Marty Robbins - I've Never Loved Anyone More Lyrics

Seems that I don't think about you too much
I'm not too sure why I thought of you now
Time has a way of numbin' the touch
But I still recall when you left me just how much
It hurt me to stand there just watchin' you leave
I couldn't believe it was true
After moments we shared and the souls that we bared
I've never loved anyone more

But, like I said, I don't think of you much

There's someone beside me who helps me forget
She's taught me how not to think of you now
When I remember you I don't regret that
We couldn't hold on to the dreams that we share
Dreams that were there to believe in
And, for all of the pain, I would love you again
I've never loved anyone more
And, for all of the pain, I would love you again
I've never loved anyone more

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Marty Robbins I've Never Loved Anyone More Comments
  1. Antonio Mendes

    With all respect,Billie Jo Spears did it much better.

  2. Shirley Lawlor

    Marty is just wonderful all these old songs are lovely ,,,

  3. Country Aficionado

    I've been watching a lot of your videos Tarquin, this channel is amazing! Love the content you have put up on here! I've noticed something, it seems that you enjoy the younger Marty and I enjoy the older Marty. Together we make 2 Marty enthusiasts and one respectable channel! Have a nice day!


  4. Susan Matlock

    I didn't realized that Mike Nesmith of the Monkees wrote this with Linda Hargrove

  5. gaylia donnally


  6. Fairfieldlady

    So very true......

  7. serenole

    I had an Uncle who looked a lot like Marty Robbins and sounded like him too. He introduced me to live concerts as well as my first guitar. Marty had a distinctive style and I love it!

  8. shannara11

    I have this album, it's wonderful. Marty has such a clear beautiful voice. Thanks for posting these great videos.


    Superb . No one can put over a song like "Ole " Marty.This is just great. thanks. RCAKEN.

  10. Jacquie Wingate

    Linda passed away on Oct 24th of 2010 after a lengthy battle with cancer. Ever the optimist, she said she still had so many songs to write...
    She was a beautiful lady and very talented singer/songwriter.

  11. Wisegeorge

    Linda Hargrove belongs in the Country Music Songwriters Hall of Fame. Where is the justice? She had/has the gift.

  12. Deborah Dyess

    this is beautiful but then all marty's songs are great.