Martin, Dean - Almost Like Being In Love Lyrics

What a day this has been what a rare mood I'm in
Why it's almost like being in love
There's a smile on my face for the whole human race
Why it's almost like being in love

All the music of life seems to be like a bell that is ringin' for me
And from the way that I feel when that bell starts to peal
I would swear I was falling swear I was falling almost like being in love

(What a day this has been what a rare mood I'm in
Why it's almost like being in love)
Oh there's a smile on my face for the whole human race
Why it's almost like being in love

All the music of life seems to be...

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Martin, Dean Almost Like Being In Love Comments
  1. Tweety Kid

    A wonderful song by a wonderful singer!

  2. Edmusic

    Great performance, great song. I love to watch it. Very well sung too.

  3. Emily Macdonald


  4. Susan Kelley

    Deano. Could. Lift. Me. Out. Of. Saddnese in a. Flash. With. His. Sweet,. Sexy. Smile ,great. Singing,. His. Silly. Humor. Dean. Was. So. Magical. And. Smooth!!

  5. ventende

    I thought Dean Martin was a drink?

  6. Elvira Lelli

    Awwwh DINO...Smooth as....**

  7. Irene Kent

    Great song oh yes

  8. Irene Kent

    Swing it yea

  9. Irene Kent

    Oh what a man such a great personality

  10. Jackie Mcmeekin

    How can one not enjoy Dean singing. His happiness is pervasive. A great singer/performer for all seasons!

  11. keikoasmom

    I love Dean. We saw him in Vegas. I was about 11 , he and his family were coming down the stairs as we were leaving and being the designated autograph getter, I went up the stairs and he was very friendly and gracious. How handsome! And what a beautiful family!

  12. Meerkat More

    Dean Martin was amazing, but I prefer Frank's version. I've noticed Dean incorporates the Italian flow into English. It's hard to shake your native tongue. It works great in most cases, but I wouldn't say it did here. Still, yet to hear a song by one of the rat pack I don't like

    Dan Calabrese

    Well not a fair comparison  if you are comparing this version to Sinatra's studio version.

    Danny Brown

    That's very true

  13. dawn brown

    had a good golf game too.

  14. I'm On Your Roof

    I loved the set on his show. If I had the means, I would have my house built to look like it!

  15. george nolte

    Only him , the only guy that could get a contract from NBC where he worked one day a week (Sunday) with no rehearsals !!! For millions of dollars . He didn't want the show to interfere with him playing golf the other 6 days !! My hero ....

    Fabienne De Pauw

    george nolte Mine too ..l Yesterday the 100 birthday from the multiple talented man... not one word on our TV
    The world forgot mr Dean sad. ... Greetings from Belgium Fabienne


    He had 8 kids.... I imagine being a very close family, he did more than play golf.

  16. Hiranya Wick

    Super! Dennis - thank you for up loading. Check out Nat King Cole''s version. That too is very good.

    Comedy Apprentice

    Hiranya Wick it is, and perry como's too haha great song

  17. Lucinda Cabral

    The coolest man on the planet!! Te voglio bene!!!!

  18. HisEternalDaughter

    This is wonderful!  Do you know what year this is?

    Levi Macdonald

    60s or 70s

    Linda Shelley

    Levi Macdonald I would say more 1960s because Deans hair is still dark here, before Catherine got hold of him and made him dye it to different shades of blond,which looked ridiculous and really didn’t suit him at all.

  19. a weekback

    He does a Billie Holiday at the end

  20. Andre Zeidler

    Forever cool!

  21. Dean Martin

    Danke Dennis für dieses große Stück Dean Martin Show!

  22. philippe raynaud


  23. william morrison


  24. guglielmo64

    The King of Cool!