Marty Robbins - Don't Let Me Touch You Lyrics

Guess who I saw today and I asked him about you
I saw your new love and it was plain he cares about you
But I'll wait until he's out of town
Then I'll call you up and want to come around

But don't let me touch you don't let me get close to you
Though I might say nice things and I might bring a rose to you
There's just a chance your old romance might burn anew
Don't let me touch you don't let me get close to you

Don't let me touch you don't let me get close to you
Though I might say nice things and I might bring a rose to you
There's just a chance your old romance might burn anew
Don't let me touch you don't let me get close to you

Don't let me touch you

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Marty Robbins Don't Let Me Touch You Comments
  1. jon doe

    Can anyone upload the song "Juarez" off this album? I lost the albun and cant fi d that song anywhere. Thanks !!

  2. Shirley lawlor

    Just wonderful ,, can listen to him for hours

  3. Primrose Haran

    Fantastic marty just love him the greatest singer ever thanks for this

  4. betty stephenson

    beautiful thanks jw

  5. Louise Anne Blais

    He was such a good singer!

  6. Kevin Miller

    I know many of you won't ag ree with me, but until he gre- w his mustache, Marty look- ed amazingly like Ozzie Nels on.

  7. Joe Kelly

    I have ran across so man MARTYS who's mum's named their babies after Marty Robbins.

    Joe Kelly

    I had heard MR'd daughter during an interview sharing the face that her Dad would often step into the pasture & sing for his cows! Spoke with Marty Jr. recently about it: 'My sister wasn't kidding ' he chuckled- Dad ' wanted to see how the cows responded to his songs!' LOL ( I'll bet they gave sweeter milk!').

  8. Mickey Bowser


  9. antelia77

    Thanks for the video.<3.

    J.W. Gauntt

    very welcome

  10. Mickey Bowser


  11. Donald Merriweather

    Had this and many Marty Robbins albums when I was a kid. So glad I got to see him live once. Allegan Michigan September 1979. Fun show .

  12. Darrell Tiencken

    Great voice!

  13. Primrose Haran

    Marty is simply the greatest singer ever just love him thanks for this lovely post

  14. Joyce Thomas

    What a voice died way to soon

  15. Rebecca Jewell

    Excellent MARTY ROBBINS.and instrumental music . 🎶💞🎶 greatest ever
    Thank you Jack

    J.W. Gauntt

    appreciate you listening Rebecca

  16. Primrose Haran

    just simply love his voice

    J.W. Gauntt

    appreciate you listening

  17. Gracie Johnson


  18. bon1042

    I downloaded this and I Don't Know Why I Love You Like I Do fm Amazon MP3 few years ago. His voice is unique and is like a warm, gentle caress.

  19. Leonardo French

    nice sang mi brother thank you.

  20. lavonne murdock


  21. Shirley Lawlor

    just beautiful

  22. Georgie Bailey

    He could sing anything and it sounded special.  So sad he left us do soon


    The GREATEST artist ever.. could listen to his songs 24/7.....

  24. Zane Starr

    How does this man know I feel, I have walked along this road too many years ago, & it still hurts....

    Connie Paige

    Sometimes living is hell.  But who wants to die young.  My favorite is "The Voice,"  Vern Gosdin.  I listen to him just about every day.  Got me through the death of my fiancé who died  November 12, 2015.

    Zane Starr

    Nobody died in my story Connie, it can not begin to compare with yours. I'm sorry for you loss & hope the many memories you have help you as you overcome your pain..

  25. cherelle1952

    love this song. love Marty Robbins.

  26. Paulette Snow

    god this is great marty robbins thanks for sharing

  27. Toos van Es

    beautiful song thanks for oploding .

  28. Christine Gragg

    He has an amazing voice. I, have been listening to his music for a long time. Thanks  to my mom. He  is one in a million

  29. webbjr37

    One of the top 5 voices ever,Thanks

    Janice Magoon

    Number one for sure

  30. Raymomd Arthur

    great song.

  31. Maggie Parrish

    Could you post his song, "There's No More You and Me".   Thank you for "Don't Let Me Touch You."

  32. kriandos

    wrestlingluva  ..... I have the LP and I'm in the process of transferring it to my PC and then YouTube very soon ....

  33. wrestlingluva

    Could you please, please upload the song, "More Than Anything I Miss You." From this album? PLEEEEEASE.

    J.W. Gauntt

    @wrestlingluva i don't have the album, but if i run across the song somewhere i'll post iy

    Kimberly Isherwood

    I hope you found it 2019.

  34. JuneJSP

    This has to be one of the most beautiful love songs I've ever one of the best. What a voice. June Schiavoni

    J.W. Gauntt

    @JuneJSP thank you for listening , much appreciated

  35. Laurianne Lowe

    LOVE IT.
    LAURIANN LOWE, [email protected]

    J.W. Gauntt

    you're very welcome, thanks for listening

  36. natureview1

    The touch is an awesome sense.

    J.W. Gauntt

    @natureview1 yes it is

  37. Károlyné Szépvölgyi

    Kedves Jack imádom a művész dalait hallgatni.
    Ez a dal is csodálatos, nagyon tetszik.
    Köszönettel Klára Szépcvölgyi

    J.W. Gauntt

    you're welcome Clare, i appreciate you listening

  38. dvdman49

    Great song by Marty, thanks Jack!

    J.W. Gauntt

    you're very welcome Pat, appreciate the listen my Friend

  39. john sandiford

    Nice song by Marty,thanks for sharing Jack.
    I had some Marty LP's and my dad left me another 6-8 when he passed on.Marty was his favorite Country singer.I chose one of his songs to play at the church service.

    J.W. Gauntt

    your Dad had great taste in music, what i like about Marty was he started trends and wasn't one who followed fads
    one of a kind

    Rebecca Jewell

    john sandiford Only One Marty Robbins. Great Voice great writer and the best music.