Mary J Blige - My Love Lyrics

Ohhhh, oh oh oh oh
Whatcha gonna do
My, my, my love

[Verse 1]
I was a fool to let you in
Knowing you would play with my heart
But that was so long ago that I
Thought we could make a new start
You left me broken hearted
From the day your love departed
Now that love you found with someone new is gone
And so you wanna come back

Whatcha gonna do without my love
My love
Whatcha gonna do without my love

Whatcha gonna do without my love
My love
Whatcha gonna do
Now that my love has gone away from you

[Verse 2]
Sweet memories of yesterday
When it all seemed so right
I was loving you, kissing you, holding you tight
I wish you know that a woman
That you learn to leave today
And it's a shame that you wanna come back now baby
My love has gone away



I played the fool for you baby
And you stole away my heart
(Whatcha gonna do)
Now that my love is gone away
(Whatcha gonna do)
Sweet memories of yesterday
(Whatcha gonna do)
Now that my love is gone away

[Chorus repeat and ad-libs until fade]

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Mary J Blige My Love Comments
  1. Don Daniel


  2. Tam Dawson

    𝘐 𝘭𝘰𝘷𝘦𝘥 𝘵𝘩𝘪𝘴 𝘸𝘩𝘰𝘭𝘦 𝘢𝘭𝘣𝘶𝘮...♥️🎵🎧

  3. Lucius Johnson

    Great song.

  4. Rashida Nelms

    Memories rt here

  5. Isaiah Robinson

    Memories my mom played this shit back to back to back I'm here cuz it's love

  6. Jerome Ashley


  7. IAM_ Jureaka

    That intro wheeewwwwww🔥🔥🔥🔥 We always love Mary❤️❤️❤️

  8. Amiya Type

    Sep 19 2019...born march 1994 💖💖

  9. Margaret Newmeli

    My best Mary J

  10. Valliestreams

    Still here 2019

  11. Jamila

    This is pretty much my life song...

  12. Music Productonsoundz

    August 2019 So What's The 411

  13. Nino Brown

    Anyone seen Mary sing this live on stage?

  14. M Farrell

    Love all the old MJB

  15. Leigh Burton

    The original and the best! I own this album!

  16. Rory Davis

    I saved up my allowance and rode my bike to the record store to buy this album on cassette and still play this track all the time

  17. Duke Johnson

    High school dayz

  18. ValValentine

    Timeless music

  19. DW 001


  20. DW 001

    A big underrated HIT!!! Yes?

  21. JustinPeabody

    Produced by teddy riley

  22. Deahra Shelton

    Whatcha you gonna do ? 😎🍷💋

    Selmar St.Peteboy

    Yes ma"am

  23. TAZ Mitchell

    What ya gonna do now my love is gone away from you...💁🏽‍♂️ 🎶

  24. Lorraine Pitter

    This will always be a tube too me, this was music😍😍😍

  25. Marie Clark

    I am here in 2019❤️❤️❤️

    Selmar St.Peteboy


  26. TkSantana27 Smith

    I'm in my feelins right now.And this song best expresses wut im goin thru at dis very moment...SING IT MARY J

    Selmar St.Peteboy


  27. Ruby Boyce

    Mary J. A FOR REAL Sister just puttung the truth where it stand and sit the truth cannot be knocked off the shelf. I love her music and love the way she create the atmosphere for the world to just listen. Words can help you and heal you words can also destroy your destiny the only way of not receiving words that try to destroy is to separate yourself and come from among them. I love you Mary keep the faith. GOD is with you. Much 💘 love from Oklahoma.

    Ruby Boyce

    @Selmar St.Peteboy Thank you for your reply.

    Selmar St.Peteboy

    @Ruby Boyce you're welcome. I love music so so much. You Have Fb?

    Ruby Boyce

    @Selmar St.Peteboy No just a private individual.

    Selmar St.Peteboy

    @Ruby Boyce blessings

    Ruby Boyce

    @Selmar St.Peteboy Blessings to you also.

  28. Joseph Hill

    My favourite album of hers!!! Came out the year I was born!!! 1994, “what’s the 411?” 🤟🏾💯

    Maya Johnson

    Came out in 1992

    Joseph Hill

    Maya Johnson aww, thanks

  29. Jerry Oden

    That' right girl what you going to do with out my love✌🏾

  30. Grady Beardee

    We are sure to learn that we don't know what we had until it's GONE! 😇 The TRUTH shall release you from😈! So be it, Done!

  31. Tammie Henderson

    What are you going to without my love they don't realize it! Mary Mary will see you for Essence 25th Anniversary in New Orleans as usual.

  32. Raheem Cannon

    if you bangin this track in 2019 hit the thumbs up

  33. Morgan Weazy

    Mary j blige my favorite r&b artist ever

  34. Myshon Beauty

    She should bring back her hardcoreness in her songs again.

  35. Adrianae Menae

    Yep in 2019!

  36. Tonya Ingram

    I love this version

  37. Kederek Smith

    She gone be a legend in my wife lol

  38. Rhodesia Jameson


  39. Diasia Clayton

    Still bumps in December 2018....Love you Mary ❤

  40. Dalis Troy

    Who's still listening in 2019??

    Gina Cleveland


  41. Cheryl Flagler

    Classic...I love this girl!!😍😍😍😍😍

  42. Tameka Curtis

    This that Uptown Mary....miss the 90s so much

  43. Phil So Good

    2018 anybody?

  44. Simon Fontaine

    Bing Bing Bing, Bing

  45. Simon Fontaine

    Ahe ahe ahe aya eh

  46. Jamila Harris

    Who's here in 2018 singing this whole album note for note, riff for riff?

  47. ban tu ra kama

    j'ai 50 balais ce morceau me fait toujours vibrer

  48. gblay86

    Not talking about the remix version but this original song is one of the top 10 songs of all time NOT to be released as a single!

  49. Talia Brown

    Sweet memiores of yesterday...

  50. Michael Wilson

    Born 1977 this is music to me

  51. Amber Williams

    Yonkers in the house

  52. Deenie

    My fave off this album! Here in 2018😍

    Kenneth Nichols

    deeniedarlinn yes me too

  53. deahra shelton

    Whatcha gonna do without my lovvveeee babae.2018

  54. Jace E

    The 1990's still had records and the cassettes and the radio played this song like everyone in the 🌎 would take notice! That same feeling is gone forever! This will haunt the halls of Uniondale High School New York 1992 whatcha gonna do without ** ****!!!!!!!!

  55. Tammie Henderson-Denmon

    This lady can blow I've seen her several times it's better everytime been a fan since day 1.

  56. ThatGuyTooHigh

    Something about the drum pattern sounds like Tupac “toss it up” to me 🤔

  57. Quinton Hopkins II

    My mom fav female artist 😂

  58. Stephenie Billingsley

    One of my many favorite songs by Mary. Still love it in 2018!!!!

  59. Tammie Henderson-Denmon

    Mary songs just make you feel it. 411 album is a classic

    Tamika Anderson

    💯 💯

  60. Mr KEem

    intro would have killed this song Mary put on touch on it tho

  61. Mr KEem

    what cha gonna do without my love!!!!!!!!

  62. Tanya Williams

    WHEN I SAY THIS IS MY SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!😍

    Jerome Ashley

    Tanya Williams your so damn Beautiful

    Tamika Anderson


  63. PsaHipHOP

    👑 mary

  64. qtluv27

    Put this album on about 2 weeks ago, and have been listening ever since. This one, no limit, remind me, duet with k-ci... my favs. #greatmusic.

  65. Shandra Newell


  66. Tyrone Martin

    That's right, Mary. Throw them deuce baby. They don't miss it until it's gone. Sad but true.

  67. Chaketa Evans

    I was in high school when this came out this was my shit

  68. SNOOKA K


  69. Elaine Elite

    This how u end blk history month 2018

  70. Chyna Daul

    This was my jam and always will me some Mary J Blige❤❤❤

  71. The LeonaT

    This song puts me in such a good mood

  72. Kendall Cheeks

    This was the most underrated song off her first lp.great song

    garry stephens


    Lakishh Soundz

    This happens to be one of my favorites. In fact it is also one of my riding songs when I am traveling.


    Also a song that I got to play on my college radio shows and vibe out to! Peace!

  73. Keon Thompson

    Her music really inspires the heart and soul

  74. Gene Hayes

    Brings back memories....

  75. Eric Stewart

    That joint is fire!!

  76. Paul Bonds

    love da 90s listening to this growing up back then 1984 2 present

  77. Valliestreams

    What you gonna do?

  78. Icesis Searcy

    my love my favorite song from mary what he gonna do without my love he know who im talking about

  79. warrior1975ify

    This song was released when I was 16 years old. I loved this song so much Honestly at that time I had never experienced heartbreak but I loved this song because it told a story about someone who deeply love someone who took them for granted and abandoned them for someone they thought was better. Then when things didn't work out this person had the nerve to come back on the rebound, expecting a second chance and but was rejected because the love had gone away.

  80. erickonasis

    she just killed 4th of july here in philly

  81. XtraK 38

    Love this song!!

  82. Ambria Tann

    i love Mary j song

  83. Kionna Robinson

    she gives me life 💞

  84. PUSH Radio

    One of the best Mary tracks EVER! 👏

    RoseTown Tewari

    PUSH Radio Completely agree, is my favorite Mary chune..

  85. Tamika Lewis

    old school baby who really know about this 90's ish i love it real music

  86. Tamika Lewis

    old school baby who really know about this 90's ish i love it real music

  87. Tamika Lewis

    old school baby who really know about this 90's ish i love it real music

  88. Lorenzo Sloan

    this Joint Had Me Crying For Days When My Girl Left Me


    Lorenzo Sloan welcome to the club

    Lorenzo Sloan

    @Phaedra M Tucker We got back together & had 3 more kids.... But this comes back to me when a young guy is fucking up a good thing that he may regret

    Lorenzo Sloan

    godesofdnyte We good now I was like 24 we got back together had 3 more kids I'm 48 now & we're happily married....

    Lorenzo Sloan

    Phaedra M Tucker We back together..... that was in the 90's we had 4 kids& happily married for 20 something years..... but she was pregnant when this came out

    Lorenzo Sloan

    Phaedra M Tucker We good now 5 kids& 26 yrs later

  89. Mona Allen

    whatcha ya gonna do.o

  90. dreammakar

    this song slaps me in the face with 90s nostalgia. ❤❤❤

  91. hershey chocolate

    I remember this album I love mary😍😍😍😍

  92. MᴀKᴇɴAʀᴛ

    Damn, it's like most of the songs from the 90's be speaking to my Soul.

    Denise L. Peronneau

    Yes. I miss the 90s

  93. Brandie Echols

    my song

  94. Sashi Lucas

    True love songs!!!!

  95. Beverly Bat

    Some where in Brooklyn in pink housing on the weekend with my old bbf.

  96. Fuk u respectfully

    the first 30 sec gives me life every time... my fav song from my highschool breakup