Marsha Ambrosius - Without You Lyrics

I'm messed up without you

Looking in the mirror
I'm in all my feelings
Got me all fucked up out here
Without you
Yeah you can call me crazy
Fuck it, I'm demented
I'm out of my head in this bed
Without you

[Marsha Verse:]
I can't go on without you babe
I gotta get myself together
Black running mascara falling down my face
The days turn into night and the nights turn into days
I sip a little something
Pull on a little something, just to numb the pain
This loneliness has taken over me

I'm looking in the mirror
I'm all in my feelings
Got me fucked up out here
Without you (without you babe)
Yeah you can call me crazy
Fuck it I'm demented
I'm out of my head in this bed
Without you
I can't go on without you babe
(Yeah yeah) I got to get myself together

[Ne-Yo Verse:]
She cut my face out of every picture up in the crib
(In the crib, in the crib, crib)
Put it in a box and sent the shit to me where I now live
Dramatic shit
But that's always been her way
Kinda what I liked about her
I sip that red straight up
Let that burn be a reminder of the fire that I put you through
Suffering in hell what I did to you
But your only sin was loving this damn fool

Looking in the mirror (well I'm in there with you, too babe)
I'm all in my feelings
Got me fucked up out here (so now I've got to live)
Without you (without, without, without you baby)
Yeah you can call me crazy
Fuck it I'm demented
I'm out of my head in this bed
Without you (without you, without you baby)
I can't go on without you babe

Funny you never know what you got
'Til you ain't got it no more (ain't got it no more)
Yeah, my pride won't let me tell you
I was wrong but I know I was though
So I'm fighting with this nigga in the mirror
Cause' he lost a good thing and we don't even know why
We don't even know why
To say goodbye, as I cry

Looking in the mirror
I'm all in my feelings
Got me messed up out here
Without you (said I'm lost without you baby)
Yeah you can call me crazy
Fuck it I'm demented
I'm out of my head in this bed
Without you (without you baby)

I'm looking in this mirror
I'm all in my feelings
Got me messed up out here
Without you (without you baby, baby)
Yeah you can call me crazy (call me crazy)
Fuck it I'm demented (I'm demented)
I'm out of my head in this bed
Baby, without you (Without you baby)
Without you

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Marsha Ambrosius Without You Comments
  1. diyaah jackson

    In 2020 I still luv this song

  2. Her High Heels

    Why am I just hearing g this!?!?!?!?! Where have I been???!!! Love you Marsha!!!!❤❤

  3. Sophia Butler

    This song got me thru a lot of my feelings back than i was going thru a real hard break up but thank god am over it

  4. lovely Key love

    Still loving this song and it's 2019

  5. GK maniyak


  6. Diveon Sanchez

    Jamming 2019

  7. Nene Crosson

    Still listening in 2k18

  8. Missme NYC


  9. Nlmb All 2019-2020

    Who still listening in 2018

  10. Evelena Thomas

    I'm feeling this!❤❤

  11. Jackie Morris

    😢 in my feelings


    I love this song



  14. Nickelwindow53

    This song should've charted huge!!!!! 🤷🏾‍♂️

  15. Edwurd B. Writing Music

    why didn't somebody tell me about this song 4yrs ago!!! I love dis!

  16. Imari Hicks

    Did this bring tears to anyone else.

    Sherell nicole Harris

    Yep cause I lost bestfriend 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  17. Envy Tiecy

    you can call me crazy! Fuck it I'm demented I'm out of head in this bed without you. never know what you got till you aunt got it no more! LYRICALLY CORRECT

  18. mdgraves02

    When he don't understand how Im feeling about him, I put this song on..

  19. Kristo Wilson

    who ever said neyo suck they mad cause he on top and there on top

  20. Joshua Greene

    This Song is The Truth

  21. Joshua Greene

    This Is My Song

  22. Brittany Barry

    This song says exactly what I'm feeling

  23. Alicia Sloan

    My sentiments exactly
    400 thousand views?!
    That's a joke you people know nothing about muzac

  24. Yoronda Miller

    This song is the TRUTH

  25. Patrick Samuel

    Love this. Missing my one n only

    Melanie Blake

    My song

    Patrick Samuel

    Never knew I added you in the first place till now

  26. D.A.V. Louis

    Neyo sucks

  27. Dondreia Mccraw

    I love this song!

  28. Ebony Fitzgerald

    Love this

  29. LoveThySelf

    On repeat! Love her voice & her name 😬

  30. Jacqueline Ramsey

    The amount of views this song has is shocking. Smh It's sad to see good music looked over. 


    I heard that.  This is gorgeous, real....

  31. Jonquil Jilles

    Im feeling this now all this cause I love that damn fool

  32. stephanie peek

    love this song...haven't heard a song this good in a while

  33. Yacouba Keita

    That's my song

  34. Kareem Ali

    could have done this jam without Ne-yo

  35. Lacherrie Link

    My Jam!!!! Love you Marsha Marsha Marsha :)

  36. Rasheeda Seward

    Love this song omg


    It's a very awesome song:-D =-O

    Patience Gaye

    It's boring

  37. Rasheeda Seward

    Love this song omg

  38. Marietta Guillory

    Zuuvbkivh boon kbzco

  39. Buyisiwe Dlwati

    my new favorite song... so inlove with it
    well done Marsha.

  40. Gloria F

    Love it

  41. Gloria F

    Brilliant voice.

  42. MsPrettyVincy

    Marsha, you did it AGAIN...Loveee It

  43. Brian Burkart Jr

    I love diz song

  44. Brian Burkart Jr

    I love diz song

  45. Shell Nix

    this sit hits home so hard.....

  46. THE LIFE OF DARMICA Alexander

    Honestly like this song this is how I feel inside my heart

  47. Aliyon Marie

    Amazing!, I've always been a big fan of Marsha's music and still is till this day♥♥

    Aliyon Marie

    One of her best songs y'all should really listen to it ★

  48. Aliyon Marie

    Amazing!, I've always been a big fan of Marsha's music and still is till this day♥♥

  49. Ray Rancis


  50. cheyna walker

    She a leo no wonder why I love her

  51. Liyah Donner

    I love this song!!!!!!

  52. alexane lemaître


  53. MusicBlue22

    I'm so mad this song was so overlooked, should've been played on the radio more, i love this song her best song yet!

  54. Ray Rancis

    . Good song.

  55. kermit ganier

    just loving this shit, you can call me crazy,fuck it i'm demented

  56. Jauke VDB

    Neyo is the shit

  57. apryl Wynne

    this my song for the 2014...fuck a nicca

  58. Dee M

    If you haven't already GO WATCH THE MUSIC VIDEO to this song. Powerful message as always. Otherwise beautiful song sung by two incredible artist. Love

  59. Young&Loaded

    I'd rather hear Musiq than Ne-Yo on this one.

  60. Tha Dinkstress

    I love Marsha Ambrosius n her music #1

  61. iamme263

    Marsha Marsha Marshaaaa!!! I'm your #1 fan :-) What would I do without you sweety? Love you

  62. Cheryl Coleman

    Love this [email protected]


    This song is hot!

  64. Jon Mason

    U got me fucked up with out youuu

  65. Anthony Triplett

    first tyme listening to ms! had a feeling her stuff would be too nice! i Luv being right! 

  66. Kisha Ross

    Love This Song Listen to this @ least 2x per day  

  67. Toya Miles

    Yes, this is surely a romantic chill with your Boo type song..... I love music that have meaning to it.... and I can understand what there saying as well as feeling it!!! Yes #1 @Kimberly Smith ...... I love it!!!

    Kimberli Renee

    Loveee it!! :)

    Toya Miles

    Yes, Sis..... thanks I'm putting that on my Pandora selection!!! Yes, that's grown folk music!!! Lol

  68. Kimberli Renee

    So in love with this song! The vocals, lyrics and bass...amazing!

    Robert Price

    This song and the one she did with Daley are classics.

    Stacy Williams

    It's certainly a song many people can relate to. We've all been there.

    Harmonized Healing, Inc.

    Ohh marsia ambrosius shes so underated!!!

    jimmette jones

    Steven Meadows yess know it to well

    Ona Baptiste

    Kimberli Renee It’s still 🔥🔥🔥🔥in June 2019!

  69. Ginia Maxwell

    The actual video is even more touching.

  70. brkhouse25

    I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!!

  71. Janaina Cintia

    Passion Love Neyo and his songs are spectacular

  72. Christine Baner

    Marsha and Ne - yo kill it on this song, please make another duet together soon.

  73. Ebony Eromobor

    So Marsha and Ne-Yo just gave me an addiction. I LOVE THIS SONG!!!

  74. chessie chess

    The video is sad.... Reminds me of what happened to me a little while ago with a man that just WOULDN'T stop . :( love this song so beautiful 3

  75. Shameka Presnell

    Just seen the actual video OMG! It was so amazing! Sad but so so touching and true. I applaud you for doing a video and song on such touchy subject. Great job!!

  76. Sherron Hollie

    Thank You.....

  77. ischa nary

    Marsha u are a deep soul......I love you for bringing to light a subject that is too often overlooked, your whole Interview was very deep. Please Ustream so we can all talk more in depth about this.

  78. FireWalker

    Damn,..omg!! this is my jam!!

  79. luciousbrwn

    Love this!!!!!!!! 3

  80. Lisa Williams

    Fell in love the first time I heard this! Damn!

  81. Shanique Brown

    This my $hit.

  82. Shanique Brown

    Can't stop playn this.

  83. Ninja Kash

    beautiful song real singing not yelling Much love Marsha fan since FLOETRY

  84. cashville62100

    OMG <3 elle tue !!!!! ne-yo the boss ;)

  85. Brittany Martinez

    Sip a little something , put on a lil something . . Just to numb the pain

  86. Laurencia Hawkins

    Tell me why I listen to this song everyday.

  87. Nicole Harris

    Real music...can't deny it

  88. Willie Currie

    Neyo....marsha...did it...conscious soul music......the new wave of music

  89. Tre Robin

    Dope ass track

  90. Michelle Reese


  91. Tiffany Cleveland

    Love this song!!!!

  92. Faith Smith

    All in my feelings... Love this song

  93. T lukee

    I freakinq lovee this sonq

  94. AsToldBy Niecy

    How I'm feeling right about now...


    Very dope. Yaul killed it

  96. Conrad Bess

    Adele, Amy Winehouse et al- all big talents. But Marsha is Britain's best voice.

  97. davelle1

    Damn Marsha, I love you!