Marty Robbins - Rich Man Rich Man Lyrics

Rich man, rich man got all the good land
Ain't nothin' left but bad land for the poor man
Rich man's money, rich man's school
Did they make the poor man, rich man's fool

Rich man, rich man never have dirty hands
Never hold a plow that's turnin' his land
Poor man holds it day by day
Did they make the poor man, rich man's slave

I work the field come rain or shine
What else can I do
I have nothing nor has mine
Are we rich man's fools

Poor man, poor man always be a poor man
Sit at the end of day then I'm a tired man
Rich man's money, rich man's school
Did they make the poor man, rich man's fool

Rich man worried 'bout all the money spent
Worried 'bout taxes, he owes the government
Then on payday poor man shines
They can't tax just one thin dime

God loves both of us rich and poor alike
Loves us both the same, equal within his sight
Has no favourites, this I know
For the good book tells me so

Wealth can't buy a home on high
Not all the worldly gold
Faith, on bended knees, can buy
A home in saviour's soul

Rich and poor the same, no good without the flame
I mean the flame of love, sent down from God above
If our Faith in Him we lose
Rich or poor, we're both a fool

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Marty Robbins Rich Man Rich Man Comments
  1. Deborah Dyess

    Amazing singer awesome voice

  2. Von Liberté

    Such an amazing song from the wonderful Marty Robbins

  3. mrbobevans

    This song is hell of lot better than Lennon's Baby Your a Rich Man. Robbins much greater talent than Lennon.

  4. gayle shaw

    Amazing voice. Just brilliant. xx

  5. Primrose Haran

    love him singing this xxx

  6. Helen Shields

    WOW, what words....what a performer

  7. Chris the drinker of bleach.

    It is just absolutely phenomenal how amazing he sings this.


    надзвичайно красива пісня!
    very beautiful song! From Ukraine!

  9. Deborah Dyess

    thanks tarquin i appreciate it.

  10. tarquin45

    It's from the Bear Family Set 'Country 1960-1966' and was recorded in 1962 at the same session he recorded 'I've Got A Woman's Love.'

  11. Deborah Dyess

    oh boy! never heard this one before. i clicked on your channel and found it. what album is this from.

  12. maeuschen64

    wow soooo very good Song :-) thank you very much ... grins i kiss you for the song smile :-)
    lg maeuschen64

  13. jtls8


  14. Dave flattop phillips

    fantastic song, marty is beautiful, great lyrics, thanks for posting,