Martin, Dean - Return To Me Lyrics

Return to me
Oh my dear I'm so lonely
Hurry back, hurry back
Oh my love hurry back I'm yours

Return to me
For my heart wants you only
Hurry home, hurry home
Won't you please hurry home to my heart

My darling, if I hurt you I'm sorry
Forgive me and please say you are mine

Return to me
Please come back bella mia
Hurry back, hurry home to my arms
To my lips and my heart

Retorna me
Cara mia ti amo
Solo tu, solo tu, solo tu, solo tu
Mio cuore

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Martin, Dean Return To Me Comments
  1. nazli kelsali

    Return to me
    Oh my dear I'm so lonely
    Hurry back, hurry back
    Oh my love hurry back I'm yours

    Return to me
    For my heart wants you only
    Hurry home, hurry home
    Won't you please hurry home to my heart

    My darling, if I hurt you I'm sorry
    Forgive me and please say you are mine

    Return to me
    Please come back bella mia
    Hurry back, hurry home to my arms
    To my lips and my heart

    Retorna me
    Cara mia ti amo
    Solo tu, solo tu, solo tu, solo tu
    Mio cuore

  2. Katia Eka

    ამ სიმღერამ დამაბრუნა. :)

  3. ANITA Ospedale


  4. roberto de vries

    I"m playing this kind of songs in Chile Atacama to show Chileans other culture, a few do like them, most are not open for this..

  5. Carlos Castelán

    Hermosa la música y magnífica interpretación. Con esa música nos enamoramos. Ah! qué tiempos.

  6. Leiam Whittaker

    Hes in the trunk Eddie scarpa 1951

  7. Alexander Forever

    When Joe Wants To Sing

  8. robert dito

    So Beautiful

  9. Tainan Strapazzon

    Next time more pussy than booze.

  10. Jacques de LaFete deLa Hathcoat deLa Fleet. Marines

    Mi copa de amore Denare de Martinenare el Oro de Toro de Roma.

  11. Juan Baraona Rojas

    Hola buenas noches soyjuanjorge baraonarojas y con el baúl de los recuerdos con don Martín unos Delos mejores crandes dela musica

  12. Mickey Bowser

    Oh oh loving.!!!!ever beautiful.

  13. ann baker

    Just reminds me when I was a kid and my mother would worry all the time and now looking back there was nothing to worry about. God takes care of everything.

  14. Lon Hebert

    he was a great singer remember hearing this on the radio when I was a kid in Louisiana.

  15. Frank Elwert

    Return to me, but not with Greta the Tunafish

  16. Johnson Mills


  17. Francoise Gross

    Hurry back, I am yours. Forgive m e If I have hurt you, I never meant to. You are the only one for me.

  18. Berit Samuelsson


  19. Iris Stevens

    Lol .carefull what u wish for ♣♣♣★

  20. Dæ__Glø '¡'

    Empire bay at night

  21. Edna Mode

    I think The Winx Club version was sampled of this song

  22. Ali Molina

    Sorry Frank but Dean is the best! Thanks!

  23. A. Anıl

    Mafia 2

  24. Tony_ terrible666

    mafia 2 brought me here!!!

  25. Weam Fayed


  26. Katherine Gaines

    My dad use to play this song all the time when I was a child! I love Dean ❤️

  27. FREE Child

    Here I am love

  28. Alexandru Catrinescu

    MAfia 2.. THE BEST

  29. Linda Szatkowski

    Loved Dean Martin. Hecwas the King of Cool.❤

  30. Jae sahvahli

    I imagine this is what you hear when you walk through the gates of heaven.

  31. Jennie Anderson

    Absolutely Like Angeles Singing ✨🎶 ... His voice is like silk .....Was my grandma’s favorite after grand daddy passed on to Heaven💫✨🕊

  32. Macushla XOXO

    You’ll never know how my heart breaks. I miss you.

  33. Jvst.Dvniel

    "Oh my god, poor dino"
    -Vito Scaletta,1951



  35. Nitramos Nitrámek

    FattyPillow - Mafia 2!!! :)

  36. Shadow ™

    FATTY Mafia :D

  37. Riyad Rzayev

    Oh my god poor Dino

  38. Huey 1900

    2019 VIBES

  39. pamv1952

    I love Dean Martin such a better singer than Frank Sinatra

  40. The NSA

    Oh come back to me...please...

  41. John

    I'm six years old again... mom and dad playing it over and over.
    I can still here the tic...
    Tic.. of the needle and see the record going around and around.

    Oh the memories...

    Dam I'm gonna make myself cry.

    Jennie Anderson

    John Oh John, I know exactly what memories can do to you, I live for all my beautiful memories 🌹 I cry at the thought of “Christmas Eve “ , My Precious Parents ,who rest in Heaven now, playing in Autumn 🍂 as a child... Soo many memories...🕊


    @Jennie Anderson God Bless you hun

  42. Sebastián Camilo Agudelo Correa

    Mafia II brought me here.

  43. Eraina Matti

    I love Dean My Dad sang just like him... Everybody loves somebody sometime” and this so precious of memories miss you Daddy

  44. Mike Meagher

    Wonderful tonight

  45. Michelle Angers

    How can you not get goosebumps and a lump in your throat when you hear this beautiful music. They don't make songs like this anymore. No wonder love was so beautiful back then.

  46. Lorena ll.

    Amore mio!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍💋💋💋💋💋💋🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗💖💖🌷🌺🐺

  47. Luis Leonhart

    Mafia 2 me trajo aqui, que pedazo de joya es esta melodia:')

  48. Arsick

    Mafia 2

  49. Lori Peel

    So Love Dino!!❤️🙏

  50. Katherine Collins

    Memories were made of this!!! For the good times!!

  51. Ridwan Fitrah

    2019? Wkwk

  52. coashddjj2

    He was so awesomely talented.

  53. Pauwels Wiske

    Zeer goede muziek

  54. Katherine Gaines

    All my favorite singers are gone. I grew up in the wrong era.

  55. Johnny R Longoria

    One of his better songs. Love it.

  56. Irma Vergara moncada

    Regresa a mi lo dice suavemente con su voz matravillosa🤩fue famoso en su epoca y no lo olvidamos

  57. Lola Ridner

    Sexy Italian voice ..sets me on fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💕

  58. Cootje Knetemann

    Oh i wish my dear father and mother were stille alive. Every time they heard this song they would fall in love, all over again with eachother. They danced so close together. I hope that they are doing that now in heaven. Together with Dean Martin and a big orchestra. LOVE YOY MUM AND DAD. THANKS FOR A WONDERFUL CHILDHOOD!!!! LOVE YOU TILL THE MOON AND BACK AGAIN

  59. Theresa Carmody

    Oh my God I'm in heaven listening to this beautiful song

  60. Susan Kelley

    Why do I. Punish myself. hearing this. sad. song and knowing I. cry. my. eyes. out. each. time?? Deano. sings. it. sooo. Beautiful. I. loved that. Amazing man

  61. Роман Нестеров

    Mafia 2

  62. Matt V.

    “He should break the dean’s legs ‘cause you’re too lazy to ready a fuckin’ a book?”

  63. October Knight

    Ireland unfree

  64. Jeremy Wells

    If your here now

    Just know

    I know

  65. richiebear1969

    It's sad how after he lost his son, he was never the same. I guess no parent would.

  66. David Doran

    No doubt about it Dean and a better voice than Frank.

  67. Paguz Pro

    Night at Empire Bay with Vito, Joe and Eddie..

  68. Γιος του Δία

    Ευχαριστουμε πολυ

  69. abe risk

    Beautiful, ethereal voice of the King of cool.... Then an ad for ariana grande. The sublime and the ridiculous laid bare

  70. Maria Lupe Melendez

    Dino was better then Frank, sorry...

  71. Tiziano Barbieri

    Caaaraaaaaaa miaaaa ti amooooo, solo tu solo tu solo tu , miooooooooo cuorrrrrrrrrr


    Need one more solo tu.

  72. Mickey Bowser


  73. Jane Woods

    I just love Dean Martin. No understand Game Healer!!! You know my English not too good.

  74. gonzalo pacompia

    Mafia 2

  75. One eyedskull

    When I get shit faced with my buds and we riding home I'm putting this through the aux cord

    SennaSpeed 01

    Sounds like a fun time

  76. Don Kusa Banunaek

    My Memories

  77. J D

    The man who knew everything and went to his grave with everyone’s secrets.

  78. showbox 123

    I am so glad I was introduced to his music. That's the benefit I get for having an older mom and I'm only 13 and she's 56 XD

  79. Irena Mangone

    Beautiful As always

  80. d abdella

    I'll say it again my favorite Dean Martin and if you are speaking Italian to me well just call me anything ya want

  81. Cindy Belcher

    I melt when he sings in Italian!!!♡♡♡ My Mom loved this song too.....he looked like my Daddy!

  82. Роман Нестеров

    Mafia 2

  83. just a chemical

    Here from Mafia 2, anyone?

  84. William Sirman

    They said that they always knew when Frank Sinatra started to verbally abuse Dean at a party, that he was too drunk to realize it, but Dean would often just laugh it off! Sinatra thought he was the leader of the Rat Pack, but actually Dean was a much larger talent! I think deep down inside he (Frank) knew it as well!

  85. WhisperExtreme

    This song never get old!

  86. BadFellas 01

    I usually get a little pissed off when people mention what lead them to the song being played (don't worry - I don't make comments ranting about it, I do appreciate their appreciation for the music). But I loved Mafia 2 and almost died of laughter at the mission.

  87. Adriano Saitta

    Wish i could say all that to my ex, but i guess my balls are to big...

  88. Konrad Grossauer

    Return to me, it's a wonderfol song, great!👍

  89. Sam Knight

    Mafia 2 put me on😂

    Captain Rad

    Same 😂👍

  90. GamesWorld

    Mafia 2 !!!

  91. Lori Wise

    So Romantic there isnt any romance in today world ..sad

  92. Godfather Monkey

    Solo one

  93. S. Thompson

    Please find me LR, I still love you