Marty Robbins - South Of The Border Lyrics

(Ay-ay-ay-ay, ay-ay-ay-ay!)
(Ay-ay-ay-ay, ay-ay-ay-ay!)

South of the border, down Mexico way,
That's where I fell in love
When stars above came out to play,
And now as they wander, my thoughts ever stray
South of the border, down Mexico way.

And she sighed as she whispered "manana,"
Never dreaming that we were parting
And I lied as I whispered "manana,"
For our tomorrow never came.

South of the border, I rode back one day.
There in a veil of white by candlelight,
She knelt to pray.
The mission bells told me that I mustn't stay
South of the border, down Mexico way.

Ay-ay-ay-ay, ay-ay-ay-ay!
Ay-ay-ay-ay, ay-ay-ay-ay!

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Marty Robbins South Of The Border Comments
  1. Patricia Roberts

    Loved his voice, the stories, the wisdom mixed with waywardness, his understanding of how we get ourselves in so much trouble.

  2. Illumisepoolist

    Get ready for 2 Weeks at the Happiest place on Earth, Tijuana!

  3. Gloria Roberts

    Marty. Robins is my favorite singer, it was a shock when he died . His songs Are here for us to enjoy.

  4. Dave Siler

    Marty Robbins and Willy Nelson do this son magnificently! It is truly a fantastic song!

  5. Olga Košenina

    to pa je tisto, kar traja in traja. kjerkoli že si

  6. Doep Du Plessis

    Ai,afrikaans for wow,what a voice,what a man.

  7. Janet DR

    Love all his songs

  8. Thomas Gelke

    i couldn't remember the lyrics to this song so i had to look up the simpsons when they go to tijuana. doesn't this guy also sing the song about falling in love with a mexican girl?

  9. Octagrammaton Veilchenstein der Dreizehnte

    "Uncle Jun's in the muff"

  10. Donald Carr

    Best version of this song that I have heard.

  11. Clécio Oliveira

    The best of the best!

  12. Paulette Aguilar


  13. Phyllis Jimmeye

    Marty is a very talented and romantic man. I love every song he ever sang. It is hard to believe he was born the same year my dad was born.

  14. Jeannie Costello

    There are so many versions of this song. This is so good too!

  15. Eric Cuthbert

    any person suffering with depression the Doctor should prescribe a Marty Robbins CD. Marty Robbins Will always be "King of love songs.". Eric Cuthbert. Rep of Ireland.

  16. Kenneth Allen

    Marty Robbins is one the best Singer of or TIME From Ken

  17. Sidney VanWagner

    Magical voice...enjoyed this a lot...some is better than none when Marty Sings............Sid...!!!

  18. John Benn

    WOW WOW WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    From a mad keen 74yo Aussie fan.
    GOD--That incredible voice is so amazing.

  19. Pieter Hovingh

    Geweldige artiest, luister vaak naar zijn muziek.

  20. Oscar. JT

    Gran voz Marty Robbins el mejor cantante de baladas

  21. M G

    My grandma clued me in to Marty, his Gunfighter Ballads, and South of the Border. South of Border was one of her favorites.

  22. karl Kruger

    He stuffs it up by leaving out a verse.

  23. Russ Parker

    Country music by RussParker

  24. capergal49

    Such a voice and you can really hear the gift he has on this song. I grew up with his songs and so many other great C&W singers, we had the best of the best.

  25. Francis Alan Wormald


  26. gayle shaw

    Beautiful song . Marty's just the best.

  27. Thomas Williams

    It's missing the verse about her being a beauty in old Spanish lace, but it's still a good version

  28. laurie williams

    "Marty sings the Jimmy Kennedy/Michael Carr classic. Recorded by such artists including Bing Crosby, Herb Alpert, Chris Izaak, Gene Autry"
    What a joke, you failed to mention the great Patsy Cline. WHY?????????????????????? did you?

  29. Nathalie Ellington

    Sweetest rendition...thank you xoxo

    mr. warmth

    sure  music  to  share  ty

  30. dave galla

    i don''t know if you have heard the patsy cline version of this song, south of the border. try to listen to it. i"m sure you"ll like it.

  31. Nita Lapierre

    god he's an angel

  32. Steven Yourke

    I learned this song from listenting to Frank Sinatra. Damn, Frank sang everything!



  33. Anthony Pooran

    I wouldn't call this Country Music but I do like it.

    Meade Music

    +Anthony Pooran Yes, its country. Its the Western part of Country/Western.

    William Feigel

    Agreed, large herds of cattle were trailed in to,( long horns)in the great American desert from Mexico.

  34. Cliff G Ross

    Marty Robbins Is A Legends of country music

  35. Herman Prayitno

    I always sing this lovely song. January 2016 .

  36. Tonia van der Sluis

    Wat had die man een ontzettend mooie stem met zoveel gevoel erin.

  37. Dessa Sursa

    I am a 25 year old and this is my all time fav song

    Janette Bloxam

    Dessa Sursa to

  38. Nancy Cowan


    kevin heming

    @Nancy Cowan ?

    Jeremy Vernon

    +Nancy Cowan You said it, Kevin! Is the above rom the Land of Gibberish?

    kevin heming

    +Jeremy Vernon Maybe that's the best place to be!!!

  39. Stephen Manuman

    Woke up this morning with this song playing in my head. Great old song. 

  40. Maria Saldarini

    bella voce ok

  41. GeekBoy03

    "Taylor made"??? This song comes from 1939 for the film of the same name.

  42. Angeliqe Bic

    Real coboy !  like him

  43. Treechris23

    I love Marty's voice!! I love everything he ever sang! A true gentleman, too! Miss you Marty Robbins!!!

  44. David Large

    muy bueno my compadres,

  45. Kevin Fallon

    one of my mums songs

  46. Jay Igaboo

    " love, morals, longing, deceit and repentance, something totally lost in(on?) today's society".............. Not lost, just less common, unfortunately.
    With a user name of perfidiame I guess you know what you are talking about!

  47. Pierre Gadbois

    my favorite song my dad use to sing that song many times a week good memories i n my mind wile i was a kid PIERRE GADBOIS FROM GATINEAU QUEBEC

  48. Fidel Bravo

    what a beautyful song,,,,,,what a times those when we can see each others like brothers, i love this song too much, thanks for posting . regards

  49. paulinus43ad

    ya a gutsy man Marty,,,, live on my man,,,,

  50. Deborah Dyess

    i saw this gene autry movie today on western channel.

  51. Deborah Dyess

    @clyde21641 you were lucky, the world lost a great singer when he passed, my fav singer of all time

  52. Joe Dennis Oliver

    I was so lucky enough to see this man preform many years ago in Abilene, Tx. He was a great performer.

  53. totalsextacy

    What a beautiful song. I only wish I was alive when Mr. Robbins was still playing music!

  54. jarvsie

    @candw87 yes,he came to Oaxaca once and made a song about distant drums.

  55. candd87

    @guambetty I think he didn't like the word GAY

  56. felixbautista

    Wonderful rendition of a great nostalgic song... thank you for uploading.

  57. paulinus43ad

    @Perfidiame could not have put it better my self,,,,,,,,,

  58. William Chris Feigel

    A nun gives her life an service, married to the God of her understanding, Pappyj

  59. paulinus43ad

    Its Martys music ,beautiful,,,,

  60. guambetty

    I like it,but I wonder did anyone else notice he didn`sing the second verse of the song? It goes" She was a picture in old Spanish lace, and for a tender while I kissed the smile upon her face, for it was fiesta, and we were so gay,south of the border down Mexico way. I enjoyed it tho`--thanks for sharing!

  61. clarebannerman

    Written by an Irish man Jimmy Kennedy.....other hits were
    "Red Sails in the Sunset "and "Isle of Capri"

  62. barrygioportmorien1

    The great Marty, what else ithere to say.

  63. Perfidiame

    @joj4joj Nuns, when they took their final vow wore white. It says that she knelt to pray, no mention of anyone being with her. This is how I understand it.

  64. Deborah Dyess

    lovely song as always.

  65. candd87

    We're both wrong -look up Clan Kennedy on Wikipedia- It originated in Scotland

  66. Liam Keyes

    This song was first made famous back in 1940 by Gene Autry, then all the Heavy hitters made a recording of it....Roy Rogers, Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, Patsy Cline, Perry Como and the klist goes on.

  67. Liam Keyes

    @candw87 Kennedy is an ancient Irish Name. It's as Irish as Paddy's Pig.

  68. candd87

    Many- many moons ago -it's a very old original English name Taken over to America

  69. felixbautista

    wonderful melody taking me down memory lane. Thanks for uploading it.

  70. Perfidiame

    That was when "gay" meant "happy"
    He went back and saw her kneeling in front of the altar.
    She became a nun, this is why the misson bell told him that "he mustn't stay.
    This is a song about love, morals, longing, deceit and repentance, something totally lost in todays society

  71. Perfidiame

    South of the border down Mexico way
    that's where we fell in love
    when stars above came out to play
    South of the border, down Mexico way.
    She was a picture
    in old Spanish lace, and for a tender while
    I kissed a smile upon her face
    For it was fiesta
    and we were so gay
    South of the border, down Mexico way.

  72. Liam Keyes

    Written by an Englishman....Since when was Kennedy an English Name???

  73. 46teri

    Ależ piękny głos!Cieszę się,że natrafiłam w youtube na Marty Robbinsa,chociaż wydaje mi się,że Adios Amigo już słyszałam kiedyś w radio,bo znam melodię tej piosenki(cudowna).

  74. tomtesticle

    She was a picture
    in old Spanish lace
    As, for a tender while
    I kissed the smile
    upon her face
    But, the mission bells told me
    That I must not stay
    South of the border
    Down Mexico way.

  75. candd87

    look at DOWN MEXICO onYOU TUBE they're all there

  76. Susan Brown

    THANK you for this....... Whenever I get down, I just tell people that I I am still depressed over Marty's death. Love

  77. tarquin45

    No, Idon't think he did.

  78. candd87


  79. My Space

    What a voice!, only Marty can take you South of the boder.