Marshall Tucker Band, The - Too Stubborn Lyrics

You said you loved me,
Don't know why I thought you'd be,
the kind of woman, that'd leave a man in misery.
I was wrong all along,
but too stubborn a man to change my mind.

I couldn't believe,
Lord I lost you,
When I knew you loved me all the time.
I was wrong all along,
but too stubborn a man to change my mind.

Should of loved you while I had the chance,
But I had a feelin' inside.
'bout all the times, I really loved you,
but too hardheaded to change my mind

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Marshall Tucker Band, The Too Stubborn Comments
  1. Charlie Ragsdale

    MTB, is the best. my favorite song is to stuborn ! its amazing .i got to listen to it at least 5 times ., ride on marshall tucker band.

  2. Bobby Pulliam

    this is me.

  3. Charles Huffman

    This was the beginning for me,MTB, unique and oh so soothing. I've been a fan for over 40 years, as great today as the day I first heard them.Southern Rock has never been so good when these talented men came onto the scene,Thanks.

  4. Cameron Bridges

    Love this one. Played it with my dad since I was young and it still has a special place in my heart.

  5. stumptown123

    Classic. Thanks for posting

  6. stupagia26

    I started covering this song up way back when and whenever I've played it in a jam since then somebody always goes, "wow, who did that song come from and I tell 'em, "'s Cowboy Blues from Marshall Tucker."

  7. bglions2001

    LOL, I'm trying to make an 80 minute cd of MTB songs, can't get it done...they have way more than 80 minutes of greatness!

  8. David Roy

    I bought this album in 74 and this tune was my favorite. Thanks for sharing your brothers memory.