Martika - Toy Soldiers Lyrics

Step by step
Heart to heart
Left, right, left
We all fall down
Like toy soldiers

It wasn't my intention to mislead you
It never should have been this way
What can I say?
It's true, I did extend the invitation
I never knew how long you'd stay

When you hear temptation call
It's your heart that takes, takes the fall
(Won't you come out and play with me?)

Step by step
Heart to heart
Left, right, left
We all fall down
Like toy soldiers

Bit by bit
Torn apart
We never win
But the battle wages on
For toy soldiers

It's getting hard to wake up in the morning
My head is spinning constantly
How can it be?
How could I be so blind to this addiction?
If I don't stop, the next one's gonna be me

Only emptiness remains
It replaces all, all the pain
(Won't you come out and play with me?)

Step by step
Heart to heart
Left, right, left
We all fall down
Like toy soldiers

Bit by bit
Torn apart
We never win
But the battle wages on
For toy soldiers

We never win

Only emptiness remains
It replaces all, all the pain
(Won't you come out and play with me?)

Step by step
Heart to heart
Left, right, left
We all fall down
Like toy soldiers

Bit by bit
Torn apart
We never win
But the battle wages on
For toy soldiers

Step by step
Heart to heart
Left, right, left
We all fall down
Like toy soldiers

Bit by bit
Torn apart
We never win
But the battle wages on
For toy soldiers

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Martika Toy Soldiers Comments
  1. Christopher Dale

    I love this song even thou iam not the biggest fan,iam more Sex Pistols,Iron Maiden, Metallica, Guns'n'roses,Queen. I miss the era of the late 80's and early 90's. PS my other favourite song from this era was Alice Cooper poison.

  2. Kamran Mogharabi


  3. Bryan kasoma

    True legends can b still listening to this song in 2020

  4. RazorFriendly

    This song makes me nostalgic for my teen years. I was fifteen when this came out in 1989. This was one of those songs that was always playing when laying next to the pool that summer, just having fun with my friends and not realizing those would be the most carefree and innocent days of our lives.

  5. Edward Warwick

    MTV today sucks, no music videos, anything but music is their new motto.

  6. jaytotheell

    how old is she here? 16-17?


    Her and Eminem should do a live performance together for both tracks

  8. Javthusiast

    Holy shit, didn‘t know eminem sampled this song.

  9. Tunnel Vision

    The Goldbergs brought me here

  10. The Sparkmeister

    Won’t you come out and play with me ?

  11. Stephen O Connell

    Amazing decade so glad i experienced it

  12. Its Aquaz

    This is a childs play outro style song

  13. G B

    Cry by Godley and creme is another you 80s fans should listen to.

  14. Mik

    cultura musical...

  15. Tim Dyer

    1980s I was 8-18 years old. Loved growing up then. Films, music, TV. I was lucky. Wasn't in one of the 80s war or famine zones and the Soviet Union didn't nuke us. Chernobyl tried radiation on us instead! Time machine YouTube is forever gonna be a way to touch the 80s whether you were there or not.

  16. David Rivera

    buena canción me fascina escuchar recuerdo cuando mis primas trajeron su casete de usa cuando se lanzó

  17. leed .;.

    who else listens to this just to remember something sad about their life?

  18. james musisca

    make a choice people

  19. james musisca

    a grave marker is that what you want ?

  20. james musisca

    totally hot

  21. Fredrik Nyborg Sørensen

    Shoutout to the people who came from eminem

  22. Alicia Mack

    I grew up in 80s and 90s in new york

  23. Wandering Fugo

    90s baby here.. Best of times imo.

  24. Rumpole 258#

    Dedicated to the Greatest tennis player ever ☘ 🕊

  25. Dava futra

    music clasic.i like song martika-toy soldier.👍myfavorite (by indonesia 2020)

  26. David Homeyer

    I can remember...there was a part "We never win"
    Why fighting?

  27. Tarleen Topper

    god knows i hope im wrong

  28. Pat McGahon

    Who's watching this in February 2020?

    Chud Gaya Porkistan

    You are not alone.......!

    jose mikael Tronshensky

    2020 and forever ,am stuck in the 80's.

  29. Ezequiel Caseros

    Hermosa canción

  30. Matthew Steenbergen

    If I Leave This World I Pray and Hope I Did My best! Love Comes and goes. Its Been So long since I Loved Anything or Anyone!😔

  31. Matthew Steenbergen

    Oh My Goodness ❤😓😔🇺🇸 Wow When The Music Comes back to You And all you can do is CRY When 80's Music Was Successful Great And Astonishing. 😇

  32. Mark Hall

    What's Martika really up to these days? Married,any kids?

  33. Mark Hall

    This song is so agonisingly sad.

  34. Ronald Hagadorn

    My nephew was born in 89! Still love this song!

  35. H Car10134

    I remember when Martika was on Kids Incorporated on Disney Channel. It was the first show I watched when we first got cable tv in 1986. Fergie & Jennifer Love Hewitt were also on with her.
    Anyone else remember that show?

  36. Juan Carlos Barahona

    Una gran melodia para mis oidos

  37. Angela-Marie Coe

    I can see through the video. She’s running with her friends and her crush pulls her aside and brings her to his friends and she changes into a druggie like him. Cause you can see him making exchanges with his dealer and you see her and him fighting as they get older cause she wants out of that life

    Claudemir Fagundes

    Angela-Marie Coe
    Hi 😍🍾

    Genova Linde

    wow thats heavy

  38. うんちょっちょ


  39. Don Allen

    Thank You Kindly, FOR sharing. ~D
    Outstanding performance Martika !

  40. Carlos Magno Santosde Souza

    I you love is music geracion beaufiul 80

  41. Sandra Quiroga

    Hermosa canción

  42. Luis Lopez

    Nice, the best is that she sings the same song in English and Spanish, and in both languages I like it, and she is as nice as always.

  43. Kirk Ford

    Probably the most beautiful voice that I've ever heard in my life! You have an angel residing inside you sweetheart. I heard this song on the radio in when I was 11 in 89, my parents just signed their rights to me over to the state of Tennessee, so it was a difficult time for me. I always clung to songs like this because of the lack of love in my life. Thank you martika for this amazing creation. ❤

  44. 李淑敏

    我想會越來越多的預測預言也會很多準確,不過你們自己判斷吧,有很多是被期待發生~你們的意念,toys,我曾假設很多預言家,通靈者,靈媒或類似此種行業如命理師 ~中外不拘也許只是個Toys soilders 被利用的工具,他們當然希望事情發生然後證明有多神奇厲害當然他們只是代言者真的背後面目是我們永遠摸不透,但使我們喪失了對自己本身的能力認知也喪失真的方向只有任由操控控制這就是命理師的目的,背後只有可能是比較高級的靈操控這些人但也已足夠了至少已操控大部分人的一生,無人可免~記得這些人只是玩具兵而已~一切純屬假設~放心他們絕對不會認為自己是被利用的玩具兵而會認為自己是為人造福指引人生,解答人生難題~這一切只是我個人意見

  45. Andrew Palmer

    this is for all our solders fighting abroad

  46. Michael Maker

    Asked in strange way .
    Please reply workplaces of past

  47. boosted saleen

    Born in 70s played in the 80s as a kid then grew up as an adult in the 90s. I really think I got to hear and see some of the greatest music ever.

  48. it's all good

    It was Soooo great to of been a teen in the 80's

  49. Jose Bezerra

    A musica do meu sofrimento

  50. Andrew B

    'Step by step, heart to heart...' One of the most memorable choruses ever and yet another brilliant song from the '80's!!

  51. Blessed everyday

    Miss her💔🙏

  52. Ryan Clark

    Lost my best friend and the best drummer I ever knew to an opioid relapse after a car accident. This one strikes a chord with me

  53. Aan Najmi

    Eminem recovery title

  54. Maxismaximal

    Listen to the Japanese Version

  55. Rob Diaz

    pity about her short lived career before she went into hiatus, when she got back it was too late, and crap music.

  56. Jeanette Martinez

    I love my kids that my

  57. Kamran Mogharabi


  58. Kamran Mogharabi


  59. Kamran Mogharabi


  60. Kamran Mogharabi


  61. Kamran Mogharabi


  62. Maria Yessenia Babeton Revatta

    Wao, Wao ,Thanks, Martika . Beautiful Remenbers........Fantastic.😚😚😚.

  63. momentos inolvidables Tafur Nuñez

    lima 20:12 pm 28/01/2020 hermosa cancion

  64. king amirberlin

    nice voice

  65. ARD TV

    bagussss,,,, goood. 😍😍😍

  66. Zoran Stricevic

    You will be always in my heart ❤️🌹 Such a strong message about addiction and a truly inspired singer you're dear Martika. Love you for that.

  67. niki hamzah

    29 - 01 - 2020

  68. Don Zampogna

    What a power song!

  69. hopespringseternal70

    martika is a many are.

  70. F34RTEHR34PER

    I can leave this on repeat indefinitely. <3

  71. roy jurich

    Reminds me of when I was in middle school 1988-89

  72. Charles Boozer

    2020 and still intoxicating

  73. Mikey Connor

    Dont rlly like this song, be honest! U came coz of Eminem

  74. Steve Phillips

    Lovely song always wondered who sang it. Makita is beautiful.XX

  75. Ryan Haraughty

    The original is a billion times better than marshal mathers


    Una canzone che Eminem rifece

  77. youreallbrainwashed

    Can't blame modern musicians.. when you had to go up against the Pinnacle of talented musicians, the only way they could go was down, so they simply gave up the fight, and decided to be clever about it, and be weird and see how far they could go by making music as bad as they could, while still sounding somewhat interesting.. a.k.a the grunge alternative route.. i.e. crash test dummies, zombie by cranberries, and the goo goo dolls.. and don't forget about the gin blossoms.. barf . I bought into it too. There were some exceptions, smashing pumpkins, Nirvana . But let's be honest, they can't hold a candle to the king of music.. late 70s to early 90s ... And dumb-ening of music continues aka modern club-ish one hit wonders and mumble rap.... we are sick of it.. I say if you can't beat em join em , and just continue making classic type rock and rap.

  78. Claudio Antônio Alves

    Lindas demais música e a cantora.So podia ser anos 80.

  79. Maria Vergara


  80. Ermis el gato

    Love this song 🎶💔

  81. Liberty4All100

    Had the big crush on her when she was in Kids Incorporated. Not much has changed.

  82. Jonal Silaban


  83. AJ YT

    The memories 👌

  84. Herlanio Araujo

    Música clara e rica....parabéns anos 80

  85. Odón Carbajal Vázquez

    excellent song, very eighties, fantastic voice of Markita

  86. ゲロゲロ



    Cool Tune

  88. ken67115

    I Heard say Hailey Name and I just Lost it

  89. Sheri Lothrop

    i love this song

  90. Edwin Maracayo

    Wow señor Jesus Beutiful princesa besos beiby beutiful. 🙏🙏💗👸👸💙💝💗💛💛💟💎🙏🙏📿📿

  91. Tim Horn

    This song was a great song and the other songs she released that year in both English and Spanish was good to

  92. Casull

    + 30 years a go at a boot camp the seargant played this from his walkman.. it made our tent a heaven on a the place on earth..

  93. Jose Giovanny Santes Rojas


  94. Ihtz Visionaria

    ..we all fall down like toy soldiers.

  95. Becky Roberts

    Love this song 💖💖