Martinez Twins - That's My Lambo Lyrics

[Intro from music video:]
You bought a mansion
You fly in private jets
You take amazing vacations
And you got a Lambo
And you still owe us money
And that money can change my mom's life

Martinez Twins
We 'bout to hit it
Hi, Pam
That's my Lambo

Give it back, dámelo
Give it back, dámelo
Give it back back, back, back, back, dámelo
Give it back, dámelo
Give it back, dámelo
Give it back, back, back, back, back, dámelo

Give me my money
Necesito dinero
You actin' funny
Ya no te quiero
Give me my money
Necesito dinero
You actin' funny
Ya no te quiero, quiero

Déjame decirte, you're a bully
Paid for your casa with my stories
Por los twins, you started growin'
Say you made me? (skrt skrt)
Buenas noches
Rompiste nuestro fan wall
Martinators comin' after Jake Paul
Todas las mañanas molestando
"Everyday Bro", what was that bro?

No bank account
No cell phones
You call us "beaners", man
You messed up, bro
That's my freakin' Lambo
I told you, Jakey

Give it back, dámelo
Give it back, dámelo
Give it back back, back, back, back, dámelo

Give me my money
Necesito dinero
You actin' funny
Ya no te quiero
Give me my money
Necesito dinero
You actin' funny
Ya no te quiero, quiero

Say you made me?

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Martinez Twins That's My Lambo Comments
  1. Janet Gutierrez

    Box jake poul🥊🥊🏆🥇

  2. nayeli morales

    Thats the best song

  3. Mr Chase

    Love it

  4. Betsabe Ortiz

    Omg I love this ❤

  5. Moh Aldachach

    Just cuz u have clout on YouTube don’t mean u can do anything give it a rest

  6. Javier Palma Jimenez


  7. Ezequiel Valenzuela

    Martinez twins you are wright jake is a son of a bich

  8. H Beast

    Ye ye nation everybody sub to IBP

  9. Shree Varshini Arumugam

    They are so cute . I love them and their songs.

  10. Michael Orozco

    The song is good you guys should make a song about all the Tuten people

  11. Savage Kid

    U were living life now look at u guys


    The one in the background with a pot on his head is me


    Kolko jadno

  14. Nathan Pinelo

    Their flexing I hate it

  15. Mia Platt

    You got famous of jake Paul so shut the fuck up

  16. aarav basu

    Jake should not have done this

  17. aaliyahxperez z

    Dis is so bad-

  18. Lirix 1221

    Songs is legit better than everyday bro

  19. Elisabeth Mancion

    I love you ivan

  20. Vanessa Kirchmeier

    at the start when he started yelling i thought he was just mumbling loud no offense

  21. EDDYSON Dwumoh


  22. Courtney Blake

    ¿Soy el único que entendió las partes en español y luego lo estaba cantando completamente en español?

    Courtney Blake

    For English people: Am I the only one who understood the Spanish parts then was singing the song fully in Spanish?

    Courtney Blake

    sono l'unico che ha capito le parti spagnole e poi l'ha cantato completamente in spagnolo?

    per gli italiani

  23. Pirkzi

    Ohms u needed money why have a lambo dumb a$$

  24. Kathryn Neal

    :o he is wearing a savage shirt to sleep 😂

  25. Ava Zagouris

    Im surprised this song gpt more views on the its everyday bro

  26. Yanilca Rio Jordan

    you speak Spanish like me i did'ent know that

  27. Alyssa Stella

    Jake Paul who?

  28. Abiola Alabi

    I Liked It


    Jake shouldn't of done all those things to them so he gonna have some bad karma and it ain't gonna help him so y'all don't need to worry

  30. J D

    Colombia is like that y Ola

  31. Ally. G

    That’s Jakes Lamborghini saw losers

  32. Aneta Kawulok

    Wat da fuck is this

  33. Lila Roux

    Hi am singl call me Ivan

  34. Avalee Jones

    Y’all without jake you wouldn’t be where your at right now. Like I understand why y’all are mad. But like give jake a little bit of the credit because he gave u a platform and without him you would be nothing right now! So in my opinion this song is straight up rude! Y’all didn’t have to make it. Like come on now y’all should be thankful for him because he’s want got y’all started and he’s the one who gave you ur fame! Oh and just so everyone knows he’s not a bully! Just because he played a lot of pranks on y’all and called y’all a few names as a joke doesn’t mean he’s bully! Like come on!!🙄👎🏻👿😡😠

  35. ღCarly_ Chanღ

    Creo que soy la única que habla español vrd? ;-;

  36. Jennie

    Jake stole money from M twins?

  37. Josë Portillo

    Bien trabajo

  38. Sub to me for no reason at all Nigga

    Who remembers when they passed jakes views for 3-4 months


    Your english sucks i hate your video you cant even fight ibp cus they're POPPIN💥

  40. *LeYdY MADALY*

    Hi were the small torres twins we like youre video.

  41. franklin lepon

    Loser Martinez twins

  42. franklin lepon

    Loser marinas twins

  43. Maria Lara

    Dec 2019 anyone

  44. Gabino A Renoj Ramos

    One dollar

  45. banna and apple perfect fruit

    At 00:58 you mist that fist bump

  46. Cartoonmakers LEGOS


  47. Katelyn Davis

    What the hell

  48. mohamed mensouri

    Alguien viene del futuro

  49. Joe sito

    2019 anybody

  50. Gloria Ernandez

    I know Spanish and I love it

  51. penelope de naurois

    fire no cap

  52. Great Bricks

    can we switch the language

  53. Snowflake

    This cuties! 😼

  54. Andre Forrester

    cool !!!!

  55. Twice Boi

    Who else came back to this song cause there's nothing good to watch on YouTube anymore

  56. Altaf Hussain

    Decamber 2019 anyone????

  57. sreypich on

    Look at their fist pump at 0:58

  58. XxCookie _Anime_GachaYTxX


  59. BTS army ysa's park mochi jiminie gacha

    Jake Paul is the only one who harasses ppl every morning??

  60. Milli's LAND

    I liked and subscribed I ❤😘 you guys I'm Mexican

  61. Milli's LAND

    How old are you guys you cute

  62. Ximena Arias

    😍 Creo que estoy enamorada! 😂😂

  63. Tidus Xiong

    The fist pump tho😂😂😂


    I like how they look like they eat drugs insted of smelling

  65. Ibs 98

    December 2019 like

  66. camryn lum

    you are the best YoutTube singer

  67. ???

    So fake

  68. jissell balleza

    December 2019?

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    Was it actually you guises Lamborghini

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    What happend to your mom

  71. Mommy and The crew


  72. b e e

    Who actually liked the song?

  73. GachaLifeAnimation

    Why are they saying the same words

  74. Omar’s Vlogs

    1:00 lol check it they missed the fist bump

    Henry Clark

    and you missed the timestamp by 1 secons buddy, 0:59 shows the moment :)

  75. 예아한

    Here after two years omg !!! I still remember all the lyrics

  76. X Chrome30

    Martinez twins speak Spanish any time

  77. Khosyi Anindya

    I truly truly love this 😍 And agree of what Martinez twins Said❣️👌🏻

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  80. Julia Roberts

    Love you guys.

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    jake paul is gay deji should’ve won the fight

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    I like you more Martinez twins you’re my favorite fan

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    anyone watching in 2019 December 3

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    You are so cute😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  86. John Torres

    Anybody that actually likes this crap that they put out is obviously brainwashed in some way shape or form.true talk

  87. John Torres

    No just no,They suck..

  88. Melanie valles

    Was the hi Pam necessary

  89. camryn lum

    my name is camryn lum hose number is 2972 you are my faverit YouTuber ever.

  90. Lexi Pinatello

    Who ever disliked this song is a jakepauler :(

  91. Ronaldo 7

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  92. Come at me bro

    1st logan pauls makes an epic song to get his revenge on jake
    Now the martinez twins do the same

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  94. Mason the best Allen

    Why are you making fun of Jake Paul?!!

  95. Mason the best Allen

    You guys are Fulton stupid Jake Paul is better than you guys!!!

  96. Martinez Twins


    Chewy plays

    Loved it!! ❤❤

    cade renear

    Hope u dislike dis

    Thea haugsmyr

    Martinez Twins ❤️❤️

    Deborah kirkpatrick

    Especially you guys kids are so cute

    Amy Mart

    Martinez Twins that song is bomb 💣 wow guys u nailed it. Amazing plz post more videos 😇🥳