Marx, Richard - Straight From My Heart Lyrics

The sun's still warm and most days are good
The world still turns like you said it would
But this pain seems to never let me go
And there is really no movin' on
There's only going along

And I will always be
Better for you loving me
Better for the times we shared
That travel with me everywhere
And I will always try
To hold my head up to the sky
If only just to let you know
That straight from my heart
I still miss you so

If I could I would gladly trade
A thousand tomorrows for one yesterday
There are so many things that I would say
You're a part of every memory
That lives on in me


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Marx, Richard Straight From My Heart Comments
  1. J Lee

    ❤️🌺❤️ My Love

  2. Julie Marie Murray

    Your woman loves you no matter how many times if we apart make sure it not that long honey you decide how long and say when enough talk to who I around yous say when enough

  3. Di Bn

    Sure....true love is the best option to tie up ..

  4. Sherry Tennyson

    I wish there were someone who really could b truthful and love. I have a family that I hate.

  5. Love Alone

    If only just to let you know
    That straight from my heart
    I still miss you so
    If I could I would gladly trade
    A thousand tomorrows for one yesterday
    There are so many things that I would say
    You’re a part of every memory
    That lives on in me

  6. Susan Yanas

    I love this song! Its so heartfelt!

  7. Lewis Keeley

    Vaper nerd, I've been crying so so much ask me what about tonmorow please I answer truthfully and honestly !!!!Xtwo very special people to me thats what about !!!!!!!!!!!Xmy mum and yes YOU!!!!Xonly you are on my thoiigjrs and feelings and my dead departed mum wish she was still here!!!gotta to go now speak Monday please take care be healthy happy and sensible and please be at with me Monday @1;30 pm all my best wishes and **** have a good night I go to rest now and hope in feel better in morning and I know I know inwil be soo soon HAPPY to see u ya Monday andnhappiest guy alive oh uep ,night night dear vaper nerd god blessX

  8. Bill Anderson

    Time to replace the memories of longing with new ones...loving each other like there isn't enough time left...

  9. Vakaris Janulaitis

    I love dhis song

  10. Zëstman Lee

    막스형 좋다.이 노래.

  11. SheMustBeNuts

    A love song to my mom who died in 2004. She was my best friend. ♥

  12. Carol Charles


  13. Anu Madhubhashinie

    Just want to encourage someone out there

    A year ago I got my heart broken badly by someone I never thought would do that. I do still miss him. As soon as this song started playing I've been in tears thinking of the good times we've had. I can never hate him cz that's ridiculous.. How can one hate someone one used to truly love.. I wish him nothing but joy. If he asks me again I will not give him a second chance cz my life has changed and also I believe there's someone else out there for me.
    I have also experienced God's sweet love. Just now as I was in my room I asked for a sign of His love and He sent me a sign - something I've been waiting for for some time.
    Pain and relational hurt sucks. But it does give you perspective and it does make you stronger. Don't give up hoping for the best.
    - love from Sri Lanka

  14. Harunur rashid

    very nice songs Richard marx

  15. RUTA

    If I could I would gladly trade a thousand tomorrows for one yesterday.....

  16. May Hong

    Straight from my heart, I still miss you, especially travel with you everywhere.. So beautiful n touchy, RM

    Hillary Thai

    Yep, in your dream....

  17. 유훈

    부드럽구 너무 좋네요

  18. Cristina Wheeler

    With his voice I will listen to anything....Daisy hit the jackpot

  19. Vanessa Greco

    Bellissima canzone ❤️

  20. Lupa Natalia

    Wonderful!! Without words <3

  21. Study Axis

    Nice song...heart touching 😊 awesome

  22. Christine Bories

    Beautiful song beautiful words

  23. Danny Parker

    OK tell BonJovi I'll be there Greyhound now like in 20 to30 Minutes my dear James Bond ss

  24. Norah A.P

    I stll miss U one and only best buddy from Khatima :(

  25. Danny Parker

    here's an other cool singer songwriter also specially the best

  26. 최호성

    really beautiful song....

  27. Diann Whetsel

    I love this song!

  28. Vanderleia Costa

    como baxar amusica

  29. iau zomi

    I still miss you soo...syamkhaute

  30. genute vadeikyte

    Balsas grazus

  31. iau zomi

    This songs always makes me 😢😢

  32. michel gil


  33. Sapna

    Ohh I so love your music...all the songs are so soulful and touching...


    Thanks :)


    Hey hi. Okay...I'm Indian...what do you do?

  34. Farzana Soud


  35. Giedre Salciuviene

    It is very nice, ooooo i like it

  36. Janie

    I would trade a thousand tomorrows for one yesterday..

  37. Violeta Kennedy

    Love this song, thank you Richard Marx.. I play your Cd all day until I go to bed, missing my wonderful late husband and listens to your music makes me happy. I also pray and read the Bible...

    Sherwin Correa

    He is so lucky. God bless you.

    Anu Madhubhashinie

    Big hug!

  38. Willie G

    Emm "Straight From My Heart" Different, but I like it

  39. Norah A.P

    If I cud I wud gladly trade...thousand tomorrows for one yesterday...I still miss u so......

  40. Daniel Blaize

    richard marx toutes les chansons que j aime

  41. Constance Maso

    Beautiful melody

  42. Mary Bauer Pace

    Miss is the main words in this song how it hits home,with so many memories and people special a certain person I love years ago. Thanks for putting feeling a lot of us have in to these words like no one else could of .

  43. Beyond999

    He´s  a phenomenal singer!!! Beautiful melody,great song, Richard Marx ,nice!

  44. 01shepard

    pero que cancion mas bonita para cantar y escuchar ¡¡¡

  45. sandra clift

    i would have loved a video with this

  46. Charlotte Cooper

    awwwww love it

  47. Al Huggins

    hit the repeat on that would you???

    Al Huggins

    @Wendy Little actually i did, but for you, i'll hit it again and put a personal address on it. :):)

    Hillary Thai

    Nah, I passed.....the gas...... hahahahaha......Wanna more?

  48. Al Huggins

    sometimes pain is the best thing that can ever happen to us. sometimes we get very stubborn when it comes to learning because we think we know it all. the pain sometimes is our best teacher, so we can give ourselves a good kick in the ass and learn because instead of saying how bad the last one was and what we blame them for, we might be better to thank them for what we learned so we can move forward and not repeat the same mistakes again.

    Rosy Tube

    Al Huggins so true

  49. Antonio Vargas

    Thank you to my wife Mary Vargas for all the love share with me!! Love you!!!

  50. Danny Fisher

    Songs that describe the passage of time and love lost...just too much for me to take. Such a sweet and pain filled song. Moves my soul, and breaks my heart.

    Dana Carter

    Danny Fisher Beautiful and tear - jerking song at the same time.

  51. dazzle367

    What a wonderful song, what a gem!! Incredibly soothing and the images are so captivating. Thank you!!

  52. Péter Pál

    this song is so inspirational :')
    you broke my heart to pieces but i gathered those
    here in texas we are branding the cheating cows
    i want to make you feel like a pile of shit
    or just being without limbs from the train's hit

    all days i am wondering how fast you are gonna die
    if there's someone behind you with a chocking tie
    burn you in fire, pissing down your throat
    but again its just dreams..imagined thoughts

    Hillary Thai

    Enjoy your dream and get burned in HELL.

  53. Mohammadullah Mangal

    This is my favorite song, Straight from the heart, it says, better for u loving me, i always love u honey.

  54. dangerous3168850

    You put clean clothes on by back, warm food in my stomach , education in my mind, culture in my life, love in my heart , you fighted with me against those who inflicted pain in me,you gave me my 1st kiss, you were my 1st lover & will be my last. I love you nadia.

  55. dangerous3168850

    I will never want another woman in my life. You are the one I crafted in fantasy when I was 14 & had for 7 lovely years . I was never given the peace and freedom to enjoy you but we stayed together till recently. I still look at your photos and stare deep into your big brown Venice eyes that brought me warth. I love you nadia.x

    Hillary Thai

    Nice, let me give you three punches in a row right on your adorable face......Meh meh

  56. Bogdan Vukomanov

    This song reminds me of my mother. She died after almost a year of painful agony, so hard for me to watch, or even think of it. Death came to her as a blessing and peace. I have not paid enough attention to her because I was hopelessly in loved with a girl who does not care for me. Now I am facing terrible remorse. You can not realize what you have got, until that something is lost.

    Rest in peace, mother.

  57. modestgirl58

    This song breaks my heart. I hate to think about the inevitable.

  58. Raina McAlister

    I lost my husband also and this song brings me such comfort.

  59. JR99yes

    Richard once said about this song: "I could go into a long description about how this song came to be, and how I didn’t care that it was a flat out country song, and how blessed I was to have Alison Krauss agree to sing with me, but there’s really only one thing to say about it. And that is that I miss my father deeply and this song helps me."

    Beautiful, heartbreaking.

  60. todayfaith

    Beutifull song 10 =xoxoxoxo..

  61. Dinethra Wijerathne

    i love this song

  62. Kathy Marsala

    Love this song, it makes me think of all the memories I have had in the past with my parents. I am who I am today for the love they gave along with all the great memories. I hold my head up to them, and I miss them so much! Thank you for the awsome song that fit so many people.

  63. africanchick23

    @junellea I hope he's okay.

  64. Ramlis Nababan

    nice song and so soft song :D

  65. asdfkie

    For me music will always remind me of the past, of the times I was going through when I heard the songs. I first heard this song when I was ten and now when I hear it again it always brings me back to those times. It's moments like this when I would gladly trade a thousand tomorrows for one yesterday.

  66. Lilyana Naydenova

    @sundayschild47 I'd just say the same - I dedicate the song to my late husband!
    He is in my heart and soul every moment!

  67. Lahiru Alahakoon

    Thanks for the post! Couldn't find this single anywhere...

  68. Mpn2447

    Thanks for posting this beautiful song. Allison Krause sings backup on this. I found the CD "Days of Avalon" at the Dollar Store! Thanks again.

  69. inkydinkydoodle

    Thanks for posting! Such a beautiful song!

  70. sundayschild47

    Dedicated to my husband of 20 yrs that passed away 11/22/08. I'll never stop missing you.

  71. sundayschild47

    Found mine on Ebay

  72. jose chemi toro

    beautifull singer . i from spain, good bay