Marx, Richard - Power Of You And Me Lyrics

Everybody's talking, the world is goin' round
Rumors are flying all over the town
How could a stranger know what's still a
mystery to me

I don't know what to call it
I don't know what it is
I only know for certain I've never felt like this
And, baby, it's the one thing I can believe

There's nothing I fear in this life
Long as I've got you by my side

We're mighty as a hurricane, tougher than stone
Stronger than anything I've ever known
One look at us together anybody could see
There ain't nothin' that can stand up to
The power of you and me

We're only good together, no good on our own
Everything about you feels just like home
Before you I don't remember how I got along

You are the spark to my flame
The only one that burns in your name


So many souls searching for
What we're holding right in our hands
You're the woman that makes me a better man


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Marx, Richard Power Of You And Me Comments
  1. J Lee

    ❤️🌺♥️ My Love

  2. Bill Anderson

    Indeed! Yaaaaaaayyyyyyy!!!!!!!!

  3. Evangeline Galaz

    Richard his great singer

    Hillary Thai

    He is . I'll make him very busy......

  4. Michel Durand

    Restez vivant avec Richard Marx..
    Stay alive with Richard Marx..

  5. 1RomanticSoul

    @Clof1959 @BEAUTJE10A @***** @Lavendel59 
    *Dedicated To My Man, My Darlin' Bob*
    The Power of You & Me Together is Unbeatable My Man...
    All of Me just for You,
    You Angel Robby


    Thanks once again my precious Angel for another romantic, heart touching dedication..
    You're my Life & World Always,
    All my Love,
    Your Man,
    Your Darlin' Bob

    Hillary Thai


  6. Janet Butler

    I love Richard Marx his lyrics, songs, an music are so relaxing and touchy.  I enjoy his music... Thanks Richard Marx you made my day

    Hillary Thai

    Yep, no complaint.

  7. Antonina Rivituso


  8. František Brem

    great :-)

  9. Louise Taylor

    again...Great views and shadows!!! I love this!!!

    Hillary Thai

    Always the same....Can he make a change sometimes?

  10. Bambie Britten

    Richard Marx lives!!!!!!:-)..

  11. originaljawz

    vintage Marx :)