Martika - Cross My Heart Lyrics

With just one look at you
I'm paralyzed
I can't explain
Why just one touch from you
Drives me insane

You've got me head over heels
Better believe it baby
And I love how it feels

Cross my heart
Hope to die
May lightning strike me
If I'm telling a lie
Cross my heart
I swear it's true
I've never loved anyone
More than I'm loving you
Cross my heart it's true

Believe me

Something happens
When you're next to me
I get chills
You can ask me anything
And babe I will

You've got me out of control
Better believe it baby
Form my head to my toes

Cross my heart
Hope to die
May lightning strike me
If I'm telling a lie
Cross my heart
I swear it's true
I've never loved anyone
More than I'm loving you
Cross my heart it's true

You're my valentine
Every month of the year
Baby rain or shine
I'm so happy when you're here
I want you all the time
Am I making myself clear?
My love's gonna last forever
Cross my heart

Cross my heart

I've never loved anyone
More than I'm loving you

Cross my heart
Hope to die
May lightning strike me
If I'm telling a lie
Cross my heart
I swear it's true
I've never loved anyone
More than I'm loving you

Cross my heart
Hope to die
May lightning strike me
If I'm telling a lie
Cross my heart
I swear it's true
I've never loved anyone
More than I'm loving you

Cross my heart
Hope to die
May lightning strike me
If I'm telling a lie
Cross my heart
I swear it's true
I've never loved anyone
More than I'm loving you

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Martika Cross My Heart Comments
  1. Monica Chuidian

    This song expresses my feelings for my Puerto Rican boyfriend

  2. Darryl Solomenté

    Cheesy 80s music 🎶
    We loved it for the same reasons why we hated it.

    I'm no critic but #Toy #Soldiers remains Martika's only hit in my book.

  3. Randy Watson

    So underrated. It sounds very J-pop.

  4. Vicious Gerbil

    Hard to believe this album was released the year I was born. 31 years later and it's still a great.

  5. グレートキョウ

    My second lifes anything nothing alls lost
    I am mental sicker different too, I am close to my heart and little word, I hevan place sting living home room. I am very little far out. I am go out citybilldoing towns area.
    I have a trauma. Its are 2002years and 2011years, I am Japanese Korean.
    half s boy. My parents mother Japanese Tokyo woomens I can not speaking Koreans word, I can speaking Japanese and little English. I hate SGI Yamaguchi family and Watanabe very much hate.

    They are very much having fucker.

    I love grand father and Japanese mother.
    I liking free move and movig too,

    I hope to fuck off Yamaguchi and Watanabe SGImember too,

    Yamaguchi very lier fucker.

  6. Jesus Covarrubias

    Qué guapa se mira aquí martica la quiero

  7. Loreto Mendez

    Me ¡gusta mas, esta version! de MARTIKA. 🎤🎶🎶😉

  8. Jose Grollmus Soto


  9. Flavio Quispe

    Te más q nunca pasaran de moda simplemente eterna sonaran x siempre

  10. Run WALKING

    Wow nice to look back..i missed 80's

  11. OffdaRoots

    Is she wearing a CADILLAC logo upside down.

  12. pasromano75

    Talented singer ....

  13. pasromano75

    Patsy Kensit softer... this version is more impressive... different singers

  14. Darren T

    This is the best version , Eight Wonder and Tracie Spenser are fine but this is better

  15. JMZ

    she's so sweet Martika

  16. william de Marrais

    was soldier once, now a veteran, and I love this video. I too fell in love with a woman while stationed at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. I had to ship out and it broke my heart. I will never forget her.

  17. 野獣先輩


  18. Mike Hawk

    She's wearing a Cadillac hood ornament around her neck.


    Patsy kensit version is so much better!!

  20. Del Hurworth

    Not a patch on patsy

  21. riversedge64

    That voice 2:39 omg she's a queen of 80s.

  22. Hanne Romsaas

    OMG! I think this was 1988! i loved Martika and all her songs. I remember the lyrics, even if i didn`t understand it at the time. :D Ha ha!

  23. mfuji02

    martika's voice is strong & powerful patsy's is soft\gentle

  24. legalrehab


  25. Elizeu Ribeiro

    Essa canção é LINDA

  26. Joey Mantka

    This version has too much 80's bass vibes. You can tell it's so 80's.
    I think Eighth Wonder has more timeless vibe.

    Darren T

    Joey Mantka check out Tracie Spencer Version from 1988 , see what you think of her version

  27. Horeb Sanchez

    linda musica wooooooo martika,

  28. Sebbs 23

    This version is a thousand times better

  29. Evelyn Elliott

    Loving this song💋😍

    Marty Mcfly

    Me too, Evelyn Elliott. Have you heard Eighth Wonder's version?

  30. Robert AOR Westcoast

    Yuko Imai version is better

  31. nl V

    Cross my heart hope to die 
    May lightning strike me if I'm telling a lie 
    Cross my heart I swear it's true 
    I've never loved anyone more than I'm loving you…

  32. Parker Bright

    pop stars wish they could do it like martika

  33. pepe espinosa

    La mejor época musical.
    Amo los 80!!

  34. Number One Korea

    Ye~~! The Best martika's song!

  35. Jesus L.N.


  36. stupid baby

    I love this music 😁😁😁

  37. sassy lovee

    Love it!!!!! Love my 80s

  38. Aror EclecticMusic

    Wow que bella versión!!

  39. Ken Okinawa


  40. Jose Escobar

    Diosa vos Angélical no dejo de escuchar tus temas bien 80ntoso amo los 80

  41. Clare Richardson

    That is good to be fair. Just reminiscing about these days listening to these songs with my friends. Feel old now lol

  42. Beatrix Ducz

    ahhhhh I have the shivers all over

  43. Gav Peck

    Love this song and loved the song toy soldiers

  44. amanda davis

    This version is very good. But 8th Wonder's version is great. Or maybe it depends on which version you heard first.

  45. shawn eldridge

    I always have been a big fan of Martika and I will continue to be a big fan and continue to listen to her music.

  46. kelly savage

    it may have been done by eighth wonder but martika did it the best she put more oomph into it i love this one the most

  47. shawn eldridge

    (( ✝ )) my second favorite song from Martika. Totally love Cross My Heart. Also my other favorite female singers from the 1980s are Martika, Tiffany, Janet Jackson, and Debbie Gibson, the greatest singers from the 1980s.

  48. pria budiman

    why this song never got official video?

  49. joma lebo

    she look like sheena easton here, very glamorous

  50. camila ignacia leibbrandt armijo

    Me parece estupendo 👌 el video 📹 y la canción 🎶 gracias por subirlo 💝💝💝💝💝💝👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  51. NAHOMY RaEMA ander

    Era la mejor música de esa época lástima ke no nací en ese tiempo

  52. Teenasboy50

    This version isn't that bad. But have to say Eighth Wonder's version is so much better...

    Matthew Wold

    Um Eighth Wonder totally owns this song - this is decent at best

    John Anderson

    Martika did this first and I just listened to Eighth wonder's yet again. She still sounds mousey and soulless to me. Patsy may be a decent singer, but she doesn't have the pipes that Martika does. Maybe Martika's production is better.

    Victor R.

    @Matthew Wold It was an embarrassment! A weak, thin voice , with zero emotion! MARTIKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sebbs 23

    This version is a thousand times better


    As i said, are different version. I prefer this Martika one. Is more impressive and full of energy. Patsy version is softer

  53. nozzila

    ตามมาจาก #ครบเครื่องเรื่องผู้หญิง #JSLGlobalMedia

  54. Monica Chuidian

    I saw her in 1989 at Santa Clara CA at the Paramount's Great America,she was the opening act for Rick Astley

  55. I Love 80's years......

    Amazing voice !!!!!

  56. Andres Diez

    me gusta mucho...pero mi favorita es i feel the earth move

  57. skeedledoo

    The original artist for this song CROSS MY HEART was Eight Wonder and Patsy Kensit is the vocalist.

    Venus Volante

    I like this song and I just found out that the original singer is an American singer/model name Tracie Spencer (R&B). Eight Wonder popularized the song with their pop genre cover. Martika's cover is very good too (pop punk 80s synth)

  58. I am a man and I'm a poof80808

    You don't get many singers like this anymore.

  59. Cristián Oviedo

    Épocas que ya no volverán...Clásico de Martika que lo ponían en los boliches antes de empezar la noche...Temazo!!! (Time won't come back...Martika's classic; it was played at clubs before night began...Such a hit!!!)

  60. Marcos Hinojosa

    La mejor canción del mejor disco de Martika <3

  61. Agnieszka Kaczmarek


  62. Yolanda G

    I played this tape ALL the time. Yes I said tape lol. I would fall asleep listening to it. I just loved it so much, I was around 12 give or take a year. I played it so much I ruined the tape and begged to get a new one lol

    Sbg Sbg

    violasphere you dont look that old, i thought you're only at your 20's :)

  63. Kealii Stagner

    Yes those 80's beats rule! The crap now days is just that crap and should be against the law!

    Ram Prasad

    Totally agree with you✌️

    Leila Isabelle

    😂😂😂 yes

    To Meme or Not To Meme

    *Except* that's not true because tons of good music is released everyday, people just refuse to search for it. Also, this song with pretty much zero changes could've come out this decade, because the 80's came back *hard*, especially in music.

  64. むぽ

    Love Martika!

  65. 피카츄


  66. Sheels1976

    Claaaaasic. You can always tell it's an 80s song by the beats. Miss those days.

    Matthew Nimite

    Sheels1976 Hell yeah ! The best musical era ever. The 80's just rock ...

    NAHOMY RaEMA ander

    Sheels1976 hola era la mejor música ke de los 80

    The_Games_To_Me 0


    Marty Mcfly

    Sounds of the 80's Sheels1976

    Pritish Appadoo

    The part when she screams "Oh-oh-oooh" is the most 1980s thing ever!

  67. MrBlucosmic

    still love the Patsy's version more.

  68. Alejandro Morales


  69. WineSippingCowboy

    Similar to Chances from Roxette.

    AJ Price

    EVERY hit single ever released has a copycat version from a rival artist.

  70. Stephen Faucette

    Love her voice :)

  71. Yamil Perez

    @ that time she was sexy... 😍

  72. richie blank

    She Just Performed here in Melbourne and All I can Say is She is STILL AMAZING !! I was absolutely hypnotized.. She did the most incredible version of Toy Soldiers , i hope she releases a remix of it, many people will be absolutely blown away.

    AJ Price

    26 years later and she's still going??

    Sally anne kolarMoa

    richie blank excuse me martika as never be amazing u can tell what u are a bloody no good

    lucas ariel vargas

    Sally anne kolarMoa you're mad

  73. Alejandro Bedoya

    Talented & Beautiful.. like toy soldiers...great one song!!

  74. Melissa Mcmanus

    Martika is soooo Amazing!!

  75. Antariksa_eka Wijatmika

    i never forget.... sweet memmory... i love u....



  77. Memorable Maestro

    Dave B, music is subjective. Everyone has the right to their opinion though.

  78. fractalign

    what of this womens age ?

    Amy Kruger


    *She is about 24 in this video, but she is 47 now*

    matej horvat

    Only 19

    AJ Price

    +Amy Kruger If she was 24 in 1988 then she would be 52 today, not 47.

    OVI-Wan Kenobi

    she said she was a teenager in the late 80s, so 19 back in 1988 is correct

    Bryan Velez

    She was born in 1969

  79. Hor

    Beautiful but Eighth Wonder's version is better IMO.  Tracie Spencer also did a nice version of this track.

    A Jinda

    Martika sings a lot better than eighth wonder's. the singer of 8' w. sang this song like a cat got cold. จริงๆนะ

    Victor R.

    You dancing queens are deaf! MARTIKA can sing! That other bitch is a robot without a soul or a voice!

  80. AM45HR

    Beautiful song.

  81. Victor R.

    More of a rock fan but Martika is one of a few exceptions I even like this and I think this is dance,lol.LOve Martika.

  82. socute2011

    I love this !!!

  83. Theo Naidoo

    martika looks hot +if she comes out with this song today it will be contemporary its just that at that time it was ahead of its time ,ive been looking for this song for about 20 years thanks Rupin Chawla for putting it up

  84. Jules Verne-Not

    Love lots of her music on this album. Never heard any more from her after this album, sadly.

  85. Guillermo Ortega Muñoz

    Wow, todavia me hace vibrar esta canción.

  86. Guillermo Ortega Muñoz

    Wow, todavia me hace vibrar esta canción.

  87. felipe ignacio sepulveda

    gran temaa sinth pop,,a pesar q es de Eighth wonder me gusta mas esta version mas limpia de martika,,,saludoss desde CHILE

    Luis Norambuena

    No es de eight wonder,ambas lo grabaron el mismo año,martika es mas famosa

  88. Julieann

    This is the best version

  89. ThePbrook1967

    I have to agree with whomever says this is the best version... its just so much more heart felt and kick butt! lol I love it!

  90. Clarence Jeong

    For my imagination about Ez2Dj Techno Shower -
    Ruby : NM 3 HD 7 / Street (both 5 & 7) : EZ 4 NM 5 HD 6 / Club & space : NM only 4

  91. Dave B

    Michael Jay wrote it and according to Discogs and Michael Jay's websites it was recorded by both Martika and Eighth Wonder in 1988 but only Eighth Wonder's version was released as a single.

  92. Dave B

    absolutely god awful. sounds like bad elevator music turned into even worse karaoke.


    It got a good review on Allmusic. I'm not saying your wrong. To each his own.

  93. Nicole Linkin Park

    Mi piace di più cantata da martika.:-)