Martin, Dean - Home Lyrics

When shadows fall and leaves whisper the day is ending
My thoughts are ever wandering home
When crickets call my heart is forever yearning
Once more to be returning.

When the hills can see the settin' sun
Stars begin to spark one by one
Nights covers all and though fortune may forsake me
Sweet dream will ever take me home.

Nights covers all and though fortune may forsake me
Sweet dream will ever take me home...

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Martin, Dean Home Comments
  1. marlin kojak

    the camera man spoiled the whole thing with his big mouth

  2. Marlisa Morgan

    It doesn't seem like it was very secure for such a famous person to live there. It looks like anybody could just walk right up to the house and knock on the door or look in the windows. That just seems strange to me

  3. 310 WEST

    Was there still looks tht same

  4. c jm

    funny no garage maybe dean wasnt a car guy and carport was good enough.

    Addy Mathias

    Its bizarre to me. He was a big car guy actually. Not sure how his nice cars were kept secure...

  5. Steve Harrod

    I was just there today . Oct 25 2018 . It still looks exactly the same . I was able to go around back .


    Very cool. Kind of cool thinking about how things were back in the past.

    Steve Harrod

    billisa I agree . Yea I guess he gave the house to Jeannie in 73 after the divorce . I wonder how long she kept it ?

  6. Renee Powell

    Thosw bugs are called zaketas they use the sun for their energy and thats the buzzing you heard

  7. Tango Bango

    Just what I expected, Mr. Martin was a frugal man. Hew also was not a Show Boat. Two reason I LUVED Deano.

  8. Metal Mark

    too bad the guy kept talking over the girl who actually knew what she was talking about.

  9. Nicole Novo

    Those are big and BEAUTIFUL houses! I love the neighbors house. Casa Los palmas. That buzzing noise is cicada bugs in the trees. They love the dessert areas. Lisa looks FLAWLESS today! xoxo :)