Marshall Tucker Band, The - Tell It To The Devil Lyrics

I can't stand to see a grown man
Hit a little kid
Or get cussed out for somethin'
Not even knowin' what he did

See a man any man
Messin' 'round with your best friend's wife
Or sit helpless in the corner
And watch a man drink away his life
I'm gonna clean up my soul lord
You don't owe me no back pay
I'm gonna tell that to the devil
When I see him today
Walked to a graveyard
May they all rest in peace
I wish they could all go to heaven
I bet two did at least

Someone that don't feel sorry
For the helpless and the blind
Kinda makes you wanna pick up the bible
And memorize every single line
I'm gonna clean up my soul lord
You don't owe me no back pay
I'm gonna tell that to the devil
When I see him today

See a man walk by a beggar
With an empty tin cup
Kinda makes you wanna grab him

By the back of the neck
Knock him down and never pick him up
I'm gonna clean up my soul lord
You don't owe me no back pay
I'm gonna tell that to the devil
When I see him today

I'm gonna tell that to the devil
When I see him today

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Marshall Tucker Band, The Tell It To The Devil Comments
  1. Gail Parker


  2. Gail Parker

    YOU give me courage, strength.

  3. Gail Parker

    DON'T know what I'd do without you guys. 🌹

  4. Debbie Daniels

    The best times was in the 70's
    Listen to 🎶 music like this...
    Still listening... (2019)

  5. Kurt Grossoehme

    I wonder if Leon Russell's style had any influence in their music.

  6. Well Blow Me Down

    The lyrics and arrangements plays a cinematic mivie through my mind as i listen to these old classics. Forgot s8me of the less covered tunes and how much expressions pump through, have to dust off s8me vinyls and ride memory lane for a while. Hiarchy of Souther Rock would be very different had tradgeties not been bestowed. Blessed for what still can listen to!!!!

  7. James Sero

    "Kinda makes you want to pick up the Bible. And memorize every single line." Certainly the most worthy endeavor a person could engage in. And then to act on it (faith = love + action...James 1;22).  I lost my little brother to alcoholism a year ago. "Or sit helpless in a corner, and watch a man drink away his life". Great lyrics...reality for many of us. We could do nothing. And it hurts so bad. Thanks Toy for a great song.

  8. Patrick Towey

    Holy cow, where has this album been all my life?

  9. Terry Watson

    takes me back,springs me forward MTB

  10. Ed C

    I learned how to play real guitar to this album. Timeless.
    Doesn’t get any better!

  11. Michael Yeo

    heard take the highway in72,this chicago city boy was d iggin e m then!They,re better now,

  12. Bradford Eclectic

    Definitely one of my favorite bands of the 70s living in Austin, TX.

  13. Uncle Jack

    I'm surprised to see only 291 of us 'liked' this video, the other seven must be closed minded millennials that will never get it.

    The Awakening Heard

    Yes, one of the tragically lost gems in true American roots music.

    The Awakening Heard

    @Wesley Cross We are so lost in so many ways and I really appreciate the found. Thank you for the honest reply. We are all in this together. Peace.

    Dianna Brint

    411 ..😍


    I just "liked" this also, and I'm number 420. That reminds me, be right back.

    Salvatore DeBella

    @Wesley Cross there is hope for your generation yet!

  14. Jonathon Chapman

    Finally lifted the god damn copy right shit. Thanks YouTube

    The Awakening Heard

    Yes. I have been waiting. One of their best.

  15. Gata Gonzales

    Walk threw the graveyard wish they cud all go to heaven

  16. Mace Morris

    Well sted kim.

  17. Val Hayes

    The Cowboy code, The CDB too.

  18. Kim Carstens

    Fantastic, underrated band live. Tragically, when they lost Tommy, they really lost the heart and soul of the band. They were excellent even afterwards, Toy was a superstar writer of songs, and also as a player, but Tommy was the live "face". An era of time that's never going to be duplicated.

    Steven Herrera

    Tommy kept them Trucken down the ran a mile with every song....

    Steven Herrera

    You said it Kim.

    James Sero

    Underrated by who? Do you like them? Then who cares what anyone else thinks. And I disagree. Toy was the heart and soul of the band. Brian Jones got really upset when Richards and Jagger took over the Stones. Why did he get upset? Because he gave up leadership. Whoever writes the songs leads the band...musically, professionally, and directionally. Tommy added alot, George added a lot, Doug a little, and Jerry some. But Toy was the leader because of his songwriting. It is what it is.

    Kim Bourdier

    @James Sero Toy was the the best! But Tommy kept the business end straight and was the voice of MTB, not the singer even though he same some of his own songs! Not to mention one hellava bass player! Saw them many times together before Tommy died! Franklin did a good job filling in for Tommy but just wasn't the same! I would say Toy was the heart and Tommy the soul of the MTB. when Toy, George, and Paul T. called it quits Rusty Milner was a fine guitar player but Doug and Jerry should have changed the name in my opinion!

  19. Derek Fletcher

    ... Another group you guys should check out that's just getting started is Westwater Outlaws...I found em recently and man they're doing some dang good southern rock... West Water Outlaws | "Caught In The Headlights" Music Video

  20. Tom Vokes

    The band that wears the badge.

  21. Tom Vokes

    I wore out two copies of this on LP, bought the cassette, wore it out. Glad I have it on my computer now.

  22. Steve Barnhart

    I saw MTB in a small pub in 1987 in Grandview Heights a suburb of Columbus, Ohio and they sang this song. We got there 2 hours early to get the table in front of the stage. The best concert I have ever seen.

  23. Hank Wanders

    The best song from this album

  24. holmeed


  25. therasia5

    This album outdoes them all, beautiful music!

  26. John T

    what was the name of the pub? I grew up in Auburn Me.

  27. GFR GAFR

    I saw Toy about a year or two before he passed in a tiny pub in Auburn ,Me.. There may have been about 30 people in the whole place.What a show !!!!!!!!!! I sat about 20 feet from the stage and was just amazed at how he could play with no pick.Seems like MTB were up here in Maine a couple times a yr.To get to my point,as you said Toy should have sung them also.That night he would make comments like" I wrote this song and someone else sang it.So fuck'em I wrote it I'll sing it anyway I want!!!!!!

  28. Tomas William Tomerlin

    Ive got many kin in South Carolina. They go back to 1873.

  29. Jerome Shumate

    This a great song.I've listened to you guys sence 74. I stood in rain for 4/5 hrs.,in Memphis to see 2nd show it wasn't a dispoiment.That was Decatied tour still got my tshirt. Wished I wasn't so big so I could wear it. Jerome Shumate

  30. Robert Hamilton

    Simply the best! I miss Toy and Tommy and George. I just loved them.what a great time to live. MTV, CDB, Outlaws forever!

    Dianna Brint

    My thoughts exactly ... The VERY best times in the human kinds history❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💋💋💋💋

  31. bwarnocktx

    Thanks. This was my dad's favorite band as he grew up in South Carolina and GA. I enjoy listening to this group as they were southern rock with a unique progressive sound.

  32. damit hackman

    toy wrote almost all of them. should have sang them all too. that doug grey sucked.

  33. ray r

    love it

  34. ray r

    didn't know they had so many great songs

  35. thoostorm4

    sadly it left with them

  36. ed heintz

    awesome still love you guys God works in all of us if we let him

  37. Jody07984

    After the first verse, you know this man had wonderful values and saddens me to know we've lost a wonderful spirit as well a great songwriter. An absolute AWEsome LP and song. Saw them twice and would give my left one to see them again as they were in the 70s.

  38. Sarah Morris

    Next to M>T>B> Country Tucker, this is my favorite album, bar none!

  39. MrHilrod

    Thank You Toy

  40. Dick Pasky

    I love this song to death. Bought the album in 1973 for Heard it in a Love Song, but this song is the classic on the album. I have tried to get ole Willie Nelson to cover it, because it is in his range, tempo, and theme material. This song just needs Willie to make young people discover it anew. spread the word!

    Dianna Brint

    Right there with you on that one.... So many unheard hits on this album.... The answer is I love you, your the only thing, that keeps me from all wrong.... ooohhhhhhh

  41. A1Adaydreaming

    Best song from maybe their best album in my opinion. Love Doug Gray's vocals on this tune. He's really feeling it here....and so am I. Wish I could go back to 1979 one last time to see these guys live and in their prime. Those were some good days.

  42. TheBaldwin1962


  43. holmeed

    @Bonita772 Nope it don't

  44. melissa norton

    they are my absolute favorite..all of it!!

  45. Frankincensed

    This is certainly on my top 50 all time albums. Beautifully written music all the way through. Toy was a major talent. Love it.

  46. Gary Phillips

    Love it all

  47. Mike Johnson

    @bluegills2 Cool, somebody feels like I do when I hear Toy, on any instrument.

  48. Denise Crosby

    This is from back in the day...I remember when this album was new, and like Bonita722, know every single song. I knew a Bonita in Cuba a long time ago, wondering if she might have been there?

  49. rdwdjack50

    Yes, best tune on the album!

  50. bluegills2

    Thanks for this,Ltrainxpress.Much appreciated.I have to add that Toy played pedal steel on many MT songs...including this one.His haunting pedal steel makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up,no matter how many times I hear it.Without question one of the most underrated guitarists of our time.

  51. Mikel Yles

    Thanks for posting! Brings back good memories!

  52. songcollector07

    this is my favorite MT song thank you for posting xpress! i got to see them in phoenix back in 72 wish i could see the origanal band again . . . . thanx again

  53. count226

    what a great band.

  54. jnny3000

    another good one