Mary Mary - I'm Running Lyrics

[Verse 1]
When you speak to me
I have direction
but I woke up today
and you ain't said nothing
which way do I go
and tell me what do I do
but I will never know
if I don't get to you

so I'm runnin
if I can't walk then I'll crawl
and I'll get up if I fall
gotta get to where you are
so I'm runnin
and I won't stop for nothin
it's hard but it's worth it
when it's you Lord that I want

[Verse 2]
Lookin and lookin
said I'm just trying to find you
feels like a dead end
I'm so lost without you
but I'm feeling desperate
and I don't wanna feel this
I need a solution
and walking just won't get it

so I'm runnin
if I can't walk then I'll crawl
and I'll get up if I fall
gotta get to where you are
so I'm runnin
and I won't stop for nothin
it's hard but it's worth it
when it's you Lord that I want

As the deer pantith for the water
so my soul longeth after thee
you alone are my hearts desire
and I long to worship thee

so I'm runnin
if I can't walk then I'll crawl
and I'll get up if I fall
gotta get to where you are
so I'm runnin
and I won't stop for nothin
it's hard but it's worth it
when it's you Lord that I want

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Mary Mary I'm Running Comments
  1. Nadine Barnett

    Love this song "as the deer panteth for the water so my soul longeth after thee"

  2. Thirza Apau

    2019 anyone?:)

  3. BEP

    My anthem!!!

  4. iysha423

    Who's still running in 2018? #ME 🙌💪

  5. Jacobs Toys

    this my favorite song

  6. Deloris Walker

    ❤ this song.

  7. Your Di'Tarrie


  8. Christina Thomas

    Best Mary Mary album

  9. Toni-Ann Stewart

    Motown sound...jackson 5...#MJ

  10. Alaina Commander

    Love this song!

  11. Chris Tyson

    I ❤️Mary Mary they're my favorite gospel artist next to Deitrick haddon Kierra Sheard.

  12. Yan P

    This reminds of Motown male band era

  13. Tiffany Smiles

    Great production!!! 😍👌🏾

  14. Sean Jenkins

    I'm running describes the desperation to get to God and the determination it takes to persist, I'm walking describes the patience it takes in the mist of your falls

  15. Shontell Flagg

    love this song and the group 😩💕👐

  16. BozuシシMoyo

    This song speaks so much truth, my love for Mary Mary will always live on🙌🙌

  17. nigel hampton

    One of my favorite songs hands down

  18. ThatgirlQueen

    I got to go

  19. Ose Irabor

    I gat to go gat to go. and it's sure worth it...what did she say there?


    The trouble. She says "I gotta go, gotta go. And it's so worth the trouble."

  20. Scien Techie

    Love this song. Interesting beat too.

  21. Teiara Bradley

    I'm running for God

  22. Teiara Bradley

    Mary Mary is awesome I'm a BIG fan

  23. M Hayes

    This is quite possibly my favorite song ever. 700 plays in my iTunes. This is LIFE! Keep running for the Lord everyone.

  24. Carvelle Clyne

    the more i listen to this song i am determined to run this race to reach the Lord

  25. Landon Blackmon

    I love you Shannon I got your back no matter what don't let Dimitri fight with you

    Landon Blackmon

    dear Daniel martinez I love you

  26. Deelynn Powers

    So inspirational to hear when I wake up

    Robert Francis

    Deelynn Powers

  27. The Itachi Uchiha

    Definitely my favorite song by Mary Mary. 👌


    same here. It truely touched me

  28. Josephine Bropleh

    I love this song

  29. Felicia Bracken

    Yes Lord, this is where I am!

  30. naomi oladosu

    these girls are the best singers in history

  31. Chei Perez

    I like this beat

  32. 55cabgirl

    I have fell so much, but I get right back up! Jesus never will leave you no matter where you are in your walk with him! What a true friend we have in Jesus!

  33. Shmaygon

    I guess they got tired of running and started walking.

  34. Sharriffea

    I love MaryMary. This is my favorite album.

  35. Ebi Arhu

    Their best album

  36. Aaliayah Alexander

    O MY GOSH I LOVE THIS SONG..........They did soooo wonderful

  37. Golden Ali

    Luv this song

  38. Gwendolyn S

    Luv this song

  39. MizNessaKeys

    I guess these two are running and walking then...

  40. sasmiles

    Man this is my jam!!!

  41. Brittney Thomas

    I love this song.. Very Uplifting!!

  42. NiqueNique53

    I listen to this song everyday

  43. enmaxus

    well actually they were running, now they are walking. lol

  44. Tay

    First they were walking, now they're running. Haha.

  45. Danielle Lewis


  46. twigz36

    They use to be sooooo skinny!!!!!

  47. ritneyjr

    They are so anointed!

  48. enmaxus

    This should have been a single

  49. Jasmine Foster

    I love this song because it is about god so i love it do you cause i do.

  50. Ally Cama

    They are two very talented God fearing women! Amazing :)

  51. Nicolas Hibbert

    Never u say u love Mary Mary! It's better 4 us to say that we love the music that they we love the music that they were inspired by God to write and sing so that we may have something to worship Him in a song of praise:-)

  52. Jeremy Paul

    i love marymary they're like the reason i started singing.!

  53. Ryah J

    I love this song ! (: It's an inspirational and motivational song 3

  54. Aysha Barber

    I was going through some things and got baptized in Oct 2009 this song was the first song I heard the next morning and it gives me an extra push to run!!~ So it brings me back to what I came out of!!~ Hallelujah If your still running in 2012!!!

  55. Tyra Luckett

    my mother loves this song, the part when it says "im running if i cant walk then i crawl"

  56. LilCuity19

    thnks @lornlump

  57. weird_scixnce

    @LilCuity19 THATS WHAT I SAID!!!

  58. Torti Ama-Njoku

    i luv dis track!!..ts brought me closer 2 God nd ts rili spoken 2 me. GOD RICHLY BLESS YOU MARY MARY!!

  59. LilCuity19

    just a simple question...How did they go from running 2008 , to I'm walking 2010???

  60. 997loverbrnin89

    oh yes

  61. Isiah Rogers


  62. Mr. Church Boy

    Love it.

  63. joshuaprescott0

    You just don't know how much I need the Lord. Thank you Jesus for always being there for me!

  64. ItsKelechi

    I love how they infused old school Gospel w/ the bridge: As the deer panteth for the waters oh my soul longeth after thee. You alone are my heart's desire, and i long to worship thee! Amen!!!

  65. MariFavs

    i'm Running

  66. Cynthia Clements

    @berbecaaa21 me to how the hell would dislike this

  67. berbeka azy

    i dont understand the 7 dislikes

  68. LuCresia Laster

    This song amazzzzinnnnnnly ture. im runnin and i wont stop 4 nothin. im runnin cuz i hav no time to waste! Thank you Lord!!! this song is sooooo encouraging... ima have 2 keep this on repeat!!! God bless!!!;)*

  69. Chochofasho1996

    i bought the cd and dis song stuck out so much 2 me..idk if it was either that much of a blessing or if its bcuz it reminds me of songs that shud be in sister act...LOVE DIS SONG THUMBS UP IF YOU AGREE!

  70. Jarely •

    I [Love] This Song!

    I am so glad there's YouTube because I bought the CD in 2008 but guess what happened?

    I LOST IT >.< But Thank The Good Ol Jesus For YouTube ;D<3

  71. dooch1071

    this was dere best album by far! <3

  72. Prophetess LaTarsha Forbes

    this song has a 70's vibe to it, Love it!

  73. gracogirl1203

    love this song aaaa its beautiful i love to sing it

  74. Quiet Storm

    Beautiful song, though the quality of the sound is bad.

  75. Xzavier Hamlet

    3 people dont who arnt christians

  76. Aliya Willis

    If Yall Dont Like This Sonq, Check Out "Rhea And Ahjah Walls Singing I'm Running. W O N D E R F U L ! (:

  77. Tierra Williams

    @MultiChick20 He's an Omnipresent God <3

  78. TheNightSkyBreeze

    i heard this song from my teachers the part i keep hearing is looking and looking...said im just trying to find you..

  79. Kybra Saunders

    My lil' gurl Kei'lah can sing this song and I have it as my ringtone because everytime i hear it i think of my lil Princess who is going to be 12 in Nov. I LOVE YOU KEI'LAH

  80. Palesa Mandindi

    as the deer panteth for the waters so my soul shall long for thee you alone are my hearts desire and i long to worship thee.....this song got me through a very difficult time and i was 16 last year it reminded me that i needed to seek 1st the kingdom of god and all things shall follow...

  81. SMGreenable

    This whole album is just POPPIN!!!!

  82. André Goins

    @tiffanyclark9171982 that is true as far as Phil. 4:13 but you do have look at it from the perspective of a struggeling christian sometimes they will as if it's difficult.. there's temptation pain and sometimes self doubt.. but we are on that narrow path of rightiousness... so i can understan the "it's hard" part of the song God Bless

  83. Katlego Leboa

    this song just convicted tears.just the 1st 2 lines of the song

  84. gooseguse

    @chillechille8 Amen! I'll crawl with you sister/brother!!!

  85. MEGESSASHinc

    this is such a good song!!:)

  86. rain c

    Take Some time and listen to this song...The lyrics are what my heart feels at times.................

  87. Paris Hearn

    cud anyone tell me who composed the original music like back in the 70s

  88. Kenisha Baker

    I LOVE this song! It is such a blessing!

  89. Shaye Taylor

    i love this song so much! me and my sisters do

  90. Donald Thames


  91. Leah Blake

    This song is so so inspiring I love how they jazzed up the Hymn " As the Dear pants" love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  92. Rin

    mary mary you make the LORD so happy GOD is work in you and me thank you but give more thank to the LORD

  93. Keisha Will

    I love this song!!! This is my theme song!!! Everytime I hear it, it makes me wanna jump up and praise Him!!!

  94. beautygalable

    m lovin this song...m runnin to u Lord coss l lovee youu!!!

  95. Jaila Bryant

    what does that 1st line mean...??

  96. widae2fresh

    let's keep running

  97. Helene Music

    ilove this song<3 ilove god!

  98. KiiyahSings__

    Don't know why but my fav part is "feels like a dead end" and 0:53