Marty Robbins - Sweet Leilani Lyrics

Sweet Leilani, heavenly flower
Nature fashioned roses kissed with dew
And then she placed them in a flower
And that was the start of you

Sweet Leilani, heavenly flower
Tropic skies are jealous as they shine
I think they're jealous of your blue eyes
I think they're jealous 'cause you're mine

Sweet Leilani, heavenly flower
I dream of Paradise for two
I dream of Paradise complete here
You are my dream come true

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Marty Robbins Sweet Leilani Comments
  1. Leilani Naylor

    My father used to sing this to me all of the time and I miss him dearly ❤️

  2. Smokyieus

    Wonderful song, thank you!

  3. Primrose Haran

    This is absolutely fantastic love marty thanks for this lovely post

  4. Chris Tookey

    The Man can yodel too!!!! x

  5. David L. Rogers

    Coming up Dave my friend, thanks for a great request, Hawaiian Bells is a song and a half :)