Mary Chapin Carpenter - You Win Again Lyrics

I'm standing here freezing at a phone booth baby
In the middle of God knows where
I got one quarter left your machine packs up
But baby I know you're there

And I just start crying 'cause it makes no sense
To waste these words and twenty'five cents
On a losing game
Baby you win again

I've been turning it over and over again
Like a stone I'm waiting to wish on
I've been holding my breath just wondering when
You'll make some sort of decision
To let me in or let me go
I'll always lose if I never know
Where I fit in
Baby you win again

I can't be right if I'm always wrong
I can't stand up if I'm always kneeling
At your altar or at your throne
You could show just a little feeling
For who I am
Baby you win again

Last night I dreamed we were standing here
On the corner of love and heartache
You jumped into your car you found first gear
And baby I felt the earth shake
And I woke up trembling with my heart in my throat
'Cause there's never a look a word or a note
At the bitter end
Baby you win again

I can't be right if I'm always wrong
I can't stand up if I'm always kneeling
At your altar or at your throne
You could show just a little feeling
For who I am
Baby you win again
Baby you win again
Baby you win again

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Mary Chapin Carpenter You Win Again Comments
  1. Kassra Zadeh

    First time I heard this song radio should play more 90s country

  2. Brad Harrell

    This is the first song by MCC I ever heard.I was a fan from that day forward.

  3. Jay Bee

    AMAZING SONG, shitty video.

  4. Tony Campbell

    Back when music singers bands songs were actually good

  5. ed polk

    Loved her "Live Performance" on Austin City Limits, early 90's

  6. Michael Dye

    love this song and video,but wondered where was this video taken?

  7. Jessica Merrell

    Once heard her described as the thinking woman's country star. Couldn't,t agree more.

  8. Amy Pieterse

    we must have been dating the same guy......

  9. 57andyRam

    what a song writer. wow!!

  10. mark Medzorian

    I like I feel lucky

  11. RUSH

    90S country music is the best, i miss it so much.

  12. Shane Bailey

    I've been a fan of Mary's for quite some time. Her writing is elegant and poetic, her melodies chock-full of unobtrusive yet incisive hooks, and her voice plainspoken but earnest in delivery. With all that said, I think this might be the world's most poetic break-up tune. Taylor could and should take notes, Mary is a master.

  13. zagi60

    Mary You are unique******

  14. Walter Steele

    One of the greatest singer-songwriters. BTW: Short or long hair, she's still beautiful (inside and out)

  15. Just Someone

    This song got me thru many a breakup.

  16. nick wright

    Great song and fabulous singer. Please listen to the song " I want you to know the writers". Thank you.

  17. norman chadwick

    It's been a long time since I have listen to Mary Chapin Carpenter.  Too long.  I have to correct my listening habits.

    Ricky Mcintyre


  18. Eva Rey

    truer words never spoken

  19. Kevin Startt

    Absolutely probably one of the best writers of late 20th century and 21st

    Chris W

    I absolutely disagree

  20. Trisha Shukla

    I am so lucky to come across this Woman's music. I am so delighted. She has an amazing music. I love her now ❤️

  21. Ricky Mcintyre

    I don't why but this song really sends chills up my spine.

    Patricia French

    IT describes a Narcissistic relationship.

  22. ironduke0775

    "I've been turning it over and over again, like a stone I'm waiting to wish on..."

  23. Logan Hall

    Flawless voice

  24. Bob Apelian

    I think she is wonderful!

  25. Samuel Carver

    Always loved Mary Chapin Carpenter and recently fell in love with this song again it's nice to listen to songs you used to love and fall in love with them all over again!

    Marvin Mckay

    I listen to it every single morning before I go into General Motors. I love this song. Extremely talented song writing and underrated

  26. Robert labrado


  27. jetclntn

    very under rated singer song writer

  28. Barry Schlesinger

    Old Vegas and a wonderful song...... You win again......

  29. T James Michael

    When I heard this song for the first time I knew a songwriting monster walked among us!

  30. Jean-Patrick CALI

    Chanson magique qui me fait flotter...Du très bon..
    Jean-Patrick CALI

  31. raulantonio65

    Great song.

  32. RMoribayashi

    This song holds a special place in my memories. Back in '91 I was watching VH1 and, having a low bass voice, singing along an octave down. You Win Again came on, a great song I had sung along with many times. About a minute in I realized I was effortlessly matching her pitch. I know now that at 35 I had finally found my head voice, a range I didn't even know I had.

  33. carlo zanzi

    strong this song!

  34. JWF

    Love love love love love this song. 

  35. nutbagbrew102

    for three years i had the top comment and now who knows what happened  , kind of like obamacare 

    Steve Epps

    It's Bushes fault.....;-)

  36. Dan Seelinger

    Hauntingly beautiful song.

  37. JulesBoDean

    my soul sister

  38. Ricky Mcintyre

    sends chills up my spine

  39. Sara Jane Welch

    @Shadowboro2 Thanks for letting me know! I'll look for it. I've always wanted to learn the guitar and voice parts to some of MCC's songs; probably will be fun and challenging.

  40. Shadowboro2

    @sarajanewelch72 It's from her 1990 album, "Shooting straight in the dark". Great song, and the album version features a great guitar solo at the end of this song that makes it even better.

  41. Sara Jane Welch

    Anyone know which album this is on; the name of it? I'm looking for the sheet music to it.


    So lucky to have seen her live in the UK. I loved this when it came out! I had never seen the video until You Tube! MMC you rock!

  43. Tony Ridlen

    Great song from a great female artist.

  44. patrickwinslow

    Her performance on Austin City Limits of this song was fantastic. John Jennings super guitar solo.

  45. grassburner

    ABSOLUTELY her best song. I can listen to this song over and over. And I do!

    Ti Mel

    I love the version with the extended electric guitar solo for an outro!!

  46. mtnbob74

    She had some great songs back in the day. This is the first time I've seen this video since 1991.

  47. Dave Wollenberg

    Mary Chapin hit #16 in Billboard, 1-12-91. God bless!

  48. Darth Belal

    @jenniferal2010 If you're using the Firefox browser, just download the youtube downloader and snag this song on your hard drive.

  49. OmahaNipp

    Great Song!!

  50. nutbagbrew102

    take it from me dont waste the 25 cents.