Martin, Dean - I'll Buy That Dream Lyrics

Imagine you with your head on my shoulder
And me with my lips getting bolder
A sky full of moon and a sweet mellow tune
I'll buy that dream

Imagine you in a gown white and flow'ry
And me thanking Dad for your dowry
A church full of folks and those last minute jokes
I'll buy that dream

A honeymoon in Cairo in a brand new autogyro
Then home on a rocket in a wink
We'll settle down in Dallas in a little plastic palace
It's not as crazy as you think

Imagine you on our first annivers'ry
With someone like me in the nurs'ry
It doesn't sound bad and if it can be had
I'll buy that dream

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Martin, Dean I'll Buy That Dream Comments
  1. dgermano11

    GREAT Dino-jam! No one does it better!!!

  2. HisEternalDaughter

    SOOOOOO beautiful!! Thank you!