Martina McBride - I've Been Loving You Too Long Lyrics

I've been loving you too long to stop now

You are tired and you want to be free
My love is growing stronger as you become a habit to me
Oh, I've been loving you too long
I don't wanna stop now

With you my life has been so wonderful I can't stop now,
You are tired and your love is growing cold
My love is growing stronger as our affair, affair grows old
I've been loving you, much too long to stop now

I've been loving you a much little too long
I don't wanna stop now, oh,
Please don't make me stop now, oh
I can't stop now
I'm in love in you too long

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Martina McBride I've Been Loving You Too Long Comments
  1. Kelley Mobley

    Beautifully done

  2. 염소쌤염소TV

    So beautiful song so beautiful women

  3. Joe Rosato

    Excellent try Martina.

  4. Freedom Fighter57

    Excellent Singing. For my taste a little fiddle, banjo, mandolin, & dobro would have really put it over the top.

  5. Rickey Engle

    no you ain't,,

  6. Natalia Stornello


  7. Mary Wilkins

    Martina McBride is one of country's greatest singer's. Her powerful voice is unmatched . Love her

    Wendy Holden

    Mine too....<3

  8. Daniel Julian

    Wow. I have always loved Otis Redding's versions, but this one is a keeper.

  9. harold wayne

    Martina's version vie's with the best! <3

  10. Pamela Stephenson

    My favorite, Martina nailed it..

  11. Mike Sullivan

    Nailed it!

  12. Antonya Mont


  13. John Benn

    WOW WOW WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    From a mad keen 73yo Aussie fan.
    Love the fantastic voice & that great guitar.

  14. hogtownhenry

    Music from an era when words meant something and designed to be sung from deep within the soul.

    Wendy Holden

    I so agree!

  15. nunya inct

    I've listened to this version, Otis Redding and Etta James...I love them all 😊

  16. VidMafiakiller2

    I like Martina, but no one can match Etta James or Otis Redding.

  17. Debbie Tornquist

    Otis is all I have to say. Nice rendition but doesn't come close..

    Joe Jackson

    It does more than come's every bit as good as Otis.

  18. Wendy Holden


  19. lethewaters

    My favorite song from her latest album and a very good cover.Like Patti Austin and Joan Osborne,she's got better with age and dug deeper into her soul


    I'm still a fan of Otis and this song is one of my favorites. I was positively impressed  by your version. Brava