Mary Chapin Carpenter - The One Who's Not Enough Lyrics

It takes a while to shake off the dust
To mend what's torn, clear off the rust
The journey back is long and rough
When you've been the one who's not enough

Paper wings or feet of clay
When you come up short you get thrown away
Like all this old and useless stuff
You are the one who's not enough

In a loveless house I did once dwell
But I held my tongue, I did not tell
'Cause there's so much shame where there's so much Hell
When you are the one, you are the one

When love is new, it seems the heart's too small
To even try to hold it all
But when it fades and fade it does
There's always one who's not enough

It takes some time to shake off the dust
To believe again in the things you must
Like your oldest friend and your closest kin
It takes some time to be enough again

And the sky is lit with a thousand stars
And the time is short and the world is ours

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Mary Chapin Carpenter The One Who's Not Enough Comments
  1. Tom Lamb

    Two very, very mellifluous voices, fine lyrics and superb recording.

  2. RJ McAllister

    Listen to two masters of their craft doing what they do best. I simply love Chapin, and having JT along as well makes it that much better. Best to both of you.

  3. Hobie Jones

    Just fantastic!

  4. misstreebird

    All that we have is all that we hold

  5. Michael Giffey

    I'm actually interested as to why you did not think this was a good song from one of the most brilliant singer/songwriters of our time.

  6. Juliete Olivia

    nice photo, very beautiful video!

  7. Cat McNichol

    you would have to live it to love it. a great many of us have.

  8. Shanna Williams

    what a great collection of pics....made me cry....<3 it!

  9. auntfarcia

    Love the photos!

  10. terri purcell

    Yes must agree they do sound right together good track from a really good album thanks for the post

  11. Simon Cohn

    yes you can say bthat again a really great combo/

  12. The Adult Contemporary Music Channel

    What an excellent duet.

  13. christine andrade

    love both these artists

  14. Michael Giffey

    My friend and I did not have a camera or we would have posted. Chapin is the best singer/songwriter ever, IMHO.

  15. LethiaPage

    Sweet song! I really love James Taylor....a lot. And MCC is really talented too. They sound good together. AND this photo collection goes great with the song.

  16. Milesa P

    lovely video and song, want more! Thanks so much

  17. spring74light

    What a fabulous song (and vid)! Thank you for the Posting.
    (I hope to give you a wave from the audience at The Sage in October!)

    [Tyneside, England.]

  18. rustylavalamp

    I almost submitted a pic of myself, usual holding a sign, saying.."Someday, Maybe". lol