Mary J Blige - Stronger Lyrics

We've been through the storm
We've been through it all
We had some close calls
But never would fall

We climbed all the mountains
Walked through all the valleys
And you never left me behind

I found my way through the clouds
No more runnin' scared and closing my eyes, oh
I will be true, this love from my heart
I'm laying my life on the line

Oh, I will survive
As long as it's you by my side
I will survive
As long as it's you by my side

I'm stronger, stronger, stronger
I'm stronger, stronger, stronger

They said we wouldn't make it
But guess what, we made it
And we got them wondering how

You were always for me
Never been the one to hurt me
You gave me peace of mind

I found my way through the clouds
No more runnin' scared and closing my eyes, oh
I will be true, this love from my heart
I'm laying my life on the line

Oh, I will survive
As long as it's you by my side
I will survive
As long as it's you by my side

I'm stronger, stronger, stronger
I'm stronger, stronger, stronger

Sometimes I can't believe
That you are with me
There's nobody lucky as me

So I get on my knees
To make sure that He
Knows that I'm grateful
For what He gave me

I will survive
I will survive
As long as it's you by my side
I will survive
I will survive

I'm stronger, stronger
I'm stronger, stronger

I'm stronger, stronger
I will survive

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Mary J Blige Stronger Comments
  1. Robert Lawn Care

    She is one bad ass singer period.she sings from the heart and full of emotion

  2. Yolanda Suggs


  3. Tyem Nanyi Christopher

    I always her songs. They are naturally meaningful and inspiring

  4. Nicole Mitchell

    This is my motivational song!🤩💪🎤

  5. Anna Banana

    2019 still moves me🥰🥰

  6. Gladys Riggs

    Miss Mary J, when I say, I love you for this song! We all go through tribes,& tribulations but I always say with God by my side,& those that never leave your side, through it all, I will always survive!! God, is my vindicator! I love you Mary! FAN 4 LIFE!!

  7. Enrique Gordon

    This song is still a banger 👊🏾

  8. Kady-ann Stewart

    Help me pray.

  9. Kady-ann Stewart

    Just had a still birth. My third one. N praying for one. But I have a son that 7.

  10. ammar umar

    what is name this movie ppl please quickly i need that

    Tony Vans

    😩 more than a game

  11. promise david charirwe

    if youre reading this...theres light at the end of the tunnel

  12. Loretta De Herrera

    So much beautiful talent..hits my her and this...💖💖💖💖💜

  13. Bridgette Walker

    Love the water background in this music video

  14. DeAndra Jackson

    As long as I got God beside I 🙌💪🏾

  15. JohnnyOmm


  16. Mdumiseni Njeza

    I love you so much MJB

  17. bre bedlow

    Anyway I ended the world with some clean fights I did and I am going to get the last souls in the world.

  18. bre bedlow

    Satan wants to rule the world by killing out the gaza strip.

  19. bre bedlow

    To kill out the gaza strip you have to end the world.

  20. bre bedlow

    God failed the test to rule the world which was giving by the police so he does not rule the world but because he is the first person ever made he rules the world, heaven and hell.

  21. bre bedlow

    God has the police protection on him and if the devil's know this he rules heaven and hell.

  22. Augustus Mululu

    My greatest,sweetest,adorable SINGER OF ALL TIME....Much Love Mary J Blige,,,be blessed the Moreeeeeeeeeeeeee.Mwaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  23. Thandeka Tiana

    Whose still listening 2019...Gonna right my semester exams soon this track keeps me going

  24. Olga Kimberley Chireru

    2019 I'm stronger💓

  25. Don't Hate Just Appreciate

    Give Thanks for life and blessings ❤❤❤👌👌👍

  26. Moneke Stewart

    2019 anyone? 🔥


    2019 in this muthafucka🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥.....stronger💪💪💪💪💪

  28. Lwazi Madikane

    A beautiful soul with a beautiful voice the one and only Mary J Blige

  29. Iris Lopez

    9/19 and im still listening❤💪

  30. Jamar Robinson

    Basically the story of how humans became a civilization

  31. Mamosebetsi Setai

    I still listen to this song in 2019 and it still gets to me.. It inspires me every time I listen to it. 😢

  32. nassy yakubu

    September 2019 and this is still the greatest inspiration song i have ever listened to

  33. Black OnyxTV

    Anyone here that’s stronger in 2020 and beyond ?

  34. Joey Allen

    Still listening in 2019! Still a very powerful song!

  35. Teresa Cullen


  36. Michael Katoko

    i am a single father and i play this song everyday when i watch my little girl play

  37. Chase Carter

    Am here listening in 2019 I love this woman and am 21

  38. Akona Akona

    2019 August still listen to this hit❤❤❤❤🌋🌋🌋🌋

  39. Bontle Lamola

    Still beautiful even in 2019! I am stronger

  40. Wayne Trumbo


  41. Jontae Ward

    This song helped 10 years ago during a dark time in my life w/ my mother, from her telling me I was dead to her to me leaving her behind.

  42. Nickasha Maragh

    Found my way through the clouds...I will get through..I WILL long it's YOU by my side..HALLELUJAH!!

  43. Ivy Hoffman

    When my parents divorced I listened to this song at 16 in 2009 ,now im 25 and I've lost my son Daniel in May 2019. This song still makes me feel like im still stronger.

  44. Phindy Kilo

    This song gives me hope that every challenge i Face i will rise and be strong 🙏🙏🙏😍

  45. danii love

    I needed this ! 😭😭

  46. Living Things zw

    Living things

  47. KIJUAN Clemons

    Go mary

  48. Rachel Menendez

    Now, I BET Y'ALL ALL thought that she's talking about this Championship with Labron James!!! NOT!!! She ACTUALLY talking to GOD (The MOST HIGH/YAH)!!! GOT YA!!! But, Don't take my word for it...LISTEN TO IT FOR YOURSELEVLES!

  49. Sharon Mavera

    I am here today, its not going good, but I am strong, stronger....

  50. Ashley Faulknor

    If you're here in 2019 and you're Stronger 🙏

  51. Emerged Education

    Her voice directly hits your heart. Love from Nepal.

  52. adebusola ogundipe

    2019 still listening😍😍🔥🔥🔥

  53. Keisha B

    Mary was rocking Blonde before anybody was rocking blonde!!!! 🙂

  54. Cheddah Bucks

    For my mom.... Keep fighting ... Love u with everything in me!!!!

  55. Cally WaNkoscy


  56. Nasy Kanja Wakanyoni

    2019 thumb upppp

  57. Xolani Bhengu

    This song just brought tears in my eyes like it’s the first time I’m hearin’ it.

  58. Kholo Megan


  59. Xer0 0

    Play this song if kyrie and lebron join teams again 😂😂

  60. jeanell brownlee


  61. ibrahim colin29


  62. Mandla Tshabalala

    2019 🔥 🔥

  63. Roxxana Mulenga

    2019. who else is still listening to this😍👑

  64. Mandla Tshabalala


  65. Lailonie Johnson

    2019 anyone?

  66. Madikwane James

    2019.... Stonger🥊

  67. Sam Kspyc

    Wonderful inspiration!!

  68. Rickelle Williams

    Thanks woman sings me into a peace and strength like no other. I'm gonna be hurt when Mary goes...or retires. She's truly everything to me and my family..and we don't even know her personally. Queen Mary RISE! 🙏🏾

  69. kentrell gladden

    Very uplifting song, still my favorite!!!

  70. Vusi Mtolo

    May 2019?

  71. naijacanact

    May 2019 who is feeling stronger gather here

  72. NathanielAkers83

    Lady Mary over the years your music has been part of the rebirth of black soul and you have done it again!!!!

  73. NathanielAkers83

    what the did I miss this song...this is INSPIRATIONAL!!!!!

  74. Christabel Nakamba

    I will definitely pull through.I am unstoppable, determined and a survivor. God has never let me down.Though many times I feel like He has left me alone to sail through this storm life has thrown at me ,a still small voice keeps reassuring me that He is here with me.

  75. Onalenna Monyane

    2019 stil lovin ths song

  76. Harvey Specter

    Always Stronger!💪🏾2019?? 🇮🇹

  77. Rhomel Watkins

    2019 .... still listening

  78. Ms. Michele with 1 L

    Sang it, MJB!

  79. Lisa Noel

    This song is just beautiful brought me tears now I can say I'm stronger

  80. Shotta bwoi


  81. samkeller keller

    Who's still here in 2019?

    Iris Lopez


  82. Mualusi Tshilidzi

    2019 anyone??????

  83. Kayla Collins

    God is love ❤❤

  84. M Young


  85. Ladiij Goddess Williams

    Heart broken, jobless, single mom and believing God win turn everything in my life around #stronger

  86. Huncho

    Who still listening in 2019?👀

  87. Antoinette Labaeka

    Where the hell us Keri’s version 😥😥😥

  88. Ja Preston

    This song reminds me of thevhurtbme and are David stod through he was always by my side ... love you so much my baby boy your all I ever needed to keep me strong good night god bless until we are together sleepmpeaceful love you so much day xxxxxx love mum

  89. Eustus Aviel

    LeBron James

  90. Luciano Brown


  91. randii gordon

    Still listening 2019

  92. Cleophas Kache

    2019 still listening

  93. TAZ Mitchell

    In 2019 I’m stronger. I will survive 💪🏽

  94. Jamarkus Hall

    Everything a nigga been through... felt this song