Marty Robbins - Little Joe The Wrangler Lyrics

Little Joe the Wrangler will wrangle nevermore
His days with the roundup they are o'er
Was a year ago last April when he rode into our camp
Just a little Texas stray and nothing more

Was late in the evening when he rode into our camp
On the little Texas pony he called Chaw
With his brogan shoes and overalls a tougher looking kid
You never in your life before had saw

His saddle was a Texas kack built many years ago
An OK spur on one foot lightly swung
With his packroll in a cotton sack so loosely tied behind
And a canteen from his saddle horn was slung

He said he had to leave his home his pa had married twice
His new ma whipped him every day or two
So he saddled up old Chaw one night and lit a shuck his way
He said he'd try to paddle his own canoe

He said if we would give him work he'd do the best he could
Though he didn't know straight up about a cow
So the boss he cut him out a mount and kindly put him on
He sorta liked this little kid somehow

He learned to wrangle horses and learned to know them all
And get them in at daybreakk if he could
And to trail the old chuck wagon and always hitch the team
And help to cook each evening rustle wood

We had hardly reached the Pecos the weather it was fine
We were camped down on the south side in a draw
When a northern commenced blowing and we doubled up our guards
It took every one of us to hold them in

Little Joe the Wrangler was called out with the rest
Scarcely had the little fellow reached the herd
When the cattle they stampeded like a hailstorm on they fled
And everyone was ridin' for the lead

Amid the streaks of lightnin' there was one horse up ahead
He was tryin' to check the leaders in their speed
It was little Joe the Wrangler with a slicker o'er his head
He was ridin' Old Blue Rocket in the lead

At last we got them millin' and kinda quited down
And the extra guards back to the wagon went
But there was one a missin' we could see it at a glance
Was our little Texas stray poor Wrangler Joe

Next morning just at daybreak we found where Rocket fell
Down in a washout twenty feet below
Beneath his horse his life had gone his spung had run its knell
Was our little Texas stray poor Wrangler Joe

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Marty Robbins Little Joe The Wrangler Comments
  1. Richard Johnson

    Marty Robbins got me interested in country music. I had grown up in a country music home, and I HATED it. As a child of the 60's I was into rock and roll...the Beatles, Credence Clearwater and so on. But I was a NASCAR fan too, and there was a guy named Marty Robbins who drove in what then was called "Grand National" racing. The radio people said he was a country music singer. Who was this guy? I wonder what he sounds like. I started listening to the local country station and discovered a world I had ignored most of my life. I can say today, at 67 years old, that my father in heaven is probably laughing at me listening to Marty, Hank, Lefty, Tex, Patsy and so on. And it's all Marty Robbins #42's fault. :)

  2. Carl hartley

    Nobody could do cowboy songs like Marty.

  3. Skyerose Gimm

    Man do i miss my papa he put me up on all the old music man do i miss him God rest his soul!!! I love you grandpa!!

  4. altareggo

    WHAT a voice... and GREAT songs. He was a TRUE gentleman entertainer. Hard to find his equal anymore!!!

  5. Char Porter

    Learned to sing this song when I was very little as my Uncle would sing it to all of us kids. I'm now 72 and still love that song

  6. Joshua Jordan

    marty robins is awesome

  7. stephen john gray

    love it,could you put up lyrics to Marty Robbins song -San Angelo please as i can't find them anywhere.

    B GG

    North of the border of Old Mexico
    I rode one day to the cowtown of San Angelo
    A hot sun was glowing, a hot breeze was blowing
    Still not as warm as the lips that I waited to kiss.

    She sent a message a long time ago
    Secora had promised to meet me in San Angelo
    I was aware of the chance I was taking
    I was an outlaw but great was my love for this girl.

    I must be with her I can't stay away
    Nights spent without her are lonely and so are the days
    If it means death then I'll have to chance it
    Only a few minutes more and she'll be at my side.

    At ten o' clock in the morning
    I tied my horse and I started to walk down the street
    Where was Secora, had she forgotten
    This was the day and the hour that she wanted to meet
    But something is wrong with our plans and I fear death awaits me
    Here on this hot dusty street.

    Up on a housetop but still I can see
    There hides a man with a rifle, it's pointed at me
    I might escape from the man with a rifle
    But there are others just like him that I cannot see.

    Back of each window the click of a gun
    Die if I stay and my love for her won't let me run
    Where is Secora, will my eyes see her
    Then in a moment she runs from a door down the street.

    "Up on your horse", she is crying
    "Ride out of town it's a trap and they're waiting for you"
    But if I ride out, she must ride with me
    Then in a moment I know that our chances are gone
    For a bullet is well on its way and it finds my Secora
    She cries as she falls in my arms.

    Over and over her soft lips did say
    "Now we're together, I won't let them take you away"
    One little sigh, her little lips tremble
    Then it was over, Secora had drifted away.

    Tears dim my vision but plainly I see
    The ranger that killed her is standing there waiting for me
    I rise to meet him, my one thought it beat him
    He deserves death and I swear that this ranger will die.

    I beat his draw and I shot him
    Shot him six times just as fast as the bullets could fly
    My gun is empty or more I would shoot him
    Now there are others just like him that want me to die
    Their bullets are coming my way, how they hurt when they hit me
    The pain makes me fall to the ground.

    Gone is my strength, just the will left to fight
    I hear the sound of the lead as it robs me of life
    If I must die, let me find Secora
    Let me hold on to her hand for the few moments left.

    Blindly I search and it isn't in vain
    I touch the soft velvet hand and it eases the pain
    Life is no more but we're together
    Even in death she's my lover,
    It's over,

  8. Wallroad Zipper

    Does anybody else remember that they found him, "beneath his horse, smashed to a pulp, his spur had rung the knell
    for our little Texas strayboy, wrangler Joe.

  9. Johnathon Hamilton

    Chaw wouldn’t have run into that washout.

  10. Vikki Harris

    what happened to Chaw? #bestcharacter

    stephen john gray

    the rest of them shot him and cut him into steaks and ate him.

  11. crimony

    I'll never forgive Russell Wood

  12. Chris J. BK

    Abigail lead me here.

    Astronaut Apollo

    Chris BK who’s Abigail

  13. GamerGuy FX

    Whenever someone says country sucks, I play Marty Robbins and ask 'em "there, bet you feel stupid now, huh?

  14. Deborah Dyess

    Love marty Robbins forever

  15. Keith Sage

    Nobody has a voice that could match Mary robins.

  16. scorpion19142001

    I really, really like this kinda of ballads. Never get Tired of this kinda Music.

  17. Mel Zemourit

    Such a sad song despite it having quite a cheerful tone/melody. Poor kid

  18. Roy Richards

    U love this man songs

  19. Brian Renner

    No the ranch working this song comes to me all the time Love this Thank You Marty 😇

  20. Greg Kie

    Never heard Marty do this great old song before and yes, he does have a way to get this all and his other music over, "just right".  I believe its called "feeling".

  21. TheKowHunter

    It’s a good day when you find a “new” Marty Robbins song!


    I Agree..

  22. Jane Cawley

    One off the best love him singing

  23. louis t

    poor kid , ridding hard in the rain and in the night ; trying to do good and had forgotten about fear . Young brave men , do not forget about fear for fear will leed you to caution , caution with help you with less mistakes . that would be my luck to jump on the fastest in the dark . I'm sure it was until the fall !!

  24. Cheesy Par

    Lol the lyrics are almost the same for surly Joe

  25. Stanlsey Lobstein

    Marty sure could sing those cowboy songs brings a smile to me

  26. RoryCooper2

    RDR2 campfire with Abigail and Uncle!


    RoryCooper2 haha yes

    EAdventures Productions

    Ah yes red dead a really fun game


    I heard this there, got disappointed it wasn't surly Joe, but then realized it was

  27. thatonedrewguy

    And now all I can hear is "Surly Joe".


    A cedilla on the C of Çurly Joe

    Patrick McCarty

    Thermonuclear Bomb that’s ‘curly joe’!!

  28. Stanlsey Lobstein

    Marty was a great singer and a great person

  29. Paulette Aguilar

    Love you Marty you are the best singer I think I have ever heard

  30. T. Dobbs

    Nice song

  31. satinspringsarabians

    Would listen to this when I was a kid and we would go camping in the motor home. Love all Marty's songs

  32. Tree Fiddy Bandit

    I want to hear this music out on the ranch while smoking a J

    Idk what’s sounds more peaceful than that


    I blaze while cowboying, its goos for your horses, and its good for your cattle. Calm cowpunchers are good for everybody. Lol

  33. Bill Venero

    Chaw is my favorite character

    Stanlsey Lobstein

    Marty was a great singer and a wo nderful person

    EAdventures Productions

    He is a great animal

  34. Thomas McConaughey

    Seen this man when I was stationed in Hawaii in 1976 or 77 he sang for 3 hours and didn't even take a break best concert I've ever seen

    Barry Postings

    Very envious of your experience, a time I feel you will never forget......

  35. Primrose Haran

    thanks for this he is the greatest singer ever nobody could beat him just love marty

  36. Deborah Dyess

    thank you for all you post of my fav singer love him forever


    Yeah, no problem!

  37. Zane Starr

    You never require the words with this man, you can understand every word he sings.
    Strange that, it'll never catch on.... I think they used to call it talent !

    Gustavus Adolphus

    Zane Starr lol

    Bill Allmon

    I seen one of them rap stars sing the national anthem at a ball game it was terrible

    1Lt Uncle Jack