Martin, Dean - Giuggiola Lyrics

Her smile could charm the little fishes from the sea
I'm in her arms and all at once that silly chatter
Begins to sound like she was reading poetry
(Giuggiola, Giuggiola, Giuggiola)

They call the lady Giuggiola, Giuggiola, Giuggiola
And I'm in love with Giuggiola, Giuggiola
If she says day is night...

But every time she sighs
I want to dance

I want to dance with Giuggiola, Giuggiola, Giuggiola
I want to hold her close to me
Close to me, closer than my skin
'Til our two hearts are one heart

Giuggiola, Giuggiola
Can make my heart go cha-cha-cha, cha-cha-cha

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Martin, Dean Giuggiola Comments
  1. matthrlw1

    Dean Martin was a master at putting emotion in a song and telling the story. My all time favorite artist! Great song!

  2. Woon Vinithketkumnuan

    Spectacular! it is.

  3. dinovilles

    great great song, no one sings like mr martin !

  4. MegaHannerl

    thats right, he was the one and only Dino

  5. Maurice Manfred Nieszery

    Und sollte es mit der Sonne am Himmel
    einmal nicht so klappen , dann lass sie in
    ♥deinem Herzen♥ scheinen Schönen
    4. Advent

  6. renee azais

    here's somebody who could find " you alone" old song but a good version
    like magic performances album
    thanks for posting it

  7. kerrouac

    My favorite! :]


    Recorded December 12, 1960