Marty Robbins - Ribbon Of Darkness Lyrics

Ribbon of darkness over me
Since my true love walked out the door
Tears I never had before
Ribbon of darkness over me

Clouds are gathering over my head
That kill the day and hide the sun
That shroud the night when day is done
Ribbon of darkness over me

Rain is falling on the meadow
Where once my love and I did lie
Now she is gone from the meadow
My love goodbye

Ribbon of darkness over me
Where once the world was young as spring
Where flowers did bloom and birds would sing
Ribbon of Darkness over me

In this cold room lying
Don't want to see no one but you
Lord, I wish I could be dying
To forget you

How I wish your old heart could see
How mine just takes and breaks all day
Come on back and take away
Ribbon of Darkness over me

Come on back and take away
Ribbon of Darkness over me

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Marty Robbins Ribbon Of Darkness Comments
  1. TheJonaco

    Marty was the greatest country singer (and pop, Tex-Mex, Western, Hawaiian, folk, calypso and standards singer!) ever. I've loved his songs ever since I heard "El Paso" back in the day. More crossover hits than any great country star, and he made everything his own- including this gem by that great Canadian original, Gordon Lightfoot. There are simply no bad covers of Gord's songs, and the guys who got his unique guitar-picking right deserve credit too. Grady also did all the Mexican-style solos on "El Paso" and Marty's other Western/Tex-Mex hits- another Nashville super-sideman. A well-deserved #1 country hit for Marty! BTW- Grady introduced that buzzy-fuzzy guitar style to Music City- by accident!- on Marty's #1 country/Top 5 pop hit "Don't Worry" ('61)...I think he had a broken amp!

  2. bigtoad45

    I go down to the Longhorn in Tombstone once in awhile to devour their foot long beef dog with all the fixings.. I munch away and watch the horses outside the window and listen to Marty playing in the background... Slurp down a large ice tea.. Heaven........

  3. Angelika Meister

    Love Marty Robbins

  4. Marko Sjekloča

    what i nice song

  5. David Godley

    This song would fit right in with the folk movement of the sixties.

  6. Noel Wilde

    Amazing. Was lucky enough to see him live in Liverpool many years ago. Maybe late 70's

  7. Johnny Mac

    Marty died at the same age as my dad. Both gone much too soon.

  8. cousin daniel

    some classic valentine's day shit here

  9. kiloechocharlie

    I know it's Gord's song but I prefer Marty Robbins singing it. I don't like the thump thump beat though..

  10. Aunt Wacky

    Once I heard that Gordon Lightfoot wrote this, I had to give it a listen, and sure enough, that's his structure all right, if not quite style. More country than folk, that is, although it could be adapted very easily.

  11. Bobbie Smith

    caption caption anyone caption anyone?

  12. Bazooka Tooth

    “They shroud the night when day is done”

  13. Bascombe Lane

    Ultimate American Western singer

  14. Labaron26

    Marty Robbins and Johnny Cash in my lifetime...What more can you ask?

  15. Bartholomew

    Best singer ever! He was barefoot and penniless as a child singing for money in the streets of Albuquerque New Mexico.


    Make that Glendale (outside Phoenix), AZ! My all-time favorite country singer.

  16. teceyS3

    perfect song to play during the eclipse on the 21st ;)
    i subscribed ! :)

  17. Jim Falkner

    with out question one of the greatest singers that ever lived

  18. Jim Falkner

    with out question one of the greatest singers that ever lived

  19. Deborah Dyess

    I get shivers down my back every time I hear him a greater singer than marty robbins I have yet to hear he is my favorite now then and always

  20. baby smell mcgee

    Reminds me of Fallout NV


    Marty Robbins sang the song, Big Iron featured in Fallout NV. If you like that, check his whole trail songs album, it's fantastic.

    baby smell mcgee

    DoctorLazers I know :)

  21. Bobbie LaVanway

    Loved this gentleman's voice. He is deeply missed, but remembered as now here thanks to people posting his music, and I say "Thank You" for doing so.

  22. sierra Roberts

    My dad called and told me about this song

  23. Derek Emrie

    Marty Robbins was the soundtrack for many an imaginary American southwest cowboy movies...I would play them in my mind every time my dad would play his records. What a fine voice he had. Thanks for posting!

  24. Will Drucker

    1050 WHN New York

  25. Steve Tamayo

    This song was written by Gordon Lightfoot. That's Grady Martin playing lead guitar. With Marty's voice it made for an outstanding performance.


    Steve Tamayo ...I saw Marty in July before he died in Dec. Can't remember the year. I sobbed😢 What a voice! And what a showman. I miss him & loved him much.💖

  26. just because

    Marty Robbins at His Best here Love this Song BY HIM Thanks for sharing thumbs up,Keith


    @STAR LIGHT it's a great one for sure!!

    just because

    sure is thanks again,keith


    @just because Written by Gordon Lightfoot :)