Mary Mary - God In Me Lyrics

I just wanna tell the truth, man
I just wanna tell the truth, man
I just wanna tell the truth, man
I just wanna tell the truth, man

You're so fly, you're so high
Everybody around you trying to figure out why
You're so cool, you win all the time
Everywhere you go, man, you get a lot of shine

Boy like a magnet. Better yet a habit
Everything you wear people say they gotta have it
From the sweat suit to the white tee to the Gucci
You can probably say people wanna get like me

But what they don't know is when you go home
And get behind closed doors, man, you hit the floor
And what they can't see is your on your knees
So the next time you get it just tell 'em

It's the God in me [5x]

You think I'm so fresh
You think I'm so clean
You think I'm so sweet
It's the God in me
What is it, you think, you see?
It's the God in me

You see her style, you think she nice
You look at her whip, you say the whip tight
You look at her crib, you're thinkin' she paid
You look at her life, you think she got it made

But everything she got the girl's been given
She call it a blessing, but you call it living
When it come to money she can be a hero
She writes them cheques with a whole lot of zeros

But what you don't know is when she get home
And get behind closed doors, man, she hit the floor
And what you can't see is she on her knees
And if you ask her she'll tell you

It's the God in me [5x]

You think I'm so fresh
You think I'm so clean
You think I'm so sweet
It's the God in me

It's the God in me
What is it, you think, you see?
It's the God in me

What is it, you think, you see
When you see me, you see me?
You don't know how much I pray
Don't know how much I gave
Don't know how much I changed
I'm just tryna explain

It's the God in me [5x]

You think I'm so fresh
You think I'm so clean
You think I'm so sweet
It's the God in me

What is it, you think, you see?
It's the God in me

It's the God in me
God in me

You think I'm so fresh
My God
You think I'm so clean
My God
You think I'm so sweet
It's the God in me

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Mary Mary God In Me Comments
  1. Pops Fereal

    When I get accolades at work or in life, I say "It's the power of God In me!" Then I tell them we all have it if we want it. A lot of them think I am crazy....but that's o.k.

  2. Edmund Alyn Jones

    Question: How many hours did it take to produce this song?

  3. Edmund Alyn Jones

    You EARNED it!!!

  4. jaliahla hawkins

    Period sus

  5. James Askew

    8 years later this is STILL my song 😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥

  6. Tarja Preta


  7. Antoinette Jones

    This is a prime example of how people do not understand your story because they are so hung up on the glory. Matthew 6:4 That thine alms may be in secret and thy Father which seeth in secret himself shall reward thee openly.

  8. Keesha Watson

    Best god song. I 💘 it

  9. Darrien Lovett

    Don't believe in God, but this song is a bop

  10. Ashley Bryan

    Listening in 2019 !!

  11. Trey Rosby

    Who's here bc of Spence Jr. vs Porter?

  12. Ahmond Sigler

    This song go hard it’s fire and it’s a hit 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  13. ttv_swayyoutube tt

    Making fun of Mary Wilberforce...

  14. Ciara Matthews

    i love this song very much

  15. Labonnie Carter

    I love this song 2019

  16. Trey Rosby

    Shawn Porter used this in his fight against Errol Spence Jr.

  17. Producer1998

    That male voice in the background is definitely Jamie Foxx

    Devon Marz

    @Producer1998 naw that's Tpain


    @Devon Marz I see why, but I'm going with the other option and it's Jamie Foxx auto-tuned

    Devon Marz

    @Producer1998 bro thats T Pain🙄

    Devon Marz

    @Producer1998 lol man fuck all this you got some beats for me???


    @Devon Marz it is Eric M. Bishop

  18. Lois Lewis

    She wants god to help her see the rightd

  19. Mimi Dice

    Still my song

  20. Lynda Pembele

    I remember when this came out wow what a time

  21. True One

    Thank you good for blessing me to be thankful for things that i do have instead of the things that i don't have

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    This Song Beings Me And My Friends Mermories

  23. Layy Layy - Topic

    2019 with it💜

  24. Caliyah Williams

    Who here 2019

  25. Camissa Shelton

    this my song yess god in me

  26. Natasha Bobb

    Forever my favorite gospel song the beat the lyrics vibes always makes u wanna sing loud it’s the god in me

  27. Keesha Spears

    No paycheck from my job, lies, then MORE lies when it's coming. I just have to remember the God in me. So much patience 😎

  28. Liciaa Torres

    It's the God in me 🤞💭💓💓💓💓

  29. Tia Thomas

    Rip Aundette Rogers 😭😭😭😭😇😇😇

  30. KVT KVT

    its a god in me ayyyyy amen

  31. Strongbody Riva

    Looking for some good songs similar to this to listen to, any suggestions??

  32. Jesiliz Rivera

    I love how it a Christian song but it has a amazing floor to it

  33. Ryda TITO 5

    One of My Favorite Songs! Can't Lie. #FAITH

  34. chéri

    Morning Anthem 🔆🔆

  35. Livin' With JJ

    My class is singing this on our last day of school which happens to be tomorrow

  36. Chiamaka Nkonye

    I love this song that i cant stop singing it it helps me be myself around others.

  37. jade o

    It’s the GOD in me🙏🏼❤️

  38. Andre Floyd

    Didn’t even know this was a gospel song

  39. Producer1998

    I hear Jamie Foxx in this

  40. Producer1998

    I heard a male voice throughout and I think it is Jamie Foxx, probably because this sounds so much like “Blame It” and maybe since they came out at the same time!

  41. Jachell Whitaker

    First heard this song in foster care by a lady still in my life and i play it everyday bc it helped me thru a tough time

  42. StayGold PonyBoy

    God bless everyone in this comments section

  43. Wonder to myself

    I love this.. beautiful just, beautiful...

  44. Wonder to myself

    Praise God

  45. DiscreetRoyalty7000

    This is what I tell people, I'm not great by myself, God shines through me. Finally an artist who summed that up in a fun way.

  46. Shadaiza Mack

    My favorite song

  47. Rachelle Etienne

    2019 anyone

  48. Demi Shenaynay


  49. Arianna Does Things

    Who said Christian artists can't make pop songs? XD I honestly love this song.

  50. Carlonda Cannon


  51. queen g

    God is within us all just tap in he's there when u need him may not come on your time but he's always there amen

  52. Layla Roberts

    I am addicted to this song

  53. Anxel_ angel

    I love this song so much >.< though, witch god I believe in the true Jesus Christ. Many people have different gods so witch god do you believe in. #Jesuschristbelifs

  54. Yoyo Han

    Ooo~ Nostalgia!

  55. Blazed313

    This isn't about Jesus or religion it's about the subconscious mind its about meditation it's the God within you not invisible man in the sky watching your every move


    Go girlfriend

  57. Rashenequa Cox

    i love this!!!!!

  58. RIP jahseh fanboi 77

    Dislikes are atheists

  59. Aaron Scott

    This so good



  61. Justwonder Noneyaaa


  62. Schari Montgomery

    Amen lord Jesus thank u for everything

  63. Sasha Scarr

    I'm not christian at all and this still SLAPS

  64. Taylor Cryer

    Love it 😭💯💯💯

  65. Lead 4 Destiny

    One of my favs❤️❤️

  66. King KB TV

    The memories listening to this when I was in Sixth Grade back in 2010 true classic

  67. Gloria Monae

    🙏😍 AMEN 🤗🤗

  68. Louise Tucker

    I'm so in love with the beat when it says "but what they don't know is when you go home and get behind closed doors man you hit the floor and what they can't see is your on your knees and the next thing you just tell them is"



  70. Charla Nelson

    GOD IN ME ❤💒

  71. savagex samura 38heart

    Prayer: Lord God please bless us as we love you and you love us, we thank you for eternity and love, we love and we're sorry for our sins, and we repent and we ask for your glory, AMEN

  72. savagex samura 38heart

    Favourite song way back then still now

  73. Sky Hunter

    I 💘 it

  74. Brianna Graham

    Ĺüv ťĥïś śöňĝ

  75. Anyah Squad

    Our school listings to the song every day in chapel on Monday we love it 😍❤️❤️😍😘😘

  76. Gary Hills

    If this came on in the morning if this somg came on it eiuld be a acomatitc good day

  77. James Pharris

    why you mad? fix ya face.

  78. Pharoah Ramesses

    shit wack as fuck christy fake ass christian slut

  79. Shaiesha Bell

    But they don't KNOW. It's the God in me🙇🏾‍♀️👩‍👧‍👦👶🏽😍💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

  80. jxmyah

    don’t believe in god...i just like this song

  81. Maria Ramos

    I love it dud

  82. Ericc E Solitude

    Very well done

  83. Amya's world

    I use to all ways sing this song when was lil

  84. maya storey

    what they don't know is when I get home and get behind close doors

  85. Candies Smith

    love this song 😚😚😚

  86. Kaytlyn & Co.

    I love this song

  87. Tasha And Taliah

    My mom and I love this song. When I was four, she would put it on and we would sing along. I’m so glad I remembered the title.

  88. Yonce Victoriaa

    its the god in me !!! 😇😍💚