Mary Mary - Love You That Much Lyrics

If you tell me to go I'm gonna tell you I will,
Cause I love you that much
If you tell me to stay and be still I will,
Cause I love you that much
Tell me what to say even if I'm afraid I will,
Cause I love you that much
It doesn't matter, whatever, whenever I will, cause I love you that much

[verse 1]
Nowadays everybody wants to be in control
Tryna be leader when they've never even really followed
Got no information and no direction and way too much pride
When it ain't that hard to just ask the lord to be your guide


[verse 2]
One love and one heart, one god who gives it away
Most folks they don't wanna believe that today
But I'll take your love and I'll give my love all to you completely cause
I trust in you and I believe that you know what's best for


I will always trust in the fact that
You got me in the palm of your hand
Use me how you will
No matter how I feel
Cause there's no way that
I could know you put the sun in the sky
I could know you hung the moon for the night
Well that wouldn't be right so I'm saying


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Mary Mary Love You That Much Comments
  1. Queen Ciara

    Work of art

  2. Montreal Jones

    Whose here in 2020?

  3. Latanya Bowens

    i 💘 you that much 💘

  4. jareace simmons

    When you realize you were never suppose to be in those situations 😂 but God had you still #LoveYouThatMuch ....Even in 2019

  5. Tevies Wright

    Thank you Lord for loving me

  6. Sashon Blakely

    Heart welming song.....that much....

  7. Your Girl Khalia

    I love this song

  8. 1lastsht

    I don't even believe in god but this is such a great song. Good music is good music and this is still a BANGER.

  9. Melanie Horton

    Heard this for the very first time today....I love it THAT much....spoke to me👍🏿👏🏿🤜🏿🤛🏿♥️💚💜🤗

  10. Alberta Pinckney

    Still listening in 2019! nothing's changed. LOVE YOU THAT MUCH

  11. Arthur Ryans

    I think about my wife when i hear this

  12. Patience Shackleford

    Still my favorite song in 2019 ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  13. Tracy Reborn

    Practicing this song in sign language right now!!

  14. utbr01

    IDKY this song doesn't have more views..... It's just sooo sooo sooo good!

  15. utbr01

    Luuuuhh this song STILL, 2018

  16. Mennie Simpson

    I love this song

  17. Ms. T


  18. Male Isac

    Just found the song and I loved ❤️❤️2018 July.

  19. Tim Mouers

    tell me what to say even if im afraid, im telling you i will. Love Mary Mary. Long liver the Gospel

  20. Baby Fatou Sonko

    At 29 years old... I am discovering what it means to love the Lord unconditionally... And having the faith to follow his lead with no question ask is an even better feeling knowing that once I let go and let God it is taken care of... Not when I want but when I need it most...

  21. Malichi A. Robinson

    Love you that much one of my favorite songs

  22. Jacqueline Thomas

    Lord Jesus Christ I love you that much

  23. Joel Glaser

    Yes sisters mary don't stop
    Singing for Jesus!!!💖

  24. Jacquline Alexander

    I like this song i do love him everyday i been through alot im 40 years old

  25. Desmund moran

    I'm still in love with this song🙌🏽

  26. Mildred Hightower

    I love this song!,,,,, Awesome

  27. Angles Child G

    I am the tribe of Judah?

  28. Angles Child G

    da, so lo¥£ that,musto,s

  29. Angles Child G

    Rap yes I have?

  30. Wizardspade

    dis shit is fire😸

  31. Miriam Rosa

    Everything that claire and Edwards and others did his evil assignments of his mental mother hospitals movies in the name of jesus it's void and cancell and remove from all t.v channels all ruins channels it's remove all Satanic channels it's remove from t.v radios now on my commands in the name of jesus all Frankie tumors and everything he say and do it's void and cancelled in the name of jesus now in one minute with jesus power hands thank you jesus

  32. Miriam Rosa

    Thank you for ya worships but the one you have to worship it's jesus Christ or Christ jesus the choice it's Christ bless sho be him who have not do me any harm or has neglect me in my past prencene or future showing love to the public in bumbleness happy birthday joe moe flow with the rose

  33. Ebony Eaton

    Love God that much, I love this song always will.

  34. m anderson

    wow! I have been rocking w/this song since summer 05 & still playing summer 2017, this song still uplifts me, that entire cd still does. talk about encouragement & those horns always made me happy & think of heaven.

  35. E J Darly

    This brings back memories!

  36. Pam Gail-Sealy

    Beautiful track reminds me of happy memeories of my mum

  37. Barbara Williams

    those who think yahjuah(Jesus), yahweh(God) and the holy spirit are the same are right

  38. nyibeche cornelius

    I love you Lord.

  39. Priscilla TsBabyMoma

    I will cause I love you that much

  40. alex moore

    Awesome song I love it

  41. Whitney Wilcox

    soooo this song makes me wanna turn up... Milly rocking​ for GOD.

  42. Leonard knight

    I Love you yeshua!!!

  43. Leonard knight

    dear Jesus, my Living rock I Love you!

  44. Perry David

    I used to be Christian and lost my i lost my religion, but I still love this song tho.

    Kiaraa Melton

    Perry David what made u stop

    Perry David

    Kiaraa Melton had a spiritual awakening. Realized religion is Bs to control the masses. Not trying to start an argument. I still love this song tho lol

    Kiaraa Melton

    Perry David oh your fine I just be wondering sometimes why certain people stop believing

    Perry David

    Kiaraa Melton Lol.... just woke up and really realized how things aren't what they seem and how religion is one of the biggest tools used by the powers at be to control people.

  45. Lolo Moss

    this the cut! still all these years this song is still powerful as ever! Thank you God for our sisters in Christ bringing us such awesome worship and praise music!

  46. Lisa Freetime

    power song if tell to go I will love you that much

  47. Brandon Blocton

    if somebody wants to be in control they have to ask God is God he will give you the power to do what you want to do he will do it for you he will fight your battles

    collins ochieng

    Brandon Blocton amen

  48. K's Self Love BC

    If he was to call me home, I leave with cause my love for him is unconditional!!

  49. Angela Boulware

    I love Jesus that much! Amen.

  50. Collins Clarke

    Great song

  51. Christine Boggan

    This really spoke to me today in my present situation. We really must love God more than anything else.

    Melanie Horton

    Are you the daughter of Belitha and James Boggan from Tacoma Wa?

  52. Amanda P Nyoni

    I love you that much

  53. John Jr

    This song makes me so happy I can't do nothing but just cry and thank God for what he has done in my life. 😢😢🙏🏿☝🏾️

    m anderson

    Savion Shamar , yes me too! Isn't God awesome ? please stay encouraged!

    James Robinson

    Savion Shamar, yes, I can't do anything but just thank & bless the LORD God for what He's done in my life!

  54. Joseph Brown

    hard core god bless


    Love u that Much. Sing Mary Mary. ☺☺😊😊

  56. Deondra Eason

    yall r going make another CD for 2016 I. HAV FAITH N PRAYER

  57. TTV Channel Lane

    Over here jammin'!

  58. whoisit203

    This album was so on point

  59. Romaino mills

    thak you jesus i love that much

  60. Romaino mills

    thak you jesus i love that much

  61. Landon Blackmon

    dear Marie I love you and good night love Landon

  62. Landon Blackmon

    dear Daniel Martinez I love you are you at home with Joseph Martinez love Landon

  63. Misty Martinez

    this is a beautiful song

  64. vivaldo

    very good

  65. Romaino mills

    i love this song soo much

  66. Romaino mills

    i love this song soo much

  67. Sakita Clark

    Another Jesus Banger by the Marys'

  68. malika iraki

    still as beautiful as I 1st heard it

  69. Raq Kni

    Have you ever had one of those moments where you sit still and realize just how good God has been and is to you... Have a hard cry with God out of being grateful for his love.. I love him that much


    Samoan song


    Im having that moment right now

    Darlene Ford

    Raq Kni that's deep I like how u think

    Karen Hayes

    Raq Kni oh my God yess all the time just crying out and screaming in gratefulness. He is way too amazing 😭🙌🏽Jesus we thank you! * 💃🏽

  70. Projeto Gospel

    muito bom!!!!

  71. Fashen Wilson

    Going back to my first love.

  72. Nïyåh&Cāidên World Backup

    Cause I love you that much

  73. earlee Jones

    Just wonderful

  74. cassandra wilson

    Song is still so dope after all of these years. I don't think it could ever sound or get old. Sheesh!

    m anderson

    cassandra wilson , yes it is! you see I'm listening in 2017 & always will, stay encouraged .

    Lynelle Murray

    m anderson me too still listening to this song in 2017

  75. melodye crawford


  76. Simon Nkongho

    this song suscks

    Jamyra Joseph

    It doesn't, actually

  77. barbara griffin

    love it...

  78. vj hill felt 12 Felts

    Such good song

  79. Jacqueline Dunlap

    love you just that much

  80. Dancan ongwae

    Awesome song right there sisters

  81. Tracy Bridges

    It doesn't matter. Whenever, wherever I will....



  82. maria antonia Trajano

    amei esta música !!

  83. Denaye Wells

    Praise God ! Glory to you Jesus !!

  84. Rolanda Mcgowan

    I will cause i luv him that much

  85. Lawanda Jackson

    if he tell me to go i will cause i love him that much

  86. Ania Toyer

    I needed this !! Cause I love him that much

  87. Sophia Raines

    Tina and Erica you two are just amazing. I love you ladies so much, please don't allow anything on this earth or any trial of life take the songs from your hearts.

  88. Femi Allen


  89. Juanita Phelps

    There is NOBODY like Mary Mary! Don't take my word, just ask my family. ..we wore this cd out as we did ALL the cd's. Every song was the BOMB.COM but we kept playing this song over and over and over again, my three year old granddaughter Kyndra would be in the back seat of the car tearing this song up lol! We Loooove ourselves some Mary Mary! Always have & Always will! God Bless the two of you!

    Tochukwu Onwuzulike

    I can quantify my love for Mary Mary

  90. Qarolyne Gakii

    none @Momentum Th 

  91. Lisa

    I love this

  92. Rachel Wells

    My jam!!

  93. Amanda Rivera

    Luv this

  94. PrettyTiaF

    I was like 13 or 14 when this came out. LOVED it and played it over and over with my cd player lol. I learned how to sing by listening to Mary Mary too!

    The Temple-Marquez Sounds.

    PrettyTiaF Me Too! #GodBlessYouSus

  95. ghostie7790

    man I remember being 12 and jammin to this song

  96. Luana Anguna

    this is exactly how i feel about where I'm at in life LOVE YOU GOD XX

  97. Toni Branch

    this song is awesome

  98. Edward Gore

    That one on the right is........WOW!!

    Ashiaboo Mclemore

    are you talking about Erica?

    Edward Gore

    +Ashiaboo Mclemore If she's the one pictured on the right....YEAH!

    Ashiaboo Mclemore

    +Edward Gore she is pretty isn't she

    Edward Gore

    @Ashiaboo Mclemore oh yeah....are you pretty?