Marvin Gaye - Night Life Lyrics

in the evening
when the sun goes down'll find me
cause the nightlife
aint no good life
but it's my life....oh...yes it is
many people just like you and me
are dreamin' things used to be
but the nightlife ain't no good life
but it's my life

listen to the blues
they're playin'
listen to the blues
to what's saying...

home,it's just another place
oh...from that world of broken dreams

yes the nightlife ain't no good life
but it's my life... oh yes it is

sometimes it's sad...
then again it's happy..oh..mmmm sometimes

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Marvin Gaye Night Life Comments
  1. Scott Coleman

    This is the official nightlife song of Detroit Michigan because I said it

  2. Vondetta c

    Marvin was a one of a kind artist..

  3. Max Meister

    Best Gaye song ever!

  4. Sylvère-Henry Cissé

    The Man

  5. Michael Thomas

    Superb reading of Willie Nelson's tune.

  6. Ben Stewart

    This takes me back to germany in 66, dreamin bout what used to be back in the world. Big booze and fast women.

  7. Ida T.

    It's actually from the 1966 album "Moods of Marvin Gaye." Fantastic song and stellar album.

    Colin Ancel

    The song was originally written by Willie Nelson, but you're right, this is a great album.