Mary Mary - Believer Lyrics

I'm a believer, tellin' you i really believe
I'm a believer, even though i've never seen
I'm a believer, look at my life and you will see
I'm a believer, how can you not believe?
I'm a believer, every word he says to me
I'm a believer, cuz he gave me my liberty
I'm a believer, now and forever i will be
I'm a believer, how can you not believe?

[verse 1]
We got home late one night from service
Something wasn't right, momma was nervous
She said we're staying at your auntie's house tonight
Cuz something in my spirit ain't right
Just as soon as we all went to sleep
Momma got a call from the police saying "your house is on fire"
We were sad, but alive god spared our lives


[verse 2]
On the highway minding my business
Another car was tryna get by
So i put my foot on the brakes and
My car flipped upside down
I cried, "lord have mercy on me
Take the car but save my life"
I walked away no scars, no pain, nothing broken
So now i testify


Somebody, somewhere out there is watching us, and taking care of every little thing we need, and some
People still don't believe, but i have seen too many things, tell me what will make you see that he's able
To be all you need and more


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Mary Mary Believer Comments
  1. Anthony Carlton

    Herd this back in when I was 9 I’m 24 now

  2. kiki maney

    Mary Mary I have known you guys since I 2 you make good songs you incorge me and everyone else

  3. That One Motherfucker

    Still one of the songs I listen to this day and I can say I am a believer!

  4. kiki maney

    Me and my mom love this song

  5. Anthony Carlton

    When i was 11 i will go to sleep while this was playing

  6. Devy Cat

    Am i the only kid or something i love this song:) i fell like the only kid here

    Devy Cat

    I'm a believer

    Devy Cat

    Thank Goodness

  7. Kokichi Kun

    T^T on da highway minding ma business another car had tryed to get by so I put my foot in the breaks AND MA CAR FLIPPED UPSIDE DOWN!!!

  8. Amani Mooring

    believer is my middle name!

  9. Justin Johnson

    love this song

  10. Gene Whitfield

    go look at thykingdomcome77 if you love God you will learn about the true God of Israel

  11. Erni Quiroz

    funny enough my family actually got home late one night from service to find our house on fire. coincidence? I think not

  12. bsd Woods

    lm believer

    Judah Jones

    I'm a believer also remember believe😂

  13. Knyia Shepherd

    I'm a believer 😇😇

  14. lola smith

    I was born a believer

  15. chevonne22

    +LiLi Jones so many people are concerned with their cars get wrecked in an accident. Some don't have alternate transportation, some can't afford to fix it, and some just hate to see their nice car jacked up. Tina said "take the car, but save my life" because she wasn't concerned about the car like she was concerned about living.

  16. India Barr

    I am a Bealevr to I listen to you guys in the car you guys are so awesome

    Devy Cat

    India Barr u spelled bliever wrong but its ok tho

  17. India Barr

    I love Mary Mary

  18. cool jay

    I'm A Believer since day one

  19. Cierra Allen


  20. Charles Smith

    I love you guys so much I listen to you guys all the time in my parents car you guys are so awesome of course I am a believer too

  21. Regina Denny

    love it so much

  22. Shay Prettygal

    I don't understand how people get on here and comment on a gospel song using such foul language smh u clearly are the devil in the disguise u need a spiritual healing girl!!

  23. Natalie Smalls


  24. shoni Moreland Adamson

    I  like this   fuckin  song

  25. Inez Unique

    Yass this song is amazing.....I'm a believer as well!!!!!🙇🙇

  26. NIckeya Hannah

    I have ben writing this song and ben lerning  about Jesus

  27. dannysbc9able

    I remember this song :) used to be one of ny favorites

  28. Morskreahjoerne

    I have experienced something similar to what is mentioned in this song. I felt that something dangerous would happen, and that I should not sleep in my room one night. I asked/ prayed to God asking what would happen, and felt clearly in my mind : Someone is gonna enter this room with a knife, and your life will be in danger. I slept somewhere else, and next morning a person told me that a theif had robbed my room. It seemed that he had used a knife to get in. I am convinced God saved my life

  29. Edmond Ferguson

    A soul restoring song, love from the first time I heard it

  30. Joe Maldonado

    well done. great song !!

  31. Liyah .

    God is truly great ! Blessings just keep coming !😄

  32. Jamya Huewitt




  34. A.C.G. Consulting

    Love it

  35. Beautiful 017 Love

    Its true @DemiLavotafan1231000 in the bible they said AFTER THE KING DROPS DOWN(pope) there gonna be a evil one that going to turn them around and the chip lawd god they are going to bring it to canada and other people we need to get ready and tell people about our god cuz we can go to hell if if dont tell out family and friends that his coming soon im only 11 and i belive i love god with my whole heart your dont understand :)

  36. Mikayla Reddings

    Totally singing this in my 6th grade talent show!😝im in love with it now!😍its such a powerful message sung by such powerful vocalists!

  37. B Case

    I think this is a very powerful song. The power of God is so real. He is so Awesome and keeps us protected from danger!!!!! Thank You Jesus!!!!

  38. victoria cherry

    I haven't heard this song in such a long time. Glad I found it again :)

  39. Chocolate Gemini

    You did a really good job with the lyrics, but on Tina's part ( the second verse ) she says " I cried Lord have mercy help me, take the car but save my life ". Other than that you did a really good job :)

  40. Lady Royalty

    ilove there music im only 15 and ill always love there music prays the lord

  41. ChelmsleyGirl92

    this is the first time ive ever heard this song and its full on siiick man

  42. Virtuous Child

    now and forever ill be a believer

  43. bobbi'sheree jones

    but i liked them since i was little singing their songs

  44. bobbi'sheree jones

    i really really really really love mary mary and im only 12 too love all their songs they prove you dont have to talk about god every 10 seconds to get your point across love their reality show they rock they really helped me change i went from 2 chains to mary mary thats how u can tell theiyre awesome cant wait to meet them one day luv u mary mary <3

  45. Shivani

    4 years ago, my class and i had done this song for our item song for our end of the year night and we all had a great time doing this song. We all had fun learning about God through this song
    BTW, it was in year 3

  46. greg lo

    music jus puts u in dat zoooone...........

  47. Dalovim

    I think what their trying to get across is that no matter what keep believing cause God is always looking out for you

  48. Alicia Ihekaji

    ur 12 too so am i

  49. PinkKissedLipz

    because ur alive. thats where the believing starts

  50. myahnicole


  51. j-mark flawless


  52. shaylaluvzyou

    i love this song my bestfriend/sis showed it to me i love it

  53. Ru!

    I love this song do much when she talks about the car accident it's sort of similar to what happened to me a few weeks after my mon gave birth to me but even thought the car tipped we still made it our okay and I am thankful to god

  54. SimplyBreBre

    This was my Grandma's FAVORITE song :')....R.I.P Grandma <3 :-*...can't believe you've been gone for almost 2're finally able to meet the person who protected you since birth because you were a FIERCE believer :')

  55. michaela batyiova

    bless you this song...i feel so happy everytime i listen to it..<3

  56. Pulse87dotca

    @2016Mara Not a good response for a Christian to give a non-Christian. It's hard enough to fight the stereotype that we are "angry, hateful, bigoted hypocrites", and I know it's hard, but we are to respond in love, not disdain. But congratulations on taking on what you know to be wrong beliefs, and I'll see you at the feast!

  57. Luis Torres

    me encantaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  58. Felicia Mac

    this song is off the chain, i love it!!!

  59. Cammy Daniels

    Luv it <3

  60. Jalisa Connesero

    i love the bop bop bop or boop boop boop

  61. mindless_netta_1

    i love this song i just turned twelve and i actually understand what it means to be a christian God is good and always will be. Anybodi else believe?

  62. dessie224

    Im a believer forever an now I will be !! Even if I am 12 years old !!! God is so powerful an graceful an we can never even thank him enough!! :)

  63. Carmen Brown


  64. xXQuestioner?Xx

    sumthin is wrong with my computer because when i was listening to beyonce and nicki minaj and all that crap it would not mess up but when i try to hear some gospel music it keeps stoping and cutting up THE DEVIL IS A LIAR


    imma beliver!

  66. Alexus Terry

    It all says in the bible about these earquakes n stuff.. Be Preparde BEcause This Means THat GOD Is Coming Very soon... THis Is Not The Time To Be Slippin Up Saints.. Kepp UP{ The Faith!!!! COmin From A 12 Yr Old.. NOONE IS EVER TOO YOUNG TO BELIEVE!!!!!

  67. kate smith

    god is coming soon!!!! be prepare!!!!!

  68. kate smith


  69. nyasha mumvuri

    im a believer!!!

  70. Jasmin Williams

    luv this song

  71. TheBestBeyFan

    ima be ima be ima ima ima beLIVER!!!!!!!!!!

  72. Harmony Babcock

    who ever said that dislike is crazy

  73. Elquanette Dodd

    Aye Im a Believer!!!!!!!

  74. Chae227

    I love this soonnngggg

  75. Jay Porchia

    @EmilianClarinet she's saying a car was getting over into her lane and she had to slam on the brakes.... dont really mean it happened to her particularly maybe somone else.

  76. Deja Carter

    it is a song duhhh dumbie!!!! thats the whole point so they can make money and so they can get more viewers and that probably really happened to someone!

  77. Lynette Perez

    i love dis song!!!

  78. Quiet Storm

    @EmilianClarinet If a car is trying to pass you usually slow down to let them pass, not speed up. Don't know who issued your drivers license. And you dont know how the accident took place so shut up.

  79. Desira Glenn

    i love this song it is one of the most touching song

  80. Antt Harrison

    I likes that

  81. Maria Aleice

    This song still gives me chills when I hear it. It spoke to me - especially the car accident verse!

  82. Unique408

    @EMilian no one deserves that... You are so mean for that one!!!

  83. chrissy oyobe

    i luv luv luv dis song

  84. S D

    I cried Lord have mercy on me*
    :D good job tho!

  85. natalkafaka

    oh yes i AM!
    i love this song, its totally me!
    God Bless! :)

  86. Sarah Hester

    I am believer.....................

  87. Vontz Burke

    off da CHAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!