Martin, Dean - Innamorata Lyrics

If our lips should meet in Innamorata
Kiss me, kiss me sweet in Innamorata
Hold me close and say you're mine
With a love that's warm as wine

I'm at heaven's door in Innamorata
Want you more and more in Innamorata
You're a symphony, the very beautiful sonata my Innamorata
Say that you're my sweetheart, my love

You're a symphony, the very beautiful sonata my Innamorata
Say that you're my sweetheart, my one and only sweetheart
Say you're my sweetheart, my love

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Martin, Dean Innamorata Comments
  1. LlMom Mom

    🌹💋💖🍷🍷💃🎼 2020

  2. Veronica Santos

    Não consigo deixar de pensar na cena: Jerry Lewis entrando com sua voz esganiçada no meio da música, atrapalhando Dean Martin. Rsrsrsrs. Maravilhosos tempos.

  3. Chrisa1984

    Hot Shots Part Deux brings me here! I just with they gave the chefs sing in the soundtrack.

  4. Enrico Pucci

    this is my lasy name lmaoo

  5. Karin Özer

    Den Martin Beautiful Song

  6. Moonwalker Forever

    Love you dean😚🥰

  7. david alen

    Love and miss Dino...what a voice...what a talent!

  8. Eric E

    Good old days

  9. Kyle Jeffrey

    Iconic legend R.I.P

  10. trash can

    This song made me start crying anyone else?

  11. Katherine Gaines

    This is what falling in love sounds like ❤️

  12. Joseph Jones


  13. Fiore Angelo

    Tropp bell..... Grandi italiani americani!!!

  14. Katherine Gaines

    This is what falling in love sounds like ❤️

  15. Chrisa1984

    Hot Shots Part Deux brought me here!

  16. heribertus rahardjo

    Dean Martin my favorit, when i was young untill now.

  17. MariaRosaria Iannone

    Canzoni intramontabili,delle vere poesie!!!

  18. Angelica Muñoz

    Hermosa voz y tan bella melodia
    La pelicula es muy buena

  19. Cisca Ms

    My Parent's Wedding Song.. 🎵🎶🎵🎶🎶

  20. Jodie Finley

    This was the song that my husband and I danced to at our wedding reception

  21. Cliviger Wind Turbines

    What a voice. So glad my parents was a fan of Deans.....I so could of easily missed out ❤️

  22. Nicole Bernier

    La classe!

  23. Margo Fugate

    What a smooth operator!!!

  24. Brian Nolan

    Who knows what Innamorata is.

    Robert Kennedy


  25. MN shariff

    Dino you are amazing.

  26. Margo McKaine

    Dino, baby. Nobody can sing like you. Nobody.

  27. Erick Marins

    If our lips should meet, Innamorata
    Kiss me, kiss me sweet Innamorata
    Hold me close and say you're mine
    With a love as warm as wine

    I'm at heaven's door, Innamorata
    Want you more and more, Innamorata
    You're a symphony, a very beautiful sonata my Innamorata
    Say that you're my sweetheart, my love

    You're a symphony, a very beautiful sonata my Innamorata
    Say that you're my sweetheart, my one and only sweetheart
    Say that you're my sweetheart, my love

  28. Muhlis Çelebi

    Piç'ten kimse yokmuş hayret

  29. don juan

    Absolutely brilliant no one comes close

  30. Rick Eastwood

    No wonders the dolls dug him

  31. feli sanchez


  32. David Hitztaler

    Dean Martin...

  33. David Hitztaler

    A Star Producer

  34. David Hitztaler

    Having my first glass of Vino and getting ready to listen to the one and only Dino...thanks Dino

  35. Simple To Gourmet Vegan

    beautiful but jerry vale's version will make you cry it's so good.

  36. Veronica Binns

    I fell in luv with him when lwas12 year s old . 💕💕💕💕

  37. Agis Alsatian

    my Innamorata Maria

  38. John Beato

    Dean Martin the best Italian singer

  39. perdizes1954

    Que lindo, estar na Sardenha ouvindo estas lindas canções.

  40. Brian Hammett

    17 people disliked this? They're crazy.

  41. T.J. Low

    Innamorata. In love


    In TCM the tongue is the sprout of the heart and his voice expresses that!!!

  43. Holly robisnon-tilley


  44. Diana Sianipar

    I miss my father..we use too sing this song..

    Katherine Gaines

    Diana Sianipar my father and I use to too

  45. Nicholas DiMatteo

    Dean Martin must be in love during this whole entire song.

    kevin horgan

    Nicholas DiMatteo
    His whole life was love
    Even at times didn’t feel it.

  46. Nole Wolf

    Lovin it #2 !

  47. Luis Fernando Guzman Leon

    He was italian??

    mistrz mistrzowski

    Aerican Italian

  48. Chase Colgan

    Most of my friends find the best "date music" to be that new age stuff, THIS guy is every song on my "date night playlist" his voice is just memorizing, wish I grew up when he was still alive

  49. Leonardo Codirenzi

    Grandissimo dino

  50. Tony las Vegas

    The one and only.Dino.

  51. David F

    RIP Dino. You re missed

  52. STRING UP '58

    Deano was part of a generation that this world will never see again, sad to say.

  53. malcolm evans

    this song also has too be right up there at the top of the list of songs of the fifties and sixties

  54. Jody Reilly

    Beautiful song.

  55. Franky V

    there is no better voice than dean martin's voice

  56. Ľubo Virág

    cely svet naucil spievat lv

  57. violadimarzo (MARITA FOSSATI)

    Bellissima <3

  58. Alexander Pritchyk

    I love you in my fifties

  59. Alexander Pritchyk

    I love the funeral songs represents the old days hone r and glory the black and white earth

    Donielle Stenson

    Alexander Pritchyk----- wtf are you talking about? This is a love ballad.

    Kay Duhaime

    i agree. wth were you on dude? you made no sense what so ever. this is dean martin music, get with it.

  60. Irena M.V

    i love this song

  61. Christine R.

    legend..... is dean martin xxx

  62. Frank Milazzo

    simply the best

  63. Pat Hutson

    Dean Martin owns this song. Nobody does it as well or better. He was one of a kind.


    he sure does own it always will and yes he is one of a kind

    Rook Sillmane

    jerry vale comes close but hes still no dean c:

    Abul Mamodo

    i think that goes for every song he sings

    House Baelish

    @Rook Sillmane thank you

  64. Lee Larson

    This is what Frank Sinatra wished he had been.


    Nah dude. Sinatra was very different although at this age, Dean was a better singer.

    Charles Taylor

    Frank once said that Vic Damone had the best pipes in the business. He also said that Tony Bennet was his favorite male singer.

  65. Norman Monroe

    why would anyone put thumbs down to Dino sorry you don't appreciate good music this man is amazing don't worry Dino we love you so much first man I shed a tear for I love you Dino I'll visit you soon and bring you flowers and sing by your side my friend

  66. Christopher Irizarry

    this song is so I'll nostalgic.... I love the song

  67. Aliberto Camarlinghi

    La conoscevo da giovanotto e non riuscivo più a risentirla ora che l'ò ritrovata  l'ascolto quasi tutti i giorni , bellissima.

  68. nobuyuki abe

    60 years ago, When I was high-school student, I loved dean martin very much. I can't forgot this song.

  69. William Murray

    Dean was Frank Sinatra's Idol !

    edgardo lopez

    Dino , the best of those in his era!

    Nicholas DiMatteo

    They're both the best R I P to both of them.

    Life goes on

    I am sorry but not ! Opposite , Frank Sinatra was Dean's idol . Also Dean said this world is Frank's world and we live in it.

    kevin horgan

    William Murray
    Frank Sinatra was asked how do relax when you go.
    He said I listen to 🇬🇧

  70. mittens472

    One of my favorites


    This has to be one the best voices on earth. I have always loved his music.

    showbox 123

    He doesn't sing through his nose. He doesn't sound nasally. Bob Dylan sounds nasally and Dean sounds nothing like him.

    Hazel Reed

    I wonder if there is any one thant doens't lo Dino I'll cut his ears.

    Jeremy B

    showbox 123
    Ok 👍🏿
    Good point ..
    Not sure it needed to be made
    But ok 👌🏿

    ANITA Ospedale

    Thank God he doest sing like Bob Dylan. no contest Dino is the TOP OF ALL........

  72. Víctor Manuel Díaz

    creo que una de las mejores voces de la cancion romantica.

  73. Evelyn Stohler

    oh my goodness

  74. Gary Wha?

    I'm 19 years old, and I'm so happy I grew up listening to Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra, my parents love them!

    Nicholas DiMatteo

    They are both the best.


    Glad you like them. We need your generation to help keep Dino, Sammy Frank and the oldies going

  75. Billdev Parkher



    cant go wrong with this man

  76. William Murray

    Dean lost his will to live after losing his son, whose plane crashed into a mountain while flying for the Air National Guard .      ----- He was a good guy !  RIP

  77. marie dougal

    5mums just been diagnosed with dementia . Dean makes her life more easier and she never forgets his music thank god for this genious. Marie

    Linda Koschwitz

    He was my mom's favorite. She is gone now, four years, but while she was in her dementia, I would play Dino for her and she would sing...remembering every single word.

    Fiona Kerns

    Thank you for telling this!!

    ANITA Ospedale


  78. Stephen Kilduff

    What a Faboulous  voice!!!!!

    Joe Muoio

    the best singer ever never will be another bravo dino

    Nicholas DiMatteo

    He was a pretty good singer.

  79. Kristoffer Kristoffersen

    the song from hot shots 2?

  80. Jung Yoon Hee

    Always will love this man ~

    James Dunn

    Dean. The king of cool.

  81. Bing Nolan

    It's my party piece, now if I could only sing like him.

  82. Edward DeSapio

    your music helped my parents stay in love thanks dean we all miss you

  83. mam59100

    belle chanson

  84. Arifin S. Kustiono

    I heard this beautiful song back in mid fifties and become one of my most favorites until now !!!

  85. gerd munzert

    natürlich höre ich nicht 24 stunden rund um die uhr radio,aber wo sind die sender die so etwas spielen? können und dürfen!

    Verena Holzapfel

    Die gibt es nicht mehr.

  86. Eve Reine

    me too....

  87. Marilou Blanca

    my mum and my dad favoret song and my favoret to my i dol dean martin


    Love u dean, RIP , even.

  89. Jamaikn

    you can find the video by searching this: Analyze This: The first or the second thing

  90. Jamaikn

    Is at the beginning of scene where Ben sobel go wired with Paul vitti at the restaurant where Vitti's father was shot.

  91. Maggie Allen

    love this song and Dean Martin

  92. nejuygkad

    And no man, the world is fucking boring...

  93. tthomaselli2

    I'll consider it.; I'm asking as far as in the movie 'Analyze This' with Billy Crystal & Robert De Niro, though... This song is listed in the sound-track listing section of that movie on IMDB.

    When/where in 'Analyze This' is this song in that movie?

  94. Luke Webster

    Search for Artist & Models on youtube, its a good film with Dean and Jerry in

  95. tthomaselli2

    I looked on IMDB on the sound-track listing for 'Analyze This' & this song is listed in the sound-track listing section, though...

  96. Luke Webster

    Nope, it's sung by Dean as he rubs oil into a sunbathing woman's back

  97. tthomaselli2

    Serenata20101- I thought this song was from the 1999 comedy classic 'Analyze That'?

  98. Marvin M

    Thank you for loading this song. Nobody could sing it like Dean.