Martika - Water Lyrics

Like water
You see into me
You reach into me
And I ripple round in circles
Of my dreams in yours
Bring me to the shores of desire

I have been like a desert creature
Wandering on this earth so cracked and dry
Only to survive
But now your love is bringing me alive

Like water
How could I do without you
My body heat will not cool down
Like water
I could not live without you
I want to dive so deep into you I might drown

Tu eres como el agua

You know me
An invisible line
Connects us in time
And now there is no distance
Between us
You see what I feel
And all I am feeling is you

Tu eres como el agua
No se que haria sin ti mi amor
Yo no pudiera vivir sin ti

Quiero ahogarme en ti y nunca

Como el agua me ves tan clara
Siempre puedes tu llegar a mi
Me siento tan feliz
Tu amor me da razon para vivir

Like water
Like water

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Martika Water Comments
  1. Rizos. Mimados

    after martilka in the kitchen ... she got very skinny .... look at those fat and pretty legs ..

  2. Pritish Appadoo

    Song of choice for those born under Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces 😅🦀🦂🐟💦

  3. Candida Filonila Urbina Obando

    This song reminds me la isla bonita

  4. Dennis Valverde

    Love Martika.

  5. BoraBoraSharkBoy

    The melody and the arrangement is kinda uplifting but the lyrics are about fucking.. =/

  6. Małgorzata Woroch

    swietny videoclip oraz super piosenka oraz wspaniala martika

  7. Nelson Tu

    I do love it

  8. GeorgiaIsOnMyMind

    JOY is watching Your three year old crooning " na na na na....water...water".

  9. miguel valerio

    Preciosaaaa Martikaaa!!!!!

  10. emj11812000

    Always thought this was a beautiful song

  11. Jose Luis Crespo Gomez

    terrible lección de como ser sexy sin ser vulgar.

  12. nl V

    This remains me Madonna songs Who's that girl and La isla bonita

    Karl Smith

    nl V I can get what you mean there

    It does have a similar vibe as "La Isla Bonita"

  13. MSMMr1982

    I 💘martika this song is the best

  14. 澤井寿雄




  15. Brian ParaAndroid

    Que bella eras nena 😍💜😌😌 Linda canción gracias bby

  16. Inkredable One

    Demi Lovato lools like her

  17. Jossy Sanchez

    I love this song, and a love Martika

  18. enes kans

    I adore this song

  19. 米米クラブ

    マルチィカは歌声 スタイル 抜群です

  20. Fluffy Panda

    She sounds like Jem

  21. Remidni Indi

    Pego duro en los 90tas,, la flaquita Martika.

  22. Heather Giakovmis

    Met you for the videos...

  23. Dave Spencer

    Great song

  24. MR. C.

    amo esta cancion
    I love this song

  25. David Bolha

    26 people drowned. 😂😅😆

  26. Ani Anasta

    beautiful martika

  27. Angel Rios

    I used to be in love with her

  28. heru sumengkar


  29. Alejandro Pantoja

    que recuerdos de mi adolescencia me trae esta canción. escuchaba en radio Gabriela ... linda canción ...

  30. Jules Verne-Not

    I wonder if she has a bun in the oven in this clip. She seems to be wearing loose clothes.

    Night Fury

    Or she didn't want to be hyper-sexualized like Madonna and Samantha Fox....just saying.

  31. Jesse Delacruz

    I love the Latin flavor me gusta mucho el sabor!

  32. Sheicck Pradod


  33. Sandra Furna

    great martika

  34. Manuel Enrrique Riquelme Gurrero

    que buen clasico.

  35. Dissoluto Punito

    Como el agua, me ves tan clara, siempre puedes tú llegar a mí. Tu amor me da razón para vivir.


    My favorite line! And I'm Pakistani! :))

    Karl Smith

    GeorgiaIsOnMyMind that's my favorite line also, and I don't speak Spanish all that well

  36. leonor rodriguez

    where did the time go....sigh....i played this cd into the ground back in the day

  37. ΜΑΚΕΔΝΟΣ τὸ ἔθνος

    Quiero ahogarme en ti y nunca regresar…

  38. Brent Clifford

    still the best female artist ive ever seen and heard

  39. Gerard Tre

    Like water I cannot do without the music of the 90's


    Gerard Tre This is from the 80s

  40. Hungry Hole

    before J Lo, before Selena, there was the vision, beauty, and class of Martika!


    yuck, none of people can sing, apart from Martika..... PLEASE never again mention JLO in a Martika video. You just made me want to puke in the middle of my favorite Martika song.


    Martika was a megastar all over the world for 3 years. Selena was a star where? Mexico? .. Apples to pears alright, actually it's obscure , she's more of a pineapple compared to Martika lol.

    D XD

    Why tf would you compare jlo and selena to martika? Youre retarded


    Sort of a younger hipper version of Gloria Estefan.



  41. Pascoa Moterle

    delicia de musica colorida

  42. soundseeker63

    She should re record and re-release this song! It is one of her best and should have been a hit originally back in '89!

    Karl Smith

    soundseeker63 not sure if you knew this or not, but one of her costars from Kids Incorporated, Rahsaan Patterson provided backup vocals on this song, as well another song from the same CD titled "Alibis", in addition to being one of the "Toy Soldiers" as The backup vocalists on "Toy Soldiers" were called, alongside other Kids Incorporated alumni, Renee Sands, Fergie, Anastasia Horne and various other former cast members of Kids Incorporated

  43. Saham al

    same place as Ricky martins video " vuelve ". same location.

  44. peepingtom20101

    I vaguely remember Martika from when I was a kid in the late 80s but appreciate her a lot more now. I actually think some of her stuff holds up well today like Toy Soldiers and Love Thy Will Be Done, great songs. This is also a great pop song, listening to this will make you feel uplifted and more positive about yourself. Such a shame she didnt have a longer career, what happened to her? Also why was pop music so much better in the 80s compared to now?

    Victor R.

    +peepingtom20101 Same here I liked her but was more into Vixen/Lita metal/rock at the time but ya she is great and music was so much better in the 80's. Martika is making an appearance at a nightclub here in Sacramento tomorrow,and I am there!

    Sarcastically Deranged

    She said she got tired of touring, and a hectic life , so she walked away.

    Paul Graves

    Her own personal reason was that she couldn't keep up with the idea of being an idol to so many people at such a young age.
    In the broader perspective, her second album didn't perform as well as expected in 1991 despite featuring songs written by Prince. That and the music industry had a seismic shift when Nirvana released Nevermind.

  45. Antariksa_eka Wijatmika


  46. Sunbeam Of Dream

    Good clip.
    Wonderful song, wonderful Martika! :)

  47. val ruiz



    Timeless for me..

  49. sofknsad

    Te gusto mucho.

  50. DrexRetro

    Most beautiful song EVER.

  51. sancho handsome

    I must say that her voice is beautiful than Debbie Gibson (my apology, Debbie;s fan). Though Debbie made such more hits than her and Debbie soar her talents as young as 16 becoming the youngest producer, director, and even her songs was her own. What a talented young ones before. Thumbs up for you ladies. And not to forget Tiffany was also their running mate making hits during their eras. Tiffany got 2 no. 1 singles. Well, Martika was into acting then, while Debbie became broadway startdom, choosing that path. 


    @sancho handsome Debbie, Tiffany and Martika should tour together. They would clean up.


    +sancho handsome I agree. Martika's voice is deeper and richer than Debbie's by far.

  52. Cloudy's Wild Ride

    I like this song but it is so cheesy xD But the best part is the Spanish!

    Cloudy's Wild Ride

    @Victor R. Get lost. Cheesy doesn't have to be negative you fool. In my country it means an old song that is lovey and cheesy. Go away. I don't ever want to see you again.

    Victor R.

    @Victor R. Go where? loLOL

    chris herring


    chris herring

    @blaziken25 BLAZIKEN CHEESE

    Sarcastically Deranged

    It's one of those songs you play when no one else is around.

  53. Antusindustrial Nelly Ventura

    Excelente canción.¡¡¡

  54. David Razaq

    Like WATER how could I do without you without it my body will not cool down, good song perfect beat I like it.

  55. antonio rueda

    ostras!!!! que tiempos aquellos. como olvidarlo

  56. Marco Ide

    Beautiful and sexy ! Great Voice ! She is one of the best singers of all time. 

  57. Doug Celeste

    My FAVORITE Martika song and one of my all-time favorite videos, too, that I always love seeing!  I just LOVE the way she looks at the camera and her dancing is really good, too! I saw Martika in 1989 in concert when she opened the show for Rick Astley but I LOVED her performance more!  Hard to believe that it has been 25 years since that show.  You will always rock, Martika, and thanks for the memories!

    Bob Davis

    My favorite Martika song, too!

    Karl Smith

    Doug Celeste it's now been 30 years since this CD had been released

    I'd love it if They did a 30th anniversary edition rerelease of this CD, especially if they'd included addition songs that were originally written for this album, but never been released

  58. Abc Def

    Beautiful girl & song


    @Abc Def Yup. And they actually wore clothes while performing. Imagine.

  59. Abc Def


  60. Doug Celeste

    It was released as a single in Europe but not in the USA which was a BIG mistake since it could have been a BIG hit in this country compared to a couple of her released singles in this country which were not nearly as great as this gem.

  61. Doug Celeste

    Tiene razon y gracias para sus palabras.

  62. Doug Celeste

    Should have been released as a single in the USA, too, Nicolas. Not sure why it was not since it was MUCH better than a couple of her released singles in this country. Was it a hit in Europe? What country are you from that you heard it in?

    Darren T

    Doug Celeste The UK it was a success, she did promote it at the time

  63. Doug Celeste

    You are so right-on with that thought! GREAT song and video by a woman who is VERY sexy but did not have to dress like a slut to be sexy in this video like too many women today do in theirs. And I LOVE the way Martika "makes love to the camera" in this video and does it in a decent way! Rock on Martika!!!!!

  64. Doug Celeste

    Thanks for sharing your VERY interesting comments, Jessica, and I like the way you worded your thoughts. You said so much in so few words. Very nice! I was 36 in 1989 when the first album came out and I sure LOVED it much more than the second album which was a BIG disappointment to me. I saw Martika open for Rick Astley in a concert in 1989 and I came to really see her and she did a GREAT job with her songs but seemed a bit rushed which was too bad. Anyhow, I LOVE this video and song!!!

  65. Éric's Channel

    Oh dear... she's making me think of "Debb" in Dexter!! LOL


    She's much prettier than Jennifer Carpenter.

  66. Maria Fernanda Pauta

    El fondo del vdeo se parece el lugar del video de Ricky Martin Vuleve

  67. Jessica Moon

    I was a little girl when I bought her album and listened to the songs over and over again in my room, I just knew it was a little treasure of it`s kind...

  68. Li Jav

    This song is so underrated..

  69. Dean Barber

    really love the ah oh segment

  70. Phil Prof

    I love Marqueefa!!!

  71. boywonder9021ho

    HeEey all u Tika/KKKIDDS INC. queens . . . Miss eddie Q likes DIS . . . -eddie Q(JOn St. James #1 KKKAN) wwwdotgreycelebrationdotcom

  72. christine bravo

    I love her I can't wait for the new cd!!!!

  73. Madison Frye

    Awesome song! I just can't wait for her new album! Don't think that it's gonna be all dancy-electronic like all the other singer's songs are nowadays because Martika said that her new album is going to be the only album by a singer in this decade that has the 80s style sound to the songs. :)

  74. sonicidal

    It's called the 'Ennis House', designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. It was featured in Blade Runner as Harrison Ford's apt.
    Go to wikipedia and type in Ennis House.

  75. sonicidal

    I think this is the 'Ennis House', designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, and featured as Harrison Ford's apt. in 'Blade Runner'.

  76. jane pusecker

    if you look at hair cut careully its just a super short bob hair cut.
    that is what a mushroom hair cut basiclley short bob cut .
    if you look a certian celberities to day some of the have even worn this style.

  77. Berlinlover1917

    She looks like the white version of Halle Berry

    James Bradford

    What a weird thing to say about a Latina woman.

  78. Emily Spears

    She looks so adorable just like Winona Ryder <3

  79. Schuriken

    @TheGodParticle LOOOOOOOL

  80. Karl Smith

    One of her former Co-stars from Kids Incorporated, Rahsaan Patterson sings back-up on this song

  81. Arrowdance

    Great song! It's been a long time I heard it.

  82. TheGodParticle

    Shes always rubbing her face in her videos.

  83. Nominefy

    Maravillosa canción, Martika era encantadora.

  84. sancho handsome

    Never heard this song follow up to her Toy Soldier. And this is beautiful and I put a five star with this. Martika had a good voice .

  85. deltaguy28

    @diamonddonut yes she is on twitter as @martikatunes

  86. side2 Side

    NO,,,, REALLYYY ..... ???????

  87. deltaguy28

    @diamonddonut she is working on a Come BACK!

  88. TheDanHenz

    :) she looks so cute when she sings in spanish

  89. side2 Side

    she ruined herself. come back please.

  90. Tee Murrs

    @Dubinmusic, I owned that cassette. Mi tierra was such a good song

  91. kawa1109


  92. dubnmusic

    Martika is now married and in a band with her husband, 'Opera'... I wish someone would post her 'Mi Tierra' with the late, Celia Cruz!!!

  93. Thomas

    Martikaaaaa, where ARE YOU?!!?

  94. divineangel73

    i have always loved this song..

  95. Steven Zuniga

    Una lástima que no volvió a cantar

  96. Class77

    omg!!! She is so so beautiful girl!!! and true music. this moves our bones to dance!!!

  97. Class77