Mary Mary - It Is Well Lyrics

It is well with me
It is well with me
It is well with me
It is well, it is well with my soul

Love interrupted by tragedy
What would my life be like now
I do know that I can handle it
If it's what you have allowed

It is well with me
It is well with me
It is well with me
It is well, it is well with my soul

My heart's been broken into pieces
And I've had more than my share of pain
Still I believe that all things will work out for my good
So while in my storm I'll boldly proclaim that

It is well with me
It is well with me
(Oh, Lord, it, ooh, yes, it is, yes it is, yes, it is)
It is well with me
(Oh, my Lord, I trust You, Lord, I believe You
Lord, I rest in You, Lord, it is well)
It is well, it is well with my soul

(Oh, it is well, it may hurt sometimes, Lord, I know)
It is well, it is well with my soul
(Oh, it is well, yes, it is well
It is well, it is well, oh, with my soul)

It is well, it is well with my soul
(It is well, yes it is well, with my
With my soul, oh, oh, my soul)

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Mary Mary It Is Well Comments
  1. JFarr Farris First

    Love this

  2. Sammy Larry

    i heard this song at a funeral.... I thank God for christian minded people nice it is well with my soul

  3. Joni L.J

    Romans 8:28....thank you Jesus💓

  4. jarad nolen

    This song is great once someone is dying like my aunt

  5. Deandra Reed

    this is a great song

  6. Gracella Guilluame

    Is this Song the new version: Julian of Norwich version "All is well with everything?!" Thank-You Lord, JESUS that It is Well with my Soul!!

  7. Abby Janae

    Rest in Heaven Grandma

  8. Des - Angelo Pennant

    \o/ Hallelujah

  9. J. L.

    i've loved them since i was little. beautiful

  10. Michael Williams

    My first time hearing this I had chills I jus love the gospel Its always a positive vibe thank you jesus

  11. Patrice Dixon

    Love this song

  12. deleted channel

    Real Tears....This song still touches me

  13. Nicole Morris



    Beautiful & very inspirational

  15. Gia James

    I listened to this song for the first time last year after my husband died in a car husband's one year Angelversary was June 2...I can honestly listen to this song and now agree that it is well

    Louise Parker


    Shari Bryant

    Danielle James

    Andre Nevins

    Danielle James amen

    Andre Nevins

    ⛪⛪💯💯💯it iiiisss well

  16. Tochi Cochran

    It is well on my soul Jesus I trust Lord I love u Jesus

  17. Lori A. Butts

    I just adore this arrangement of a classic hymn.

  18. Real Chez

    AMEN AMEN thank you Jesus AMEN...

  19. nicole

    your so welcome i pray that God will come through in your situation :)

  20. nicole

    your so welcome and be blessed

  21. nicole

    your welcome and you too

  22. nicole

    Your so welcome.Thank you so much Jess for encouraging me and i pray the same for you :)

  23. nicole

    your welcome :)

  24. nicole

    your welcome :)

  25. mykala rumph

    Thank You so much cuz i needed that so much amen

  26. DreJordan_

    Praying I one day get to laugh with my beautiful Aunty Kaysha again in heaven <3 6/8/2013 20:15. Love her and miss her so much. Encouraging anyone whose going through something to humble themselves and believe in these words and believe that God has a plan.

  27. Sonya S

    Beautiful, I had to learn to say this after the death of my mother and her sister a year later and just as I as releasing I lost my sister to cancer, but in the process God blessed me with twins. When we first heard this we cried and then really listen. It has become our families battle cry.. God Bless you MaryMary

  28. Chloe Kute

    Thank u

  29. NyAsia Black

    Peace, I am at peace. It is well, peace Lord God, peace. May we all be at peace. May your name be praised Lord, peace, Amen.

  30. Becky Ivy

    <3 ... ^_^ So touching & beautiful!

  31. ZeonzTv

    Thank you!!!! SO much that touched me so much!

  32. Michele Evans-Brock

    It is well with my soul LORD! As long as I have you, NOTHING else matters. I trust you LORD! I believe in your LORD! I rest in you LORD! It is well!

  33. tamica32577

    Love this song - so inspirational and uplifting...Even when things are going wrong, you can be WELL in knowing that the Lord can and will make a way out of no way...Thank you Jesus!

  34. Krizaire Marshall

    oh...:) thank you for clearing that up.

  35. kathleen chandler

    No. Tina and Erica , But Erica is the only one singing this

  36. Reisha Smith

    only erica sings on this track tina was on vacation and once she heard it she didnt want to change anything

  37. Krizaire Marshall

    off topic but are two of them named Mary?

    Selicia Noel

    Krizaire Marshall No their names from left to right are Erica and Tina Atkins - Campbell

  38. Danyelle Smith

    was kind of expecting the old hymn......guess this isn't terrible

  39. This is me

    Thank you so much for this inspiration and encouragement there is power in words and strength when you speak through the power of the Holy Spirit. May God bless you stay in Him and keep letting your light shine through Christ Jesus :)


  40. Antonm57

    i think Erica sings the Whole Song.

  41. Nechole777

    Love this song. It reminds me that no matter how tough it gets sometimes that I am ok because my savior keeps me. It was a rough day yesterday but it is well with my soul!!!

  42. Genesys Duckworth

    Ugh this song sounds like I'm at a funeral! I can't listen to it, it brings me down......

  43. TheMuzicgal101

    Which one is tina and which one is erica? I can hardily tell their voices apart lol

  44. 90Mrknowitall

    sounds like heaps "ooo whatcha say"

  45. kittybookitty

    Thank you, nicole.

  46. Briar Foskey

    @DiedraD706 deserved it

  47. kelsey thomas

    i love this song :)

  48. Lordnell Baptiste

    To God be the glory for the things He has done. It is well with me.

  49. KJaHMuSiC11

    Is Erica singing alone?.. Her and Warren..

  50. Kasey Ceauana

    @kathleen chandler She is, Tina was pn vacation and came back heard it, and didn't want to change it...

  51. kathleen chandler

    it sounds like erica is singing the whole song

  52. LolaSunshyne

    Amen. Thank you.

  53. Brent Suber

    I love this song!! Lord thanks for putting this song in my path... and me to understand Your Will, Your Way!!! Yay God!!!!!

  54. Ediri’s Corner

    Oh Lord, I've searched for this song sooooo much

  55. siline janson

    1:54-2:13 I thought was Tina at first til I listened more closely.

  56. TanishaLuvly

    One of my favorites!! Please check out my medley of Gospel songs. Including It Is Well!! :)

  57. nicole

    When you pass through the waters, I will be with you, and through the rivers, they will not overwhelm you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned or scorched, nor will the flame kindle upon you. For I am the Lord your God, the Holy One of Israel, your Savior; I give Egypt [to the Babylonians] for your ransom, Ethiopia and Seba [a province of Ethiopia] in exchange [for your release]. Because you a

  58. nicole

    lord I Pray for whoever is listening or reading this message I pray that you give them shalom as you are the prince of peace, I pray Lord that you embrace them with your loving kindness, I pray for every situation that they are going through let them know that you are God and reveal yourself to them.In Jesus name Amen

  59. Nancy Joseph

    This song speaks to me. I have it on repeate

  60. Shawn dewitt

    stay with God it is Well!

  61. abcaligirl

    i needed some encouragement...thank God for this song! Thank God for Him!

  62. jaykeljj100

    Hi....can u please send me the track to this song? I love it to death and I wanna sing it in church ....Thanx in advance

  63. Michael Jenkins

    @2011groundzero you are going to do well:)

    God bless you:)

  64. Wankoko1

    Nomatter how a version is twisted,there is something spiritual about those words!!!!thanks

  65. Black Culinary History

    nice song, but it wish they had sang the original version with mary mary flavor because it has so much power on its amber bullock sunday's audition. its like rewriting his eye is on the sparrow or amazing grace in nice version. if you're going to redo a mega classic its gotta be spectacular and this was just nice in my opinion. i wanted that soul stirring from the original....sigh, i guess ill go listen to the amber bullock snippet again.

  66. JohnNOniMazeBabyGirl

    @tygems I agree. Beautiful meaning = Powerful Message. No matter what it looks like IT IS WELL.

  67. JohnNOniMazeBabyGirl

    I am so grateful to God that, regardless of how our current circumstances may be, He gives us the power of Death and Life by what we speak. My God! My God! IT IS WELL, In the name of Jesus! Simple song with Powerful Impact!!!! To God we give the glory! Thanks Ladies for this affirmation.

  68. jhalil davis

    this song is so beautiful , im singin this for the talent show , :)

  69. abcaligirl

    it is well! it is well! with tears in my eyes! it is well may hurt sometimes but it is well! thank you Jesus..that it is well!

  70. Errica Blount

    I love the harmony & how simple this song is. mary mary + acapella music =BOMB! (:

  71. Melanie Smith

    Beautiful song! Gave me chills. Had to replay that!

  72. Brenda Mukami

    this is song is beautiful and it restores hope when you feel hopeless

  73. Jay Peep

    is that tye?

  74. Jordan TV

    We love this song, we are christians so it is so meaningful

  75. tygems

    so simple and yet so beautiful