Marty Robbins - Ride, Cowboy, Ride Lyrics

Ride, cowboy, ride
Don't ride too slow
Tucson's a mighty long way yet to go

He started his long ride in Prescott
The sun was a hundred or more
On down he rode at full gallop
Into the flat desert floor

Driving the big herd to Flagstaff
In Prescott the letter was there
Happiness soon would be sorrow
Sad news the letter did bear

Ride, cowboy, ride
Don't go too slow
Ride, cowboy, ride
You've a long way to go

Your darlin' now lies on her deathbed
Racked by fever and pain
Reaching for you at her bedside
At each breath she's callin' your name

Forward he leaned in the saddle
Pushing through mesquite and sage
His head never raised for a greeting
As he passed the Wickenburg stage

Ride, cowboy, ride
Don't ride too slow
Tucson's a mighty long way to go

In Phoenix he traded horses
Now on the back of this roan
He could see visions of Tucson
His darlin' and their lovely home

Ride, cowboy, ride
Don't ride too slow
There's still a hundred and twenty to go

In through the ranch gate he galloped
And without breaking his stride
He bounded out of the saddle
And rushed to his sweet darlin's side

Then as the dyin' girl saw him
A smile came over her face
Holding her hand as it tightened
Barely had he won the race

Ride, cowboy, ride
On through the blue
Ride, cowboy, ride
She'll be waiting for you
Ride, cowboy, ride
On through the blue
Ride, cowboy, ride
She'll be waiting for you

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Marty Robbins Ride, Cowboy, Ride Comments
  1. Jarren Taylor

    I'm typically a metal head but I've been listening to Marty Robbins daily for over a month and it's extremely satisfying. Extremely.

  2. VC Cowboy

    It has a lot more meaning when you actually live in Tucson

  3. Jack Frost

    R.I.P Marty Robbins.

  4. Chrisyau Yamkee

    Great country singer.

  5. bloke372

    One of America's greatest singers. Just a fabulous voice and tells a wonderful story every time

  6. wyonancy

    One of my favorite Marty Robbins songs.

  7. Primrose Haran

    he is simply the best ever that's marty

  8. Bill Bright

    Arizona, land of incredible beauty, storied setting for countless western songs and motion pictures.

    Bill Bright

    Bill Williams mountain a real gem. Near Prescott Arizona.

    Bill Bright

    Arizona gets in ones blood,
    and you'll never get it out, it calls,
    for you to come home.

    Bill Bright

    Flagstaff to Benson
    Window Rock to Yuma
    tie your pony up and stay a spell.
    You'll be glad you came friends.

  9. Ingrid Maier

    Thank you tarquin45 for uploading this beautiful song. Again I was sitting all night listening to Marty.

  10. R Flkr

    How anyone could mark thumbs down on this is amazing to me. What an amazing and moving song!

    Ingrid Maier

    Some people are just brain-dead and need noise and screaming, (what they call music). You can only ignore such dumbasses.....

  11. Mavis and Paul Schaefer

    I love this song.

  12. admiradorauna

    This could about the love affair of Abraham Lincoln and Ann Rutledge

    Helen Shields

    admiradorauna ñ 8

  13. les attridge

    marty was the greatest country singer ever he surely is missed;hes on my turn table all the time;les attridge channel

  14. Graveyardnerds Ostler

    I listened to this song thousands of times when I was a child.

  15. dave bob

    I hate them stupid ads.

  16. Hampton Alexander

    this is my first time hearing this and it was soooooooo good, i loved it so much

  17. Siouxindian7

    ♥ WOW ♥
    I love that song with Marty. It's great.
    He is so "AMAZING"
    The King of Country music..

  18. shilo39

    Marty could certainly tell a great Story.
    Each song would easly make a good film
    I go way back to his *White Sportscoat>
    Pity I never say his Stage shows

  19. Deborah Dyess

    one of marty's best. thank your dad for writing it. and marty for recording it.

  20. marty lawrence

    i cant wait to get back home i hope to see tucson az very soon

  21. jhtenvelde

    Hi,there Tarquin!once again you touch my heart with this wonderful music from this great man.I never heard such a beautiful voice as that Marty had and together with this wonderful music it is like heaven,I sure hope they play this music in heaven,then after our time is done we will have a wonderful time hearing the music of this great man.Thank you somuch for posting Marty on you tube.