Marty Robbins - The Bend In The River Lyrics

Past the first bend in the river
Is another bend I can't see
And the bend that keeps calling
Is the bend that keeps hiding from me.

Past the first hill on the desert
Is another hill I can't see
And the hill that keeps hiding
Is the hill that keeps calling to me.

In the cottonwood by the river
A mourning dove calls his mate
He has true love to give her
But love for me must wait.

Till I've traveled every river
And each desert hill I have climbed
If I find love to my liking
I'll leave the river's bend far behind...

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Marty Robbins The Bend In The River Comments
  1. Tony Molyneux

    The best Country Singer of my generation, so underated.

  2. Johnny Mac

    This song would have made a great theme for the James Stewart film 'Where the River Bends' from 1952. Sadly, the song came somewhat later.

  3. Deborah Dyess

    The very best western ballad singer ever and my favorite singer always

  4. Marilyn Bargemann

    love this people who dont like this certainly have no music sense

  5. Primrose Haran

    beautiful song from the best ever singer nobody comes close to him marty is the best

  6. Bill Bright

    Magic land that has given us so much talent.

  7. Primrose Haran

    marty never made a bad song I've loved everything he has done

  8. Primrose Haran

    beautiful singing as usual from the great marty thanks

  9. Zachary

    past the first bend in the rivoooooo

  10. Bill Bright

    Keep on riding cowboy,
    because that's the way of it.

    Bill Bright

    Marty was a true blue American treasure.

    Thomas Ingersoll

    yeahhhhhhh..... it is

  11. faustus999

    Utterly sublime.

  12. Joaquin Hawkins

    What can be said but the true Master of this genre of Americana

  13. Atlantic Viking

    Beautiful songs by a truly great singer, never to be forgotten xx

    Chris Tookey

    This song makes me shiver quite literally! Love it and love Him too thank you America for the unforgettable man! I listened to him when I was little at my Dad's knee,he was a massive fan and was lucky enough to get to see him in Wembley London when he came over hear in the early 70s. Listening to him brings me my Daddy back to me ! (We had El Paso played at his funeral) even my cat was called Marty😊 Anyway thanks once again for Mr. Robbins x Bill got there just before sunset it still hung like fire in the sky, in just a few moments out there in the street old Bill or the outlaw would die.......🇺🇸🇬🇧

    Chris Tookey

    +Chris Tookey *HERE 😉

  14. Kirk Barkley

    HOW could 2 folks NOT like this one? Never seekers, I reckon...

  15. yakker dave

    your taste in music is inpeccable tarquin,thanks

  16. Roger Kay

    Awesome artist, knocks Cash into a cocked hat.

    mr. warmth

    i played these but i dont take subscibers support your d. j

  17. kayak dave

    excellent song pure quality

  18. Deborah Dyess

    i hope you are doing well tarquin

  19. tarquin45

    Like you granny, I never tire of listening to and watching this outstanding, but underrated artist of the 20th century. A voice of beauty and a man of almighty all round talent.

    mr. warmth

    no offense but im 73

  20. Deborah Dyess

    no matter what he sings or how many time i hear his voice i get chills down my back. no other will ever sing like marty. he is missed. rip.marty

  21. Kirk Barkley

    I have lived this song. Beautiful.

  22. 0675rs

    One of my favorite songs from Marty, really a wonderful and underrated masterpiece. Still can picture the song as I did when I heard it for the first time. What a beauty!

  23. BloozeDaddy76

    Robbins was a great talent who wrote and sang some of the greatest songs of his time. Too bad Marty is almost forgotten here in the 21st century. This is an obscure masterpiece that should have been one of his biggest hits. One of the prettiest folk songs ever written.

  24. ufgatorpaw

    Soft as velvet and smooth as satin.... What a voice he had!

  25. Gene Roberts

    @7466309change ...I was born and raised in Kentucky and lived in Michigan for six years. When I moved to El Paso...and then on to New Mexico, I thought I wasn't going to care much for the desert. That was 16 years ago after I retired from the Army...and i have grown to love the mountains, the cactus, roadrunners and coyotes. It sure does grow on you.

  26. Deborah Dyess

    awesome always. my fav singer forever

  27. Siouxindian7

    What a lovely song, it's so wonderful from Marty...

  28. Kirk Barkley

    one of my all-time favorite recordings. .

  29. 1uptospeed

    thanks tarquin 45 A good caliber !! when marty says in the cottonwood then you see cottonwoods & mourning dove NICE BLEND! nice picts. it a GREAT POST your saddle pal 1uptospeed

  30. jdbd60

    This song and Man Walks Among Us were two of my favorite Marty songs when I was young. He had quite a way with words especially about what he lived. Now that my hair is gray it was nice to hear these songs again and be reminded of another time. I could always imagine being at the place Marty was singing about..Thanks for letting us hear a great singer and poet.

  31. Rod Rinehart

    great song

  32. Wolfiemouse

    What a voice! What a legend! Hopefully him and Freddy Fender run into each other now and then. Love them both!!!

  33. Deborah Dyess

    was this song used in the james tewart movie of the same name. once again a great marty song.

  34. Kirk Barkley

    Oh, thank-you SOOO much - for some reason, i could not find it at first - I LOVE IT SO MUCH - scotty

  35. jtls8

    Another great song, by the great Marty Robbins

  36. Lynda McGlynn

    What a lovely song,thanx for sharing.

  37. faustus999

    thanks tarquin, what a fantastic song this is. marty at his best.

  38. jhtenvelde

    Hi CaptSato,I want to thank you for your reaction on my comment.I think that we are sharing the love we feel about Marty and his wonderful music.Your comment is always wonderful and I am sure that Marty would be very glad about the way you talk about him,and he deserved it.A great wonderful man left this world to soon,but his memory will live on in his music.Thank you CaptSato.Thank you Tarquin for posting all this great clips of Marty.

  39. jhtenvelde

    Hi CaptSato!Your english is way out better than mine,and japanese! I hardly can speak out the word,because I'm dutch.But I see many reactions from you on the clips of Tarquin and they are all very good.Marty Robbins is for me the best of the best.Thank you Tarquin.

  40. tarquin45

    CaptSato. Your English is better than my Japanese! I appreciate the fact that you take time to look at the videos and give an opinion on them. Domo Domo Arigatoh.