Marty Robbins - Smoking Cigarettes Drinking Coffee Blues Lyrics

I guess I'll take a walk tonight
I know that I can't sleep
And I won't go to bed at all
I'll just lay there and weep
Instead, I'll make our favorite spot
That's what I think I'll do
I got those smokin' cigarettes
And drinkin' coffee blues

Smokin' cigarettes
And drinkin' coffee all night long
Wondrin' how a love so right
Could suddenly go wrong
I bet there's a lot of people
Know the misery I go thru
I've got those smokin' cigarettes
And drinkin' coffee blues

Sittin' at a table
Where I carved my baby's name
Won'drin' how our love went wrong
Wonderin' who's to blame
Listenin' while the juke box
Plays a song that makes me blue
Another cup of coffee
Then a cigarette or two

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Marty Robbins Smoking Cigarettes Drinking Coffee Blues Comments
  1. Wayne Hughes

    Ya I wanna 🎤 this

  2. patentpumps

    This  was originally  a hit by Lefty Frizzell in 1959.

  3. Shannon Burns

    The real deal. The original recording of this song. He wrote it and no one sings it like Martin David Robinson. David Ball is without a doubt a close second. Put 1000 dimes in the juke box at BeeBee corner at 1 & 119 listening to this. Jackson's Truck Stop there. Sigh, to be there in that time again.😢

  4. Norman Grimm

    Marty wrote this song

  5. Rose Foo

    Very fine piece

  6. Lona Webster

    Cigarettes and coffee have lightened a lot of heartaches

  7. Leann Keogh

    Currently blasting this song down the motorway with a happy Grandad 😂

  8. Troy Hall

    Voice of an angel

  9. Raymond Arthur

    Song that Marty wrote & Lefy had big hit with.

  10. MsPnCyrusC

    He was a master.

  11. Rod VanHoose

    Marty's is a great version of the song but I have to give the nod to Lefty on this one.

  12. Primrose Haran

    totally wonderful love him

  13. anthony sekula

    Beautiful song. Clever lyrics

  14. John Gentle

    My grandad was telling me this was his first Marty robbins song he heard he was 15 in 1960 and he told me today and he's in his 70s makes me think this song do

  15. zerblis

    Which version is better? Marty's or Lefty's??

    David L. Rogers

    Oooooo, now that's a toughy, both are so very good, so, I won't make that choice, but instead, I'll enjoy the heck out of them both, thanks for the comment, view, and just enjoy, Dave :)

    Mike Jones

    Marty!More voice range!!!!




    Khakhakha EVERYTHING Strong strong Learn Little khakhakha Miss 😂😂😂😁😁😂

  17. Araminta Patterson

    his voice one word AWESOME

  18. Bill Widner

    Been there, done that.  Asking myself the same questions.  Sometimes, life's a bitch.

  19. martin lawrence

    my dad love'this song so much

  20. Nathan Worcester

    Raw as late September wind.

    David L. Rogers


    Lorenzo P.

    Damn, thanks for a drop of poetry at 5 am. So true.

  21. David L. Rogers

    This is to Brenda Irby, I'm not sure why, but I couldn't reply to your comment, and I find that odd, after all, this is my post, anyway, I agree with you, Marty was and is one of them, there are a few, I'm glad you enjoyed this song, I know I surely do, and, thank you :)

  22. Brenda Irby

    He was one of the great singers .