Mary Mary - And I Lyrics

[verse 1]
There's a name so powerful words can't describe
When spoken demons tremble
And all creation must bow down

Awesome are your ways
Everyday the same
And majesty is your name


And i/give you all my worship
And i/wanna sing your praise
And i/long to honor you more than yesterday

[verse 2]
There is not any other who can compare
To your word your life
Your love's ultimate sacrifice



You're everything no one else can be
You filled every space that was empty
Lord you are everything to me


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Mary Mary And I Comments
  1. AuBriana Willis

    My sonng..and i yes lord

  2. ShuaHoney

    Awesome! I listened to this song over and over one day...then two months later woke up to the song playing in my head and in my heart! Whatever is in you will come out some how. This song truly has made an impact on me!

  3. Noneya Binness

    I love this song