Martin, Dean - Go Go Go Go Lyrics

(Go go go go)
Come on and dance with me
(Go go go go)
In to a trance with me
(Go go go go)
And try romance with me
Don't stop, don't stop, go go go go

(Go go go go)
The music's bright tonight
(Go go go go)
And hold me tight tonight
(Go go go go)
I fell so right tonight
Don't stop, don't stop, go go go go

This heart of mine is beating overtime
It's four leaf clover time
(It's love) It's love, it's love, it's love
(Go go go go)
And swing me round the floor
(Go go go go)
And kiss me more and more
(Go go go go)
What are we waiting for
Don't stop, don't stop, go go go go go go
Go go go go

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Martin, Dean Go Go Go Go Comments
  1. David Theisen

    This song plays just about nonstop on a Dean's Party slot machine at the casino I work at!! Catchy song!!!

  2. Chad E

    The sound when i win on the his slot machine

  3. julien b

    Discovered it when having bonus on slot machine..

  4. roland fitzgerald

    I'm here because of my dad. Turned me on to this music when I was a kid. R.I.P dad... And thanks see ya soon.

  5. ohhhwolfy

    Probably not a good idea to listen to this in rush hour traffic

  6. Gabriel Martinez

    I saw this on videos ads when I was listening to Marco Antonio Solis

  7. Em ma

    This song lowkey fire😂

  8. commit toaster bath

    We're all here cause of that one ad aren't we...?

  9. L Q

    Nordstrom should play Justin Bieber next time, see if it can get this hype

  10. webguy943

    why is everyone saying nordstrom, i came here cuz im a fan of dean martin.


    there was a Nordstrom ad that featured his music.

  11. Ionic Riptide

    Yes we’re here from the Nordstrom ad

  12. Killer Nova

    Thank you Nordstrom

  13. Whoathere Buddy

    Here for nordstrom?


    2019 GO GO GO!!!!

  15. Madi LaRae

    smhhh nordstrom

  16. Kate Lundberg

    A Dean Martin song I'd never heard before. Wow!

  17. Cfan67

    Nordstrom brought me here...

  18. Dankius Memeius Maximus the Third

    So annoying

  19. Nadia Keaton

    everytime the ad plays I sing along

  20. adrian barajas

    anyone else come here from the the nordstorm comercial?

  21. Lenny Frutiger

    My birth year.

  22. yomamasougly

    I thought Nordstrom made it 💀😭

  23. Au Tara

    dont stop but keeping shooting to your dream

  24. InvaderOlivia

    I love this song it’s so classy!

  25. Ghostkiller 93

    Lol I saw the Nordstrom ad on this video

  26. Rachel Igamen

    Nordstrom this is a bop 🙏🏻

  27. Soremity

    Sounds like it belongs in fallout 4

  28. nastypupp

    Happy to see I'm not the only one from Nordstrom commercial. At least a younger generation can find out about these types of songs from commercials. I learned about Frank Sinatra & canned heat going up the country. I think I prefer this type of music now lol. Is this called swing or jazz? It's like from the 60's

    Joze Sunday

    nastypupp it's big band

  29. Bran Ded

    Go is a weird word

  30. Jason M

    They just don't make em like Dino anymore.

  31. Fariya Atiqee

    *thanks Nordstrom*

  32. Miniimiii Tv

    When u look up songs you heard on commercials😂😂😂

  33. bug

    Who came here cause of a ad lol and also have the ad in the first place!

  34. Patricia Nmukoso Enyi

    I love Dean Martin and when I saw Nordstrom's add I came here. Lovely. Don't stop!!

    Abbey Cates

    Patricia Nmukoso Enyi that’s sad

    Patricia Nmukoso Enyi

    What sad about that?.

    Abbey Cates

    Patricia Nmukoso Enyi that you had to see the Nordstrom ad to come back here.

  35. Sean Zhang

    Does Nordstorm have license of this music? 🤔

  36. jun

    this is now snapchat ads

  37. Vanessa

    why TF did this randomly start playing when i wasn't doing anything

  38. Xiamaustin X

    Is this a Christmas song?


    Thanks Nordstorm

  40. Gabii Animations

    Anyone else here from that hella catchy Nordstrom commercial? XD

    Abbey Cates

    Ariana Ahmed that’s sad

    Zoë Ware

    Gabii Animations I am

    A Sad Soggy Waffle

    Gabii Animations yup

  41. Linda Scoville

    Nordstrom, thank you for turning me on to this song!!

  42. Chluffles

    Nordstrom, anyone?

    The Pink Nightmare

    Yes sir

  43. nazely

    i'm here from that ad lmao

    Abbey Cates

    Elle Z. That’s sad

    Ja’don Rene

    @Abbey Cates sad how

  44. hector merly

    Nordstorm !

  45. marsupial mole

    Thanks for this!

  46. Margarida Sã

    Beautiful , love it 😍

  47. oreochick24

    Nordstorm had me discover this gem.

    Vinganani Vestige

    Me too 😏

    Abbey Cates

    Thats sad

    Kelly Kirk

    Same! I had to search it out.

    B Saline

    oreochick24 same!

  48. Luxe Cheree

    One of the best singers that ever lived, todays generation just doesn’t produce this quality of talent!

  49. John Vogel

    His voice was a smooth as Honey

  50. Vivían Delgado

    Like if you here for Nordstrom comercial ...

  51. Francesco Paolo

    Bellissimo lo spot di sky sport in tv, e anche la canzone!

  52. Ivan Avendaño

    dean martin slot machine jajajaj

  53. BBPatrizia Lierna

    Go Go....

  54. Crescenzio Lonigro

    Dino Crocetti (Dean Martin) un mito!

  55. Federico Del Broccolo


  56. ilGallo

    Chi è qui per Sky Sport?

    Ludovico Maiorana

    Credevo che fosse di Perry Como e poi mi sono ricordato del buon Dean

    Asia Salvo

    Io ! 😁

    Michele 07

    Io, anche se non seguo il calcio

    Fabio Bartolini

    Pure io!! Però è bella questa canzone!

  57. Winda Buondi


  58. davide gionson

    Ha rotto il cazzo sta canzone

    davide gionson

    Patrizio Pacioni fondatore e quello altro attivista dell Accademia della Crusca ..quella che dovreste prendere per andare a cagare Tu l altro e la sintassi..una bestia mitologica divoratrice di dai
    Se rispondi a cazzo ti meriti risposte a cazzo se metti like a cazzo ti meriti parole a cazzo.

    davide gionson

    Matteo Leprini potresti imparare un po' di punteggiatura fossi in te , oltre a sparar sentenze e far la punta alla minchia ad altre persone , potresti riprendere in mano oltre a "sto cazzo" il sussidiario o il sapientino.
    Fidati aiuta..

    Patrizio Pacioni


    Matteo Leprini


    Terrun T

    ti riempirei di schiaffi fallito di merda , porta rispetto insulso nessuno. hater

  59. Blade SinclaiR

    This song should've been on Fallout already.

    Ariella Marchuk

    Blade SinclaiR Honestly. I heard it in an ad and was surprised it was super similar to the ones in fallout

    Issac Arellano

    They haven't put any Dean Martin or Frank Sinatra songs in fallout other then ain't that a kick in the head and blue moon
    Many of there songs would've fit in fallout's atmosphere

    Ariella Marchuk

    Issac Arellano I agree 100%

  60. david griffiths

    Now used in Sky’s Premier League promo ad. :) Go Dino!

  61. Y A

    Heard this gem today on the Sky Sports Take Your Seats advert. It's good ol' Dino!


    Same here!

    Abbey Cates

    That’s also sad

  62. Tim Pardington

    This is the new tune to promote Sky Sports Premier League Season.


    I know I've only heard it 9.9999372837872736276277 × 10 to the power of 99999999 times in the past month

    The Big Man

    For all you armchair fans

  63. Nicola Mcguinness

    dean martin go go go is in a sky sports commercial

  64. RedHalf Mafia3.0

    New season brought me here

  65. John J

    Talented, talented greaseball. From Ohio.

  66. lostmagiknyram

    Hahaha! I just came from watching videos of the "Dean Martin's Wild Party" and I couldn't take this song out of my head (and still can't). THANKS A MILLION for uploading this jewel by the great Dino! :D

    Yazmín Salinas Ricci

    That's where i Also heard it for The first time !!

  67. David Chernofsky



  68. notpc48

    Great song! You can play an online version of the Dean Martin's Wild Party slots at HOT SHOT CASINO SLOTS on Facebook! It plays just like the one at the casinos! :)

  69. Michael R.

    Who's that?

  70. Francisco Maranello

    Heard this @ the Casino! Wonderful song.... 

    Makes you wanna keep betting on non stop!! 8| (y)

  71. Sarah Wenell

    This is on my mom's Casino game


    Sarah Wenell golddigger

  72. Mike Thomas

    Cool jam.I personally love these overlooked unplayed-on-the-radio gems.To me they're a lot better than the hits which were great but these particular tunes don't suffer from the obvious malady of being "overplayed".Just my OWN observation.

  73. kelstuck23

    The first time I heard this song was at my grandma's funeral because her children, my mom and aunt and uncles, thought it described how she was in life. She was always going somewhere and doing something whether it was attending her grandchildren's sporting/musical events or going out with her friends to lunch she was always on the move. I miss you grandma, I hope you are dancing the night away with grandpa now.

  74. sumo fann

    Love this song. Heard it on the slot machine in Vegas. I play just to hear it! Speaking of Las Vegas, check out Tom Stevens tribute to Dean Martin (google deanofdeans). thanks for posting.

  75. craig1josh

    I do love this song and one of my favorite machines because you can't find this song anywhere

  76. Cardo Hdez

    Thumbs up if you played the Dean Martin Slot Machine and came looking for this song :D

    Fernando Arambula

    Before play the slot machine I listened that song in other place. Then when I went to the casino I played this slot machine.

  77. Bri Bordello

    Love this effin song. Dean Martin's Slot machine, is awesome!
    Best payouts ever. I won $300 the first time :)

  78. Nick Benz

    He was it, Deano was the man! Lord grand me 1/100th the cool of Deano and I'll be a happy man! Thanks to poster.

  79. rdhusk9923

    @verycoolsound be glad you don't work in the casino industry, I have to listen to this damn song over, and over when I'm working on a machine anywhere near these machines...

  80. Rareenergy

    @robertlouisburns sweet thank you!

  81. Bobby Burns

    @Rareenergy Dean Martin-Go Go Go Go-1951 on 2005 reissue of A Winter Romance CD

  82. Bobby Burns

    I 1st hear it on a Dean Martin slot machine. The video is fun. The song was recorded in 1951. It was on the 2005 reissue of the Winter Romance CD

  83. Jazz Maroo

    love this song..first time I heard it was At the


    Jazz Maroo Golddigger

  84. shagtv

    is really hard find this song or the cd, thanks a lot

  85. GialloHorror

    Nobody will ever have the "swag" of one Dean Martin!

    What a LEGEND!

    And yeah, LOL! I never heard of this song before I hit it big on this slot machine. Driving 200 miles to hear this song was worth it!

  86. VinylToVideo

    @FireeGee Unfortunately the machine rarely pays out nor do you get to hear this song often.

  87. Giavuni

    @VinylToVideo I Lost A lot of money trying to hear dis song lol But it was worth it

  88. Rareenergy

    what album can i find this on please help, ive looked and that is

  89. Rareenergy

    i spent 50 dollars on the las vegas and reno machines, just to hear this song on the bonus spins!!!!

  90. danny pavlo

    this song i have only heard when playing the slot machine DEAN MARTINS WILD PARTY now i can listen to this song any time thanks for posting.

  91. danny pavlo

    that song is played on DEAN MARTINS WILD PARTY slot machine FANTASTIC thanks for posting

  92. biden1

    how(where) do i get these on my ipod??

  93. verycoolsound

    Yes, that is the real title.

  94. Manuel Hernandez

    ohhh genial hasta que pude encontrar esta cancion el muy divertida me acuerdo cuando trabajaba en el casino en la sala de juego la escuchaba siempre kajkajakja muy buena

  95. Brandon Hall

    i've been looking for this song for 3 year and i too got hook off the slot machine

  96. verycoolsound

    Okay everyone, I found some videos of the Dean Martin slot machine. Consider me now informed!

  97. verycoolsound

    Don't know a thing about the slot machine in question, but I am thrilled to assist in trimming your casino expenses.