Marvin Gaye - Checking Out (Double Clutch) Lyrics

Well, these are just a bunch of guys from Detroit
Name of Bohannon

They can play the music straight
But they thought they'd double clutch it for you

So you see, they got together
These cats sure are funky
And they thought you might dig a little dance
Called the Double Clutch

You see, these is just a bunch
Of cats from Detroit
Called Bohannon and them cats
So they got together and thought
Of this funky jam
They wanted y'all to do the Double Clutch

Sure is funky

You see, these cats from Detroit
Bohannon and Ray and Melvin
Playing the Double Clutch

Now, all through this album
We played the double up
Well, by now
You should be deep in

It's all over about now, y'all
We hate to leave you
But we got to go

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