Mary Mary - What Is This Lyrics

[verse 1]
What is this that took my life and made it beautiful?
What is this that holds me close and never lets me go?
What is this that tells me better days are yet to come?
It's your love that gives new mercy every morning
Wht is that that gives me peace in every circumstance?
What is this that broke the chains that made me free at last?
All this joy i have there's nowhere i can hide it
It's your loving, i must tell the world about it

Your love has captured me
In ways i can't describe/with mere words
I need so desperately
To be closer to you every minute of my life

[verse 2]
What is this that wipes my tears when life is hard to bear?
What is this that takes my hands and leads me everywhere?
Never leaves me nor forsakes me that's your promise
It's your love and there is nothing else just like it
What is that makes me want to live each day for you?
Even though i can't repay the way you brought me through
What is this that makes me want to keep you smiling?
It's your love, your sweet love that changed my life - yeah


Take my heart and make me over
Lord, because i love you
You're my soul, my life my source of everything
The very reason why i live each day in love
I live each day in love with you forever

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Mary Mary What Is This Comments
  1. Zipporah Powell

    I'm in tears 😭😪😢

  2. Uprooted Beauty


  3. Laneka Webb Webb

    Last night I have a opened revelations in my revelation and I went into the spiritual realm and I can felt his pain inside of me I need to talke to you please send me text me if needed to talk with you love you neka

  4. Joel Price

    Tina is an excellent singer. She wows me 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  5. Tamika Oliver

    This is my love song between me and Jesus Christ. One day all i was doing was sitting in my car and listening to this song when i was a teen and then Jesus came in that car with me and allowed me to feel his love and it was a love like no other so powerful i cant even explain it but i felt like i didn't want that feeling to leave and no other man or woman family friend relative could ever make me feel this way.

  6. L Patterson

    2019 and waiting on GLORRRRRRYYYYY! HALLELUJAH!

  7. Jessica Johnson

    Lord Make Me Over 😇🙌

  8. ________

    Ooooooh my song!!

  9. • Minty •

    What is this? This is the best song ever!! I love it!! ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  10. mesaladee

    Such a beautiful song

  11. Precious S.

    Still playing in 2019 :)

  12. Josayrie Rodriguez

    this song gives me chills

  13. Miriam Roberts

    Lord this song is so beautiful only your love abounds in all our lifes praises to you Father God Jesus

  14. Joshua Edwards

    2:07 omg I love the chorus

  15. Unique Peach

    That ending was epic and beautiful ❤️

  16. Keisha


  17. Sade Carter

    i love this song 😍😘😘😘

  18. Alberta Middleton

    I found the CD in best buy and I could not leave it. Forgot this song was on this it. Its on serious repeat. Cried all the way to work. Love this song.

  19. Cindy Williams

    Tina cud sing her butt off

  20. Sharon Kirven

    This song this song!! Years years ago I bought this CD and THIS SONG MY SOUL HAS SEARCHED FOR, for A WHILE.. yes yes yes the Violin oh so serious. I’m a Violinist and I just LOVE IT!!!

  21. Pastor Kay White - PKW

    Great song Mary Mary!!! It is His love!! All about His love!!!

  22. Britney Andrews

    Man I love this song!!! Sometimes I just listen to it over and over! I really feel these lyrics really gets me in the spirit and the violin is killing it!!!

  23. Luci Batsilva

    my love.

  24. V Felix

    All this joy i have there's no way I can hide it. It's your love and there's no way I must tell the world about it

  25. Rebekah Milliner

    Amen I glad I came to this song much needed 🙏🙌🙌

  26. Mary Davis

    I love this morning

  27. Tara Brown

    Still listening to n 2018

  28. Nana13

    I started listening wen I was at praise dance practice and I hav to dance in front of a whole bunch of people on christmas and it is really stressful and I reall love this song like and comment if u every been stressed out and u dont know wat to do well just listen to a powerful song and pray to God and he will make a way

  29. Patrice Anderson

    Great cd

  30. Jim Chumley

    Boy the violin in that song is so awesome and Mary Mary what can i say but "will you Marry Me"? Just Joking, awesome christian women like this are always married.

  31. Kimberly Taylor

    I love this song ❤

  32. Taj Is Strong

    Tina 😍😍😍

  33. Lia Parks


  34. Daquita89 Harrison


  35. Daquita89 Harrison


  36. Nia Wright

    Mary Mary I love this song What is this

  37. Nia Wright

    Mary Mary I love this song What is this

  38. Lynelle Murray

    This a very encouraging song with words to live by

  39. CatchGigs. Space

    Praise Jesus! Amen. Thank God! Bless you!

  40. m anderson

    still listening in 2017, my song! the violin is something all together different, wow!

  41. Kuala TV


  42. Nia Wright

    Mary Mary I love this song what is this

  43. Doruk Tolga

    I dunno, maybe it's called "fuck you".

  44. Tia H

    This hidden gem 💗👍

  45. Keona Bolton

    This is my favorite gossip song

  46. Ashley Davis

    I love God And I love Mary Mary

  47. Lolo Moss

    i could listen to these girls sing all day! their voices are so beautiful. so powerful. i thank God for their music ministry!

  48. treveina nelson

    yassssssssssssssss Gawd

  49. Khyrezma Harvey


  50. Ashley Juma

    My childhood. I was raised on this album!

    Bianca's corner

    Mine to

    Matt Stevens

    you are lucky

  51. Miguel Ortiz

    My wife sings this song all the time 😀

  52. senetra alexander

    123 Dislikes??? How??

  53. Danyelle Mendonça

    this song is so good!!!!😍

  54. Cookie Monster

    Been a fan of Mary Mary since I was a toddler 😭💖💖

    Shantrice Harrison

    Daquita89 E3 Harrison

    Shantrice Harrison

    Daquita89 Harrison

    Lynelle Murray

    Cookie Monster that's a cute thing to say I like to hear things like this God bless you sweetheart

    Daquita89 Harrison


    Daquita89 Harrison


  55. JaQuay Gilbert

    My favorite Mary Mary album and I love all of them.

  56. Amanda P Nyoni

    what is this❤❤

  57. FavouredLady



    Take my heart and make me over Lord Jesus Thank you Jesus for everything!!!

  59. ClassisformenZ

    i am blessed by hearing this beautiful song

  60. Super Smash Flash: the Series

    wow i never realized how that viloin

  61. Tamarion Freeman


  62. Graham Hume

    I love this song, but why does it sound as though there is a scratch on the c.d./track?

    Super Smash Flash: the Series

    must be the violin

    Graham Hume

    I usually listen to it on my mp3 player and I realised that it is the ear  buds I use.

  63. melody3078

    that violin is EVERYTHING!!!! I get tore up every time I hear this song!!!!

    Keona Bolton

    I play the violin at school

    Lynelle Murray

    Keona Bolton that is wonderful sweetie

    Sherri Solomon

    I'm so mad I am 8 years late to this beautiful song!

  64. Sher the purple girl sweet bobo purple girl

    i love it so much

  65. trina robinson

    i love this song Amen😇

  66. JustPraiseHim09

    I think that's a viola, not a violin. Even still, it's awesome!

    Dina Raiford

    JustPraiseHim09 "I really love this song by Mary Mary!!! I was in tears, it really ministered to me...And Those instruments are awesome :) in fact, I love so many of their songs! Another one is "I Survive" and the lists goes on and on...

  67. bullard123

    This song starts off slow and absolutely explodes around 2:30 to the end! I wish there was an extended version though because you never want the song to end. This is a perfect song for prayer and deep meditation

    colecia Robinson

    I was just thinking the same, 👏🙏❤

  68. Markia Alston

    OMG the bridge tho!!!!!!

    trina robinson

    you rite i love that bridge part too!!!❤

  69. Markia Alston

    I love the soulful orchestration type feeling I get listening to this

  70. Vj Hill felts

    I love it😊😊😊😇

  71. Joy Agness

    whenever i am down they are my motivation to get up and keep going

  72. Shemeka Brown

    I like this song

  73. Romaino mills

    i always love this song always

  74. Relax CreatorM


  75. First AmericanKing

    Love Mary Mary... This album is amazing.

  76. Sakita Clark

    I would cry every time I would hear this song!

  77. starr rogers

    love my lord and the hunger he has given me,,,nothing lime before

  78. Nia Wright

    Mary Mary i love this song what is this

  79. Shemeka Brown

    the song help me get through my life when I in trouble.

  80. Shemeka Brown

    the song help me get through my life when I in trouble.

  81. Lil Durk

    This whole album from start to finish was epic. I was just jamming to it the other day. And yes, the strings at the end are everything in this song.

    Jaala Mitchell

    yes u r so right

    Jonathan Heath

    Yes, it is. I have to buy it again. I gave my other copy to my biological mother for encouragement. This is my favorite album.

    Rishka K

    it really was!!!!!

  82. Antoinette Ezell

    I love this song

  83. Dee Williams

    what is me peace and made me's your love.

  84. parfum du ROi

    Loved it when these sisters used to sing together, singly today its...

  85. jnorwood6027

    The violin in this is SERIOUS... WoW!!!

    Ogo mEgbunam

    @jnorwood6027 super serious viloin there, gotta love play?

    Ogo mEgbunam

    unfortunately i don't play, but am looking at taking it up or better still the cello real soon...what about you +jnorwood6207, +sakita Clark ?

    Sher the purple girl sweet bobo purple girl

    +Ogo mEgbunam you have no right to say that did you do it to serve your big ego

    Lee Hinton

    jnorwood6027 I know right, love it


    jnorwood6027 тнaтѕ мy ғav parт... ѕт8 sick

  86. Montreala Brancherto

    that violin though....

    Ogo mEgbunam

    @Trinityt Mugs yeah, super racing violin

  87. vj hill felt 12 Felts

    Trun up this is my. Music😃😊

  88. Janica Brisbon

    I love you Mary Mary

  89. L&D Mime

    What album is this song on

    Lakenya Jordan

    @L&D Mime The Album is called Mary Mary, a album from 2005 that has the song Believer on it.

  90. Mrs Simms

    *LOVE IT !!!!* ❤👍👌

  91. Ray Grant


  92. Natasha Baskin

    I love marymary soo much

  93. FemmedelaCaraibe

    The violin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  94. DeonJenee Brown-Riddle

    this is my song im a big fan!!!

  95. Estacia Nikesasa

    Whenever I hear the violin, it gives me chills. They left it on the floor. BRAVO!

    Tarquin Reeder

    Estacia Nikesasa xxffxastxgxgstxGgsswqdieugurgir. C. Qqaaaaazzxddsdsa

  96. Marcell Bennett

    I'm in love with a risen savior!!

  97. JustMe

    thanks cousins for the songs you're singing, Tina and Erica Campbell

  98. carolyn henderson

    Im in love with God

    Marquita Lajoy

    Falling in love with Jesus is the best thing I've ever done.

  99. LouWeEv7

    The violin in this master piece is sick'ning !