk alway 😭😭😭

  71. Tyshelle Gray

    I been gone tho so much in my life and it still happening to me but am god can hold this better then I can its hurts ever time because I what somebody to listen to me I nobody else will but god am tried of this what am gonna tho because I know god is beside me ever time for all the ones that put me to this mood I don't need u god me I been make alone when no one else does not believe me but the so can listen to this sing for. It can help me what I go tho ever time 😠😠😭😭😭😭😭😭 people just hurt me but I can't let it stress me God got me 😇😇😇

    Asecnarf Newburry


    Tyshelle Gray I am not sure what you mean by walk away unless that is a literal meaning. God does have you. He is not only someone that will listen to your needs; fears and your cries he is that one who hear, see, and feel all that you do. Remember he is your salvation, answers all prayers and love you unconditionally. No matter what you are experiencing hold on you are still being blessed.

  72. Shirley Walters

    yesterdayi one fantistic gosple sing yesterday

  73. Andrea Nsuapim

    The all the weman at the Haven shelter for weman who have been beat by husbands or boyfriend

  74. Billie Jean Boone & Fernando Boone TAROT Smith

    look how beautiful and innocent they make it look the pictures the smiles I mean

  75. Youngboy Twan

    God help me to serve u the way u want me to

  76. Betty Moore


  77. Anthony Hubbard

    When U show. Humility in all of your waking hours of. Routine day in & out. Your attitude does not permit. That are weak-to-a-game.

  78. James gray


  79. Chiink

    put my trust in the wrong man but now im putting my trust in the right man my lord and savior ...

  80. Peaceful Jouney

    When my niece (23) transitioned this song kept me strong.

  81. South Kardashian West

    This song was sang at my grandma’s funeral. I could not stop sobbing.

  82. Margaret Jones

    Im fighting my depression with this song

  83. Jovon Dailey

    I cried my last tears. Eight years ago I lost my son to his father because of lies he told and turned my son on me . Never seen him and he refuse to see me. Then June 20th 2018 I lost my step son to a motorcycle accident. I been fighting depression since then. I'm tired of crying.

  84. lucy massucci

    I love Mary Mary🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸

    lucy massucci

    Go girl

  85. Deonate Fields

    I been listening to this song since i was young

  86. Marsha Creary


  87. Erica L

    Great song. Going through depression and anxiety at age 25 yrs old. It's so hard to keep going. I have 2 children to live for. It's a crippling mental condition. Those that have suffered through it and made it to see a better day are my heroes and I look up to you. :-(

  88. Mrs yellow red in texas*

    Sang y'all an praise the Lord an thanks Jesus!!! 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️I love this song it is great song by Mary Mary

  89. cutepanda panda

    Lord i cant give up going through so much

  90. Vaclincia Pounds

    There will be trials and tribulations through our tour journey but God is guiding you through while being a blessing to someone else. You gotta give God the glory, honor, and the praise through each storm and He will have something better than your ever imagined.


    Lord I'm so tried of crying fighting depression everyday. ? I've thought about suicide more than one time before but I know all I need is you, Lord carry me cause I feel like I can't take another step right now..friends not really friends and family is not being family to one another. ..Lord dry my eyes and strengthen my heart for it is filled with so much pain...I LOVE YOU LORD

  92. Algernon Reed

    yes lord praised god he is our king lord thank you.

  93. Lorraine Davis

    Thank God for all your help

  94. Lorraine Davis

    God love us all

  95. Mr. Muzic

    "Yesterday," is the best I've ever heard from Marry/Mary!!!

  96. Beverly Gedaliah