Martin, Dean - By The Time I Get To Phoenix Lyrics

By the time I get to Phoenix
She'll find the note I left hanging on her door
She'll laugh when she reads the part that says I'm leaving
'Cause I've left that gal so many times before

By the time I make Albuquerque she'll be working
She'll probably stop at lunch and give me a call
But she'll just hear that phone keep on ringing
Off the wall, that's all

By the time I make Oklahoma she'll be sleeping
She'll turn softly, call my name out low
And she'll cry just to think I'd really leave her
Though time and time I've tried to tell her so
She just didn't know I would really go

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Martin, Dean By The Time I Get To Phoenix Comments
  1. Iris Stevens

    Before he even starts to sing .what a gorgeous smile xxx

  2. Niall McEntee

    This man was a real talent. There was literally nothing he couldn't sing, and sing perfectly.

  3. Marcos Roberto

    Dean Martim grande artista sou deu fã e tb Jerry lewes

  4. Meivis Ribeiro

    The king of the cool

  5. David Clark

    Fabulous singer pity he liked a drink like me ❤️

  6. Ward Schuh

    Strangely effective. It fits Dean.

  7. Faurocious

    Dean Martin was a special kinda of talent. He sang better live than in the studio. There will never be another like him. The world was never the same for me after he passed away.

  8. Wolfsky9

    As the man once said : " Folks you can wait around & hope, but you'll not hear the likes of this, again. " ----------------So sad, & so true. -------------------------------WolfSky9, 72 y/o

  9. Ehm fae Dundee#

    always a delightful pleasure...

  10. Sebastian Vidal

    What flute is that?

  11. mimi carvalho

    maravilhoso!!! wonderful!!

  12. LoloLomo

    Dino does a satisfying "last generation" rendition of the mega-hit song which by this time had been made famous by Glen Campbell. See also, the great Johnny Rivers' version, who first recorded this heart-breaking song.

  13. Dave Roberts

    Amazing singer

  14. Dana Blasi


  15. melody faith

    I love this song

  16. ANITA Ospedale

    Love love love it , great song suits DINO to a T, a hit for Glen Campbell.

  17. Terry Brown

    Some called him lazy with his vocal...but when you hear him lay this tune down...with his phrasing...his style...he makes you believe the song. That's an artist.

  18. David Acreman

    Smooth as fuck


    Jolie version par Dean !

  20. manuel butenhoff

    Riiiiiiiichtiiiiiiig gut...………… Super

  21. Rob Bell

    I know most people go on about Sinatra,but for me he couldn't touch Dino.

  22. jaja binks

    she'll laugh when she reads the part that says i'm leaving

  23. robert prentice

    The coolest of the crooners... Except Francis Albert😉

  24. Daryl Gould

    The best version by far .. coolest guy ..

  25. Arild Heggernes

    He was a great svinger he had Clas and had fantastic song Voice

  26. tc tc


  27. Wolfsky9

    This just tears my heart out. -----------------------------WolfSky9

  28. Paul Singh

    Dean Martin was truly one of the greatest vocalists of our time just pure raw talent.

  29. Fred Medina

    I thank my Father to introduced me to his music and to the most coolest Artist of all time, Love your music Dino, God Bless you wherever you are and your family. I miss your shows and thank you for the memories with my Dad.

  30. Dean Noble

    I think that’s what you call class

  31. Carlo Duncan

    I like that Dean sings this sitting down. What a voice. What a gift.

  32. Jimmie Clark

    Dean Martin had his own way to make a song so it sounds LIKE original but better

  33. Serena Rouges

    ...that’s all...

  34. Glenn Luxton guitarViolinFiddle and more !

    Dean brings back many memories.
    As a teenager I recall guys on the street singing in fun , " Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime .... .

  35. Meivis Ribeiro


  36. Daniel Saint-germain

    What a simple and beautiful sad song! Makes me cry every time.

  37. Majid Eftk

    By the time I get to Phoenix
    She'll be rising
    She'll find the note I left hanging on her door
    She'll laugh, when she reads the part that says I'm leaving
    Cause I've left that girl, so many times before

    By the time I make Albuquerque
    She'll be working
    She'll probably stop at lunch,
    and give me a call
    But she'll just hear that phone keep on ringing
    Off the wall, that's all

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    By the time I make Oklahoma
    She'll be sleeping
    She'll turn softly and call my name out low
    And she'll cry, just to think, I'd really leave her
    Though time and time I've tried to tell her so
    She just didn't know,
    I would really

  38. Meivis Ribeiro

    so beautiful and so sad

  39. Stephen Thomas

    He was always a class act.

  40. Claudia Saboia

    you own this son Dean

  41. Wolfsky9

    Tami, this is yours, forever. ------------WolfSky9

  42. Wolfsky9

    RIP, Mr. Martin, we miss you more as the years go by. --------------------WolfSky9, 71 y/o Now

  43. Nature's Wild

    Wow...this may be my favorite performance of his...boy, he really feels it.

  44. Charles Mc Carthy

    Everyone has a time, and I'm so glad to have lived in a time that such music was the norm. The next generation are welcome to what they consider the norm, as I have no interest and why would I, as I won't be around forever. I do believe technology vwill at some stage be able to recreate all these wonderful artists live and that I would like to see. Anyways as I say, we all have our time, so enjoy the moment and don't worry about the future as it's not ours to decide what it should be. Thanks to YouTube for enabling us all to re experience times in our life through the medium of music.

  45. Christopher Franklin

    The shame is that they don't have singers like him today or music like this. I'm glad I can listen to this music every day.

  46. gwargerddi

    Ooh 😲😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  47. Sheila Mullard

    Loved this man with this impeccable smooth voice, so cool and so handsome, miss him.x.

  48. Kolfritz

    This was wriften by Glenn Campbell. He's gone now, too...

  49. Jeffrey Bussmann

    I love this song. But I absolutely hate his version here and think it's wretched.

  50. americo souza

    eu ti amo amo ha sua arte hoje tu la em riba com deus mais ta aqui com nos

  51. jardinehouse88

    A true definition of a "crooner"....will miss you and your voice!

  52. Lilliana Gonzalez

    Aint nobody like Dean. There will never be another Dean.


    You're so right.

  53. 1crankyvet

    Peter, couldn't have said it better if I tried myself.We were lucky enough to live through the times of "real talent" and I'm sure no generation will ever experience this magic again.

  54. John Frederick

    what a performance

  55. Zachary Rome

    I'm not cool bc Dean hogged it all

  56. Marc Law

    Smoother than smooth.So great to listen to.

  57. DWCSM

    First of all, Dean's in a Tux which sets the standard; something useless & pathetic Snowflake Millennials can't comprehend. Secondly, Dean sits down & sings so magnificently that it's incomprehensible. Truly one of a kind.

  58. Harpazo Time

    wow not my generation but a great voice , incredible !

  59. A CATAL

    The great timeless classic show.

  60. David Caruso

    Dean Martin your missed my brother but soon my brother soon!

  61. Wolfsky9

    Mr. Martin, you were just magnificent on this one, & I so remember watching this with my Dad. One of the very few times you really sang from the heart. ---I was in tears. -----------Wolfsky9, 70 y/o

  62. badassram1

    sooooo slick......

  63. SILVER7

    Can't decide, when I return do I want to be Dean, Robert Redford, or Teddy Ballgame. Ted was what John Wayne WISHED he was!

    phil z

    SILVER7 Dino for me so cool

  64. Donny Danger

    after his son died he was never the same

  65. paul martin

    Dean Martin the greatest

  66. Nick Oatridge

    pure class

  67. Rick Furioso

    I just love his music and this video is one of my favourites. Rick


    So smooth…a great crooner.

  69. bigladian

    If this guy was any cooler, he'd be pure ice!!!

    Robert Jongenelen

    So true, he was the coolest.

    Steve Harrod

    bigladian no kidding


    So true, so true.

  70. Mike JDLC

    Mr. Romantic. Give a bottle of J.D. and a beautiful this by the sea, and I will be very happy.

  71. Yep YepYep

    thanks for the upload bro

  72. paul pitre

    There will never be another like him, He did this and many other songs justice, Sad they are disappearing, fantastic song love it

  73. Wolfsky9

    A man's song, sung by a man's man--as only he could do it. You were the best, Mr. Dean Martin --& I'm in tears, every time I see this video, because I so remember watching this on your show. One of a handful of times you really sang from the heart.  Wolfsky9

  74. Wolfsky9

    Shar, why ? Why?? We could have had it so good. I tried--you know I tried--with all I had. Why, Shar??? The hurt is as raw today, as it was in '71.  I loved you so much!!  Why wasn't it enough???  Whyy?       Wolfsky9

    Johan Greybe

    Wolfsky9 Just read your comment of 2 years ago.Hope you feel better?

  75. don juan

    Wonderful simply the best

  76. frank arias

    i miss u so much mr.martin

  77. Allen Greenwood sr

    Real music, no junk jive.

  78. milestoneman

    Dean, Sammy, Frank and Bing were the ultimate crooner`s. Each song they sang told a story.

    Filthy McNasty

    @milestoneman Toss in Nat 'King' Cole, Mel Torme, and Matt Monro

    Martin Coleman

    Magic the best ever all of them. But they all loved ,and adored one man even more . The great sachmo, the great Mr Armstrong . He played with them all , and you never forget a show any one of them made with the great man.

  79. Filmbaby A.

    For some reason this song makes me cry. Dean's version was very touching. Great song, but I'm crying, lol!

  80. weskitten

    So languid! Unbelievably laid back. Dean's rendition of Jimmy Webb's song has always been my favorite. I also like things like the love theme from the film Airport and 70s soft pop.

  81. MowgliX

    The man was a legend even in his lifetime. He is one of the people you never forget. Beautiful and timeless.


    Totally agree with you



  82. Brown Paw

    Dean was a great guy too besides a great talent.  From some small town in Ohio.  Miss him and his wonderful humor and voice.

    Steve Berberovic

    +Brown Paw Dino grew up in Steubenville, Ohio. Worked as a croupier while still in high school, until someone realized He could sing...

    Marty Bean

    I believe it was Steubenville, Ohio

  83. Faye Rogerson

    Sorry.  was  Shit  Good.   but  I  listen  to  him  all  the time.  Dean  and  John Denver....

  84. Faye Rogerson

    This Guy  is  Shit  Good.....

  85. Wolfsky9

    In the years he did The Dean Martin Show, it's safe to say there were only a handful of times --like this --when Dean sang from his heart, & it was always a song about losing love. Absolutely no one --I mean, no one --ever did this like Dean did, & it never fails to hit me right in my heart of hearts. Miss you Mr. Dean Martin.      Wolfsky9

  86. ianrkav

    He always sang better on this show than he did on his albums.

  87. Peter Racippo

    I hear my kids tell to watch all these sings shows like, The Voice, America Got Talent, Britian Got Talent, etc.
    Then you Watch and Listen to this man, and realize who really has Talent.
    End of Story!

    David Edward

    Peter Racippo smoking wasn't the 'in thing'. It was just what people did. You can't liken it to drug use nowadays. Both my parents were heavy smokers, along with everyone else. Those were the mistakes of the 60s and 70s like lead paint and no seat belts.


    To Mr. P. Racippo : AMEN, Paisan ! This was one time the man REALLY did it from the heart. ----------------WolfSky9, 71 y/o


    To Mr Racippo : AMEN, BROTHER !!! -------------------WolfSky9, 72 y/o

    Tim Dufelmeier

    @Peter Racippo Sammy, Peter and Dean did their share of cocaine too.

    Rob Bell

    My friend, quality and class never go out of fashion.

  88. Miguel Antonio González San Martín, de Chile.

    ¡Dean Martin!, el relajado cantante. Una preciosa canción, de letra muy original.

  89. Aberlour Malt

    this gentleman is so cool my screen is freezing

  90. Peter Gapsis

    he was the best.    There was no one to compare him to.

    Peter Gapsis

    +Peter Gapsis

    I agree with you.


    He's so smooth.

  92. Wolfsky9

    One of those all too rare moments when Dean got serious, & sang for real. What a voice the man had, & was there EVER a more handsome man? I don't believe so.  Wolfsky9

  93. ToeIn2194

    I mean "ahhhh." Love this man's style. Aside from this music the man was so darn handsome ,manly and suave. Miss this type.

  94. ToeIn2194

    ASh,Italiano beautiful man.

  95. viewingut

    Dino nailed it, as usual.

  96. daniele simonelli

    I love it....